What Is the Meaning of Healthy Lifestyle?

hi my name is Jennifer whew go and I'm gonna talk about the meaning of a healthy lifestyle so that you can figure out how healthy you really are in our fast-paced busy culture it's easy to lose track of what's most important to you as people work and the news vie for your attention that's why it's critical to find time for the aspects of your life that bring you joy and add satisfaction and value to each day even though the specifics of a healthy lifestyle may vary from person to person generally it will include a balanced diet exercise time for family and important relationships hobbies and downtimes and vacations and then don't forget about that good sleep and all of those work together to generate a sense of feeling content if you'd like to evaluate your own lifestyle create a list of personal priorities and take note of where certain key pieces such as fitness diet family and relaxation fall by examining what's important to you you can make changes that will bring you into more balance of living a healthy lifestyle you

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