What is the Healthcare Openness and Access Project?

I remember taking care of a patient as an obstetrician who was passing out for unknown reasons throughout her pregnancy and I wanted her to be evaluated by a neurologist in the cardiologist but I couldn't get her access to the specialist because of her insurance which was quite heartbreaking I think a situation like this captures why a one-size-fits-all healthcare approach or model is in a lot of ways harmful I see the difficulties that my own community has and I think that is pervasive throughout the United States a key component to solving the issue really has to do with empowering patients and providers to make their individual and unique choices I think it's critical and one of the things that I value about this project itself Hobe index is a tool for policymakers to take a look at their own unique environment state level and shine a spotlight on some very critical issues that are acting as barriers to patient care at the policy level we can remove these barriers and improve the well-being at the patients around us this doesn't miss any of us and we need to positively address these challenges be innovative and use the hope index so that we can have a better healthcare environment

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