What is SHOP? Health Insurance for Your Employees

When you run a small business, CEO means "Chief Everything
Officer." It means doing everything you
can to help your customers, help your employees, and help your business grow. So when it comes to making
decisions about health insurance we know that every detail and
every dollar counts. That's where the Small Business
Health Options Program, or SHOP, comes in. SHOP is here to help small
businesses like yours find health insurance for your
employees. And there's even more good news. If you have fewer than 25
full-time employees, pay an average salary of less
than $53,000, and contribute at least 50
percent toward employee-only health insurance, you may qualify for the federal Small Business Health Care Tax
Credit. This tax credit is available for
up to two consecutive years, comes in the form of a return
after you file your taxes, and can cover up to half of your
portion of insurance premiums. When every dollar counts, why
leave money on the table? To learn more about the SHOP and
the tax credit,
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