What is physiotherapy and why is it important? – Robin Higginson – Nuffield Health

My name is Robin Higginson and I’m a
Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist. I’m a family man,
I enjoy playing golf outside of work and I also play the ukulele. Physiotherapy
is the assessment and treatment of individuals that are suffering from
injuries or long-term conditions or disabilities.
Treatments include: Hands-on therapy, exercises, movements and education and it
enables people to return to the activities in life that they value the
most. Nuffield Health have the largest network
of physiotherapists outside of the NHS. Our physiotherapists are all chartered
and all registered with a Health and Care Professions Council. We have a range of
experts in house that can treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. The first session with a physiotherapist is
really important in helping to structure and plan your recovery. It’s an
opportunity for you to ask questions about how long your recovery may take
and what you can do to help that. The physiotherapist will need to examine the
area that’s affected and also determine if they’re able to help. Summer brings many more opportunities
for us to get outside and help increase our physical and mental fitness.
If you experience pain with these activities it can feel like a barrier to
enjoying them. Physiotherapy can be a really important part in dealing with
those barriers and getting you back on the road to recovery. If you’re finding it difficult to enjoy
the activities that you enjoy, such as playing tennis, walking or running, it may
be a good idea for you to come and see one of our physiotherapists.

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