What is the BEST NATURAL FLEA TREATMENT for Dogs & Cats

today I'm going to show you what is the best natural flea treatment for dogs and cats flea bites will cause pain for itchy irritation in dogs and cats and people are not immune to flea bites as well fleas like bedbugs can produce pretty quickly and make your home quite uncomfortable most people want to get rid of fleas as quickly as possible so to ensure they don't spread from your pet or yard to other people the problem with many flea killers is that they contain nasty chemicals commercial flea collars are often not popular especially with your kids and other family members when they play with their pet because they're exposing themselves to toxic pesticides and other chemicals here is some natural remedies to ensure your pet in your home or itch free number 1 you can make your own toxic flea killer with half a cup of baking soda and 1/2 a teaspoon of essential orange oil combine the oil and the baking soda into a jar shake well to combine and then sprinkle it onto your pet and rub the powder mixture into their skin this will help to kill the fleas number 2 make an anti flea shampoo by using half a cup of doc shampoo go for natural and mix it with half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice and two cups of water wash your dog weekly to kill the critters this works because many natural flea sprays contain a citrus extract called d limonene which repels and kills those biting bugs number three you can keep fleas away from your yard with landscaping the easiest way to get rid of fleas is not to have them in the first place deter fleas and other annoying books by choosing your landscaping wisely plant lemon balm sage catnip mint basil and lemongrass throughout your garden and keep pots of the same herbs near outside living areas and this will help keep the fleas away number 4 make your own flea collar you can keep your pup safe while he plays in the backyard by making your own flea collar from a bandana mix three to five drops of lavender oil with one to three tablespoons of water and you can use an eyedropper to apply a few drops of the slough to the bandana and tight loosely around your pets neck the fleas hate lavender and will keep away number five don't forget to bathe your pets and clean bedding each week whilst bathing your pets may seem obvious many people overlook the importance of proper pet hygiene to keep fleas and ticks at bay fleas are less attracted to clean pets which is another reason why frequent bathing of your dog in cat is so important use a natural shampoo or peppermint shampoo and add two cups of apple cider vinegar to the warm bath water and this will provide even more flea protection and don't neglect to clean your pets bed in washing their bedding regularly in hot water with a mild detergent will eliminate flea eggs and larvae number 6 use a flea comb each day using a fine flea comb not only helps to prevent flea infestations but also removes existing pests dead pet hair lands on mats which provides the perfect hiding spots for ticks and is a lush breeding ground for fleas for the best results comb your furry friends stomach tail and face which is where pests typically hang out in their largest numbers combing also provides you with the ability to find and remove any recent ticks number 7 another great remedy is apple cider vinegar for flea deterrents I've mentioned apple cider vinegar before and it's a great remedy for getting rid of fleas it's easy to prepare and it poses no risk to your pet's health simply mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water add the mixture to a spray bottle and frequently spritz it on your dog or cat it's recommended that you also spray the mixture on their bedding you can also make apple cider vinegar spray even more powerful by adding a few drops of essential oils that are distasteful to fleas such as lemon grass and catnip oil number eight try the flea busting power of coconut oil wise coconut oil is such an effective flea repellent when it's packed with lauric acid which is coconut oils secret ingredient it deters both fleas and ticks it's also great for providing your cat a dog with healthy skin and if your pet already has fleas you can dip your hands in coconut oil and massage it deep into your pets coat working all the way down to the skin next take a fine flea comb and comb it through the fur the coconut oil will cause the fleas to stick to the comb and the rest will be repelled by the coconut oil and simply jump off number 9 brewers yeast both fleas and ticks have an aversion to the vitamin Thiemann which is abundant in brewers yeast Thea min is a member of the B vitamin group and is a non-toxic way to repel fleas and ticks and also boosts your cat or dog's immune system how does it work when your pet consumes brewers yeast ingest Thea min and later releases it through its skin fleas are powered by the taste and odour of it the ratio you should use is roughly one milligram per 5 pounds of body weight in your pets food but you can also help keep fleas away from your dog or cat by rubbing brewers yeast directly into their coat number 10 diatomaceous earth is another popular natural flea treatment diatomaceous earth is a calcium dust that's grained from single-cell ocean organisms to keep fleas away from your home apply it in your yard walkways garden in other places where your pets hang out only use food-grade natural diatomaceous earth not swimming pool grade how does diatomaceous earth work well it destroys and dries out the fleas breathing organs and kills flea larvae number eleven you can also find on the market many all-natural flea control products so if what I've said is too much work you can find an easy one-stop solution that combines many of the above in one easy package then you can buy a ready-made natural product that kills fleas on dogs and cats unlike other pet supplements there are a hundred percent chemical free completely safe and effectively repel fleas ticks in mosquitoes they only contain the purest natural ingredients that have been shown to help protect dogs and cats from these pests the best part is you'll have complete peace of mind knowing that your furry friends in they aren't being harmed by dangerous chemicals and if you want more information on these natural products than just click here finally there are a couple of other substances that really work well to kill fleas and these are garlic garlic is an effective natural flea killer additionally there are many health benefits to using it garlic prevents in kills fleas it also boosts the immune system its antifungal antiviral and antifungal explained that can kill fleas you're going to need one quart of water one whole bowl of raw organic garlic one small onion one lemon and five drops of citronella or peppermint essential oil so to make this spray you're going to have to pour the water into the blender chop the garlic onion in lemon and add them to the blender as well add essential oil and blend until well combined then you can strain it and shake well before use then use a spritzer to run it through your pets hair and then you can wash it a the last thing I wanted to mention was essential oils and I've mentioned these throughout this video but there's such a good natural parasite repellent many natural shampoos have sprays contain these essential oils however be careful to avoid the face noise when using them remember your pets sense of smell is much stronger than yours so apply oils in a well-ventilated area lavender peppermint and neem oils will affect the nervous system of fleas and ticks without harming your pet oils should be diluted and rubbed throughout the coat rose geranium oil is safe to use for strength directly on the pet but you will only need to apply one drop behind each shoulder blade and one drop near the base of the tail essential oils can also be diluted by putting a few drops in your favorite pet shampoo or conditioner as I've mentioned earlier a bandana with a few drops of diluted essential oil can be used as a natural flea collar just make sure the smell is not overwhelming as this will be close to your dog's nose just a warning for you cat owners whilst essential oils are generally say for dogs you should be careful using these with cats cats of problems metabolizing the compounds in essential oils which can lead to a toxic buildup in their bodies so always check with your vet before using any essential oil on a cat if you'd like more information on anything I've discussed in this video and click here now and you'll be taken to a blog post that I've written on how to naturally kill fleas on dogs and cats so keep your pets healthy and kids safe by using natural ingredients to get rid of those pesky fleas if you've liked this video then please subscribe to my youtube channel and don't forget to give this video the thumbs up thanks for watching and if you like this video I'm sure you're gonna like this video as well if you've ever suffered from dust mites 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  1. Dam, you are such a fukn bitch I would not let you touch my pet! If you hate your job so much quit instead of being a total bitch.

  2. Garlic and onions naturally drop the blood pressure .. If you were wondering …


  4. Salt!…sprinkle liberally

  5. Oregano oil wrks

  6. You need to say that garlic will make a cat very sick and may kill it. It is a member of the onion family that is poisonous to all cats.

  7. Yes, essential oils are toxic for cats! They groom a lot and lick it off. Good to use coconut oil with flea comb, then wash it off. Must use over and over again1 or use Apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water. This is to do daily or very often if your cat has fleas. Got to work to get rid of larva and eggs or the fleas will keep coming back!

  8. You can avoid the hassle by a using tick repelling collar

  9. "Yesbody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!"

  10. FYI you can NOT use any products on Cats that contain Peppermint oil as it will destroy their respiratory system nor can you use Garlic or Onions as if they ingest it. It will destroy their intestines and cause a slow death to your cat.

  11. They don't work.
    They make you even more annoying.

  12. I would not feed garlic to my dog orally, even in small amounts, as it builds up in their system after a while if you're CONSISTENTLY feeding it to them and CAN INDEED KILL them. I have found that using RAW coconut oil with a couple of fresh cloves of garlic crushed and soaked in it works very well as a TOPICAL (rubbed on the skin only) flea repellent and killer. All you have to do is put one heaping tablespoon of raw coconut oil in a small container. Crush two FRESH cloves of garlic and immediately add it to the coconut oil, stir and let it soak overnight. Once soaked, dip your finger tips in the mixture and rub it UNDER the fur and massage it into the dog's SKIN. Avoid putting it near the dog's eyes. You will have to dip and massage a few times to get it all over the dog, but it's definitely worth it. This mixture should last for a few applications on a small/medium sized dog. If you have a large dog, you can use a dropper to apply the oil mixture in several spots on the dog and then massage it all in so that it spreads. An added bonus is that this significantly soothed my dog's skin and really helped with her dermatitis caused by an allergic reaction to flea bites.

    I have tried Apple Cider Vinegar and Lavender oil in the past and found that NEITHER of them worked to repel fleas! I would, however, strongly recommend Apple Cider Vinegar as a remedy for ear infections in dogs, especially as a preventive measure.

  13. Citrus is toxic to cats!

  14. Wow, real thoroughly explained video. Thankx!

  15. Please do not feed onion or garlic to your dog they are very toxic

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  17. Well done!

  18. Who has time for all this? Bathing my cat once a year is a challenge! Guess I can take her to groomers?!

  19. Does any of these robo voices speak American?

  20. 0:46 number one you can make you'r own toxic flea killer,but the title says non-tocix

  21. Cats hate vinegar

  22. Garlic is poisonous for Dogs!

  23. Im sure onion is toxic to cats Nd dogs so would not be ideal if they lick their coat after ….

  24. So after i put the coconut oil on my cat do I wait a few minutes for it to kill the fleas and then do I wash the coconut oil out or do I have to comb my cat to take out the fleas? PLEASE REPLY!

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  26. Start at the head creating a ring around the neck and wash toward tail. This will keep fleas from running to the ears and eyes (where they drink to hydrate).


  28. I've heard garlic in their drinking water & sprayed on them works also !

  29. Or buy a proper flea treatment for a tenner that actually works. Don't use garlic, onion or mint as you'll kill your pet in a few hours.

  30. Please research. Most of these are ONLY FOR DOGS. Fill Harm or even Kill a cat

  31. Curious as to how my cat knows that certain parts of the house have fleas and avoids these areas and is always now hanging out and sleeping in weird areas that she has never done before, its like she knows that parts of carpet and the furniture has fleas but dont know how she can't feel them jumping onto her with so much fur since i can barely feel them when they jump onto my bare legs, how does she knows.

  32. Use Avon skin so soft, the blue bottle, it keeps away fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and the dreaded Scottish midges 👍👍👍

  33. Onions are deadly to dogs why would you even suggest that

  34. Do you k ow if these tips are safe for rabbita

  35. You should go to the vet. Till then you can wash the pet with dawn dish soap and warm water and brush till you don't see any more fleas. But the pet and your house will still have eggs. If the puppy/kitten is too young for flea spot on, frontline spray can be used on pets that are even 2 days old. It lasts for a month, you repeat once each month and fleas are gone. You need to treat the rest of your pets too as eggs are probably everywhere. Of course go to the vet but in case you have rescued a baby animal and can't go yet for some reason, please don't wait. Frontline is pricey, 15 euro per bottle but it lasts for several months. Make sure it goes everywhere on the pet by following instructions on the leaflet

  36. Thank you

  37. Where is a video that has "lemon juice and water mixture"
    Lemon juice and water is all I got and good luck with finding that $hit on google too. Like trying to find a lost civilization with nothing but the clothes on your back and a stick. Good luck with that.

  38. Dawn Dish Soap Bath Works GREAT TOO. & Brewer's Yeast & Garlic Powder in Pets food Works too. !!!=^t^=

  39. TY so much for the vid! Have a stray cat that keeps giving hubby's dog fleas. I know when he gets them, because they usually like to get onto me, also.

  40. As a natural health practitioner , You should never use essential oils on cats because their liver can not process it like humans.. with dogs the essential oils should be highly diluted ! So please be careful ! instead use herbal teas or herb powders or tinctures that are not made with alcohol.. www.sweetearthherbs.com
    I can custom make anything for your pet😺 contact me through my Etsy shop !

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