What is the difference between Mediclaim and Health Insurance?

good deal folks the topic of discussion is health insurance where mr. Hirsh nagas CEO professor comm will be answering all our queries regarding health insurance if you have any health insurance related queries you can write to us at www.facebook.com / off napa shop so over to mr. room talk is a request thank you what is the difference between health insurance and medical empires well as the name suggests say insurance means any insurance policy that covers you against the various risks to your health now there could be many kinds of life insurance policy the most popular kind is is the policy in which if you get admitted to a hospital then the expenses that you incur in the hospital are reimbursed to you in insurance language that's called a hospital expenses reimbursement policy in India by popular jargon it is called Medellin actually that is a brand name owned by the for public sector insurance companies but essentially today it's become a common term so we can talk of mediclaim there's been the policy that reimburses hospital expenses the other kind of health insurance policy could be what is called a critical illness policy now in a critical illness policy if you get one of the illnesses I mean typically this includes very major illnesses such as organ failure kidney failure failure or it might include a paralytic stroke or it might include cancer in disease that typically has a huge impact on your ability to earn that is typically covered in a critical insurance policy and a policy that pays a lump sum amount irrespective of what you spend on treating that disease now that is called a critical illness policy third policy could be what is called a major surgical benefit for specific kinds of surgery a lump sum again might be payable if you just show proof that that surgery has happened irrespective of what is the actual expenses that you incur so to summarize three health insurer three kinds of health insurance policies one mediclaim which reimburses actual hospital expenditure that you incur in a hospital to critical illness that gives you a lump sum doesn't have any connection with the expenses that you incur for treatment or it gives you a lump sum if you incur any of the illnesses covered by the critical illness policy and third again a policy that gives you a lump sum if you undergo any of the major surgeries mentioned in the policy these could be the three kind of health insurance policies that are most popular


  1. i want to know whether my wife can take mediclaim policy in maiden name after marriage.. pls guide

  2. medicalim policy or helth policy me kiya antar hai pls.hindi me

  3. good one..

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