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So what you need to know about selenium. They, they form selenoproteins, which basically
help prevent cellular damage, so it acts like an anti-oxidant. But it is a necessary mineral for the body. Some of the issue that you have is, the selenium
in the foods that we eat is really dependent on the soil it was grown in. So, I would say 9 out of 10 people and 9 out
of 10 items, you don't know where it was grown. Was the, was the soil nutrient depleted, or
was it great? So, right there, you don't know. And when you don't know, that's when your
nutritional insurance policy, or your multivitamin comes into play. Do you need an extra selenium? It should be in your multi, it probably is
in your multi. So you probably don't need any more. But, again, the issue with the selenium is
because you don't know what soil it was grown in. You really don't know the content. Uh, it does help regulate thyroid function,
which is gonna help with metabolism. But there's a lot of people who believe that
more selenium is gonna help with male potency. Uh, and I don't believe that many people in
this country are selenium deficient, so taking extra probably wouldn't help. It won't hurt, usually, if you're not taking
megadosing. But I don't think it's gonna help that much. So it's not something I would typically recommend. But a good quality multivitamin should probably
have it in there.


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