What is the Low FODMAP Diet??? [CC]

Hi lovelies So, first off, excuse me, I have a fever because it just wouldn’t be eleven o’clock unless I had a fever So I’m going to have to drink a lot of water to get through this bear with me For those of you who haven’t seen my diet, kind of story Journey, I’m going to say It was a journey Videos You can find them above in the cards So, as you know, if you have gone and watched said videos I’ve moved from not being ab le to eat any kinds of carbs orstarchy foods onto then doing the candidia diet To kind of clear out my body Never again1 I’m now on the FODMAP diet And FODMAP stands for FODMAP is an elimination diet for anyone who has digestive discomfort and issues It can also be used for people who suffer from chronic migraines People who have Fibromialgia People who have MS or those who have eczhma things that are generally caused by your body reacting to certain foods So what you do is you take out these groups of foods and then you add them back in one at a time what are these groups of food? This includes fructose That is the fruit in veg… That is the fruit in vegetables? Lactose, which is a sugar in dairy Fructans, which are the sugars in veg and grains Galactins, which is excellent because it sounds like an alien race which are those in legumes, which are probably my worst one Actually and Polyols, which are a type of artificial sugar erm, a polyol though, however, is any arificial sugar that ends in ‘ol’ So, things like sucralose, or stevia are fine But something like malatol or…. Obviously, I’m not a scientist, I don’t know whether you are, but you possible don’t know everything that comes under the banners of those various different words Believe me, I didn’t And also, some of it’s quite random, such as aspargus, who knew, who knew, asparagus is not good beansprouts, good sugar snap peas, bad things that I found really kind of worked for me and things that OMG, I eliminated from my diet and it is excellent I’ll be giving you a little run through, in a minute of various things that come up into these two categories Remeber that because this isan elimination diet, it’s not intended to be long term You cut all of the FODMAPS out and then you introduce them one by one by one And obviously, since you’re reintroducing them one by one, whenever something doesn’t work, or it goes wrong then you know what it is and you can just no no dairy for me! Of the various things that come under the heading of FODMAP The things that I found that are really bad for me would probably be fructose That’s not good, that’s not good lactose also not my friend galacins, as I mentioned, no no no no no And strangely enough, polyols Are all the things that I was using that are sugar free, that are totally fine for me and all of the things that were sugar free and were not working for me and those obviously had the sweeteners in that ended in ‘ol’ cut from my life and OMG, I was in digestive discomfort every single day I’m not going to say it’s completely gone, but it’s like one day a fortnight I get horrific pain rather than every single day. It really does make a difference here’s a little list of high FODMAP food And high FODMAP fruits, we have pretty much anything that has a stone But also some things with seeds, like Dairy products, just dairy products, I’m not gonna list them, it’s just every dairy product Don’t eat dairy And then we’ve got the grains section This includes rye and pretty much anything with wheat in Although wheat itself isn’t actually a FODMAP but hey, it doesn’t hurt, you know and then if everythings working out, you can introduce somegluten back in And if you’re fine with it, good for you I’m not Now don’t worry, that was the bad stuff, we’re moving on to the good stuff Low FODMAP foods include Basically, if it’s not in the onion family, you’re doing well And in terms of fruits, you still have some to choose from Dairy, anything lacto- free is gonna be good for you Okay, so you can use any kind of oils and spreads and i dunno, but things that don’t have3 dairy in You can also use your lacto-free milk, locto-free butter, lacto-free cheese And then we get to the low FODMAP grains, Now, this is something that I personally have a little bit of trouble with, but maybe it will be different for you These include things like Which I swear to god is my enemy Which is something I am really trying to work towards And every time I try it I’m like, I think this will be the day!, Oh, no. Why doesn’t she lie down/ Because if she lay down every time something went wrong, when would she get up? Why am I talking in the third person? Now, don’t panic if this all seems very scary, and like there are a lot of different rules and things you have to put in not put in It’s actually quite simple, as long as you have the lists of things that you can and you can’t eat Those are available online in many different formats Print them out, stick them to the fridge, take them shopping with you You’re gonna be okay. If you need some recipes, there are also plenty online And on my blog Everything I put on my blog is going to be FODMAP friendly Now, keep in mind that the idea that FODMAP is temporary It doesn’t necessarily mean that that relates to all people Yes, for most people it will just be a temporary thing And then they can go back to eating, you know, just all the stuff minus that one thing that they’ve found they now can’t eat But for others of us, just like me, you’re probably gonna find that nothing actually works When you put it back into your diet, and you just have to keep it eliminated And as long as you’re okay doing that, as long as you’re getting all the calories, all the nutrients that you need that’s fine It’s alright Obviously, consult your doctor first, before taking on any kind of new diet I’m going to make a recipe, this is my promise, my pledge, I’m going to make a recipe for some kind of FODMAP friendly onion bhaji I hope you’ve found this brief little explanation into the FODMAP diet to be really helpful Let me know down in the comments below if you are also following a FODMAP diet If it’s worked for you in the past Or maybe even if it didn’t work for you Also let me know what other kind of recipes you’d like to see Have a look at this card up above For some more recipes that I do They’re not all FODMAP friendly though, befcause some of them are from the candidia diet Which is a different thing But you know, food, it’s good , as long as it doesn’t hurt you


  1. you look very stunning

  2. I've heard of FODMAP within the chronic illness community but never really looked into it! I might see if my dad is interested in doing this with me as we both have the same illness. I still live with my parents and sister so doing it alone is not likely to be well received! Especially knowing the experience we had when I had to go gluten free when I was in my early teens! Thank you for this video Jessica! I love you ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Jessica! you're beautiful 💕 and also, you should do a meet up in London or somewhere close to you. I'd love to meet you! x

  4. I had to do a FODMAP diet. Street one month I was still have tremendous pain. We're pretty sure I was eating allergens though. I'm now going to be starting LEAP after I have my follow-up with my dietician! Hopefully, stove outs based off systemic sensitivities we find in a blood test, I'll finally see improvement!

  5. i'm the 11th to give the thumb up

  6. Jessica, you have a teacher's heart! I'm sure many will find this info helpful!

  7. I'm on fodmap just now. starting to reintroduce foods. made a real difference to my ibs symptoms.

  8. Get well, soon! <3 I have never followed a specific diet. But maybe I should suggest this to my mum. She's had migraines forever. Thanks for all these informative videos about your diet! I find them really interesting and I learn a lot every time 🙂

  9. so that most ofve the foods what you are eating now???….leaky gut would also expaline alont your problems….Jessica ….can you expaline the pain…did you get pain in liver as well???…fodmap is one I shall look at also,,,different part ofve the emunine system might have a lot to do with it…….brain an gut link,,,,,,i enjoyed your video

  10. "Why doesn't she lay down? Because if she lay down every time something went wrong, when would she get up?" — is that your version of "Nevertheless she persisted"? Because I'm really into it.

  11. Lactose is nobody's friend. It hates me and I die if I eat it. Smh

  12. Did you know hat new research success in reducing pain and other symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome by doing FODMAP? Have you felt any positive changes in your MCTD or ME? I'm trying to build up the courage to do a FODMAP elimination plan. I have IBS and GERD, both secondary to my primary EDS dx. I did a relatively extensive elimination plan nearly 2 years ago and the results from that have been super helpful, but I've fallen off avoiding some of the less symptom-inducing foods, have new symptoms, had to go back on my PPI, etc… I appreciate how not scary you make FODMAP sound! Despite all my experience with dietary changes, FODMAP is really overwhelming. Thanks for your take and for putting up cooking videos as well!

  13. FODMAP! Yessss! Helped me massively!

  14. Hay Jessica I love love your videos they are really lovely I recently started liking vintage style where you got the dress this video and in your "outro"

  15. I've been on a combo of AIP Paleo and FODMAP diet for the past six months…My doc finally changed it to gluten and dairy free and gradually reintroducing food but staying low sugar.

  16. Hey Jessica,
    Great to see someone making videos about some of the issues, I too struggle with.
    It’s a revelation. I also follow a fodmap diet and have done since I decided raw food living was the way to regain my vitality and easy some of my symptoms. I think you can laugh at that as much as I do now- it obviously wasn’t very funny at the time.
    I just wanted to give you the heads up if, perhaps, you might not have this information yet: banana’s have been reclassified, unfortunately they were testing unripe bananas in the past. Of course, only pay heed to this if they are causing you pain.
    I’ll keep following your journey 😀
    -Erin xo

  17. I was chronically ill my entire life, horrible stomach pain could barely eat let alone keep it down, very underweight, the whole nine yards. Then someone suggested I was sensitive to dairy, I had already been tested for gluten intolerance so thought it was worth a try. Now I'm actually a normal weight and am down to one stomach med and significantly less pain. I'm realizing just how much of my diet was actually dairy based, a lot of the food I had was actually substituted tomato based products for dairy instead because my mom just assumed I'd be sensitive to tomato like her. My doctors still think I'm making it up but hey, I can actually eat and not wear kids clothes so whatever, I'm happy. I doubt most people with chronic digestive issues would have it as easy as me just having to avoid one type of thing but its been day and night for me.

  18. This woman is the definition of resiliency.

  19. My dietician has said that cheese is fine as long as it’s hard cheese like cheddar, Parmesan etc in small amounts 😊 I just entered my second week into the fodmap trial. It’s very hard going shopping because it’s so depressing all the food I love has garlic, onion or wheat in them.

  20. I love this video! I've been on the FODMAP diet for about a year now (they had such a hard time figuring out what to even do with my stomach) and it was so nice to just be like "Someone else who gets how ridiculous it is that you can't eat asparagus and snap peas!" It made me laugh. Thanks for your videos, they are always so nice. <3

  21. So today I was told that I have to go on this diet. And I remembered hey Jessica did a video on this . And so I'm rewatching. Thanks for all the insight.

  22. It was really nice to see someone else on the FODMAP diet too and talk about it. It's been so good for my stomach! though not eating garlic and onion for me is the hardest (I ate them the most and they are my worst foods).

  23. Thinking about trying it. I know I can’t do dairy, but when I was silly and had some dairy, I used to avoid garlic because both at once was a complete disaster. Lol. But I think I will try it. Thankfully, I’m fine with gluten, but I didn’t think about the sugars. Thank you for a really helpful video. Xx

  24. My doctor suggested eliminating them one at a time and I started with dairy. I already didn't eat much dairy but after cutting it completely (along with coffee), I suddenly went from horrible problems every day to once in the last two weeks. Such a relief! I'll try the rest at some point, but since I'm not having bad symptoms now I really don't know what would indicate that anything else should be eliminated.

  25. have your tried tempeh yet? it can be a good replacement for eggs if you are sensitive to eggs. or have you tried couscous? or black rice? black rice has some of the same antioxidants as blueberries and a nice nutty flavor.

  26. I went on the low fodmap diet about a month ago and it’s amazing how much better I’m doing GI wise. And for me Onions are my nemesis. They give me acid reflux, bloating, nausea, and stomach cramps. Gluten I’ve also found gives me acid reflux. Rice bread has been working well for me though. I’ve known for a long time that I’m lactose intolerant as well so I should probably add that in. I think the biggest for me though in eliminating things was onions and gluten.

  27. Darling lady, GF bread may have too much tapioca or potato starch for you. I have to stick to crumbly rice, millet, and corn for grains, because a lot of the sticky gluten substitutes cause reactions too, and low fiber at that, because candida fermentation :/ Also, wheat it a huge problem for a lot FODMAPs dieters, it's just not because of gluten proteins 😉 Thank you for your lovely videos!

  28. Hi Jessica,

    Have you ever tried a diet based on your blood type? I would love to know if it helps you at all, considering all your medical conditions…. It did help me lose weight, get energy. And due to me having the wrong balance of bacteria and acid in my tummy, I get heartburn so bad often that causes me to vomit. I wonder if eating according to your blood type will help for you?

  29. im also on the fodmap diet and have been for a few years now, it changed everything, before i was in constant pain and now i get sick once a month and i got so much energy and i just feel so much better than before!

  30. thank you lovely! i had never heard of fodmap and my best friend has been suffering for years with stomach issues. im sending him your way to learn! stay beautiful!

  31. I followed you for your sign language related videos and I just found out you follow the Low FODMAP diet too. I've completely eliminated lactose so far, I'm still working on the reintroduction of the other groups yet.

  32. I have IBS, eczema, chronic migraines and hms…I might have to try this diet and see if I feel a difference ❤

  33. I’m going on this while I’m being tested for ulcerative colitis, and I am TERRIBLE at it. I’ll take the tummy aches, just give me my beans please 😰

  34. This recent subscriber, who is studying medicine, thanks you out of the bottom of her heart for explaining something clearer than in her textbook 🙂 You are amazing!!!

  35. I used to love onion based foods but doing low fodmap made it so clear what was causing issues for me that I've mostly lost the urge to eat the things that give me symptoms. I also struggle a lot with tomatoes and some of the theoretically low fodmap nuts. It's such a good start to figure things out. I use a lot of lactose-free milk and prodicts made from lactose free milk. I've started making my own ice cream occasionally with lactose free milk and cream. I get on fine with properly hard cheese. I miss decent stilton type cheese. There is one lactose free one available but it's not got the best flavour. I'm lucky in that I do fine with most veg and fruit as long as I avoid most oniony things and tomatoes.

  36. For you FODMAPpers who are missing onion, try using a pinch of Hing (also known as Asfoetida.. I think that's the spelling), it's an Indian spice used to replace onion and/or garlic. You just need a tiny pinch fried off in oil in your food as it's strong stuff! 🙂

  37. You really smart. And I got new things and new knowledge from you esp. right now I really interest to study and learn sign language because my position job is meeting new person maybe I can talk by sign language so I can make my new friends feeling comfortable… IAM a tomboy but my job is makes me being pretty all the time also I learn from you how to be pretty hehehehe can u please Jessica making video how to be pretty but in simple away for work which need us always to be pretty… Like a model, customer service, receptionist, and cabin crew etc. Hehe thank you.

  38. Jessica, sometimes I genuinely forget that you're deaf.

  39. I am just starting this diet. Not excited but I'm so glad I have this video. It makes me feel better.

  40. I was put on the fodmap diet. It worked for about 2 weeks and then even low fodmap foods started causing pain

  41. Is that a writing desk behind you?

    You’re a personal hero to me and a total idol!
    Thank you for showing me that there is a future with bright parts ahead. Sometimes things feel very dark with EDS, and you’re a star who can brighten up lives again. (If That didn’t make a whole load of sense… brain fog)

  42. You look lovely! Thank you for your hard work and a very informative video! 🌺💕

  43. You go, Onēsan (Japanese for big Sister)!! My teacher has migraines, and she was looking for a diet. Sending this video in 3, 2, 1!!

  44. Oh my GOSH! Thank you for making this!! I will Deffinately be trying this out to see if it helps with my health issues! One that I enjoy is the "Syndrome X" diet, if you get a chance to look it up.

  45. I also eat this diet. It keeps my Crohn's at bay but man do I want Italian food.

  46. I'm in the group of people that will probably be on the Low FODMAP diet my whole life. I can occasionally handle a high FODMAP food, but never consistently. One benefit is that I eat much healthier because I have to prepare all my meals myself. I find going out to eat harder, but not impossible.

  47. Fructans and oligos (which I think is another term for Galactans that's currently used my Monash) are awful. I hate them.
    So much.

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