What is N- Acetyl Cysteine?

other one this dr. jawanda what I want to talk about in today's video is a very very powerful antioxidant that you may see on the market now and it's uh I'm recording oh I'm sorry not again hello everyone it's dr. jawanda this video I want to talk about a very very powerful supplement called n-acetylcysteine it's actually amino acid and the base of n estudio cysteine is actually l-cysteine now L cysteine is an antioxidant and it's actually a precursor to an even better antioxidant called glutathione now taking an asset of cysteine and improve it you go found levels will impact will have a great impact in the overall body it's good for brain function it's good for lung function it's good for Liberty types of fire it helps with the respiratory system to decrease the excess mucus being produced so it does cleave the system as a whole now we do make it in small amounts but we don't make it enough to make it to have a do have a big impact on our system plus at the same time if you are toxifying your system it's kind of what you're doing you're not making enough to combat those effects so l-cysteine is a precursor for glutathione which glutathione in the in your body converts too-sami now CM e is a Bert is a precursor for in the brain for dopamine in the brain serotonin in the brain GABA these are all neurotransmitters that are actually improved brain function so you can see here by taking out cysteine you are going to this conversion pathway will help the body overall and also to an SEO cysteine is cut it's a good protected from alcohol okay now when we have alcohol alcohol is a poison to the body and actually a hangover is is is trace amounts of acts of actually alcohol poisoning so by taking and acetylcysteine it will help the how it would be a hangover cure okay so let's let me talk about this for a second so it's a powerful antioxidant it will help boost the immune system so when we're when we have sickness illness and disease we have a decreased production of glutathione now glutathione is a profound antioxidant produced in the liver so by taking and a co cysteine it helps boost your immune system second promotes detoxification now with every drug that we take whether it be a recreational drug or prescription drug what that does it actually boggles down the liver it sees the formation of glutathione from occurring so by taking and it's the assisting it will help the production of glutathione also when when people are called into the emergency room because they overdose as cinnamon if an overdoses or too much Tylenol they give and this is assisting intravenously to help clean up the liver so it's good for liberty talks a vacation also to believe or not and increases male fertility now when a male has a low sperm count oftentimes his body has severe DNA damage due to being toxic that by taking and assisting it'll help clean out your system through the liver pathway glutathione it would actually increase the male sperm count so also to balances out blood sugars now what also does it helps reduce the vascular damage due to increase too much circulation of insulin when we take in too much sugar okay the the pancreas has to release insulin the job the function of insulin is to help bring down the blood glucose however insulin insulin promotes inflammation within the arterial walls so by taking an acid cysteine it will help decrease the vascular damage it will help lower the levels of glucose and also to lower the chances of being insulin resistant also – phenomenal for us for respiratory conditions this is good this helps clean up the respiratory system helps helps clean the mucus it works as a phenomenal expert okay that will help break down the mucus so it will lower the lower the symptoms of even events of wheezing of respiratory attacks of asthma things like that so again it will help with the help break down break up the mucus so how do you take it where do you find it okay so again before we take anything I always recommend to my patients first and foremost let's clean the diet okay let's get you off all the stuff that's causing all these situations and including your diet it's again it's in its Tomba and trace amounts foods like chicken eggs turkey sunflower seeds pork and legumes okay so clean up your diet take away all the foods that toxify your system and include these foods within your diet now supplementation the the key thing is is that nsel cysteine is an amino acid so amino acids are best absorbed on an empty stomach my recommendation is a thousand milligrams first thing in the morning my empty stomach as soon as you roll out of bed take Dennis no cysteine wait about half hour you know half hour before you before you take in your food your first food product now I'm not promoting any type of product line but people ask me what brand do I take so it doesn't matter that I mean again you always want to make sure the quality the brand is oh is phenomenal so let me see if I can get a focus on that there we go okay source net there we go okay this is the bread that I take in right here so I take it every morning from source Naturals roll out of bed empty stomach I take a thousand milligrams of and this is and this is cysteine before I eat my meals so and it says cysteine is a very phenomenal antioxidant for the body thanks for watching see you next video hello this time did you odd please subscribe to my channel for more up to date videos and thanks for watching


  1. how different is this to N-Acetyl-Carnosine please and do they both also correct cataracts? thanks in advance

  2. What would be considered the safe daily upper limit for NAC for an adult male?

  3. If I am taking ACV+BS, can i still take NAC or other vitamins and supplements like DIM and collagen? Thanks doc 😊

  4. There are NAC supplements and Glutathione supplements. Could I just take the Glutathione supplements and skip the NAC or vice versa?

  5. The intro was cute!!!!! Lol.

  6. I started taking it recently and I start feeling really crappy and thought it was cause I was detoxing…is there any documentation regarding degrees of detoxification and side effects from taking NAC?

  7. Is NAC ok to take wit DIM and grapeseed capsule or other food supplements? Will it be safe?

  8. Does nacetyl cysteine cause stomach ulcer?

  9. Nutricost's NAC or the NAC from Nootropics Depot is a pure powder form with nothing else in it and is vastly cheaper. (There might be more bulk powders to buy from as well.) Pure powder form drawbacks: Inconvenience; NAC can taste notoriously bad.

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  11. This is the best natural medicine to improve immune system, only 1-2 tabs per day

  12. hi i am just curious..since nac has benefits into skin is it possible to open up a pill and mix its powder content into face creams to cure skin problems? is it safe to do that?

  13. The Recommended dose is 1 (600MG) capsule a day, why do you have to take more than the recommended dose?

  14. Im recording lol…cute

  15. Lmao the beginning

  16. Nac is 100% the real deal ! Ive run out twice in 2yrs of taking it and been reminded of its value to my immune system , so
    Recently ran out only two weeks ago and i got a chest infection within the 7 days of waiting for my new bottle to come in the mail , it didn't help my chest infection or shorten the duration of my illness once i recieved my order and started taking it , so i beleive by my experience it is much more the prevention not the cure type senario

  17. Sir, pardon my ignorance, is N- Acetyl Cysteine the same with L – Cysteine because I could only find the latter here in Japan

  18. Why could you not just take Sam e or gaba?.

  19. I read the half life is about 1.5 hrs so I use Jarrow brand 600mg patented bylayer time released from Amazon 2xPD and despite being on medications high in liver toxicity, I've never had elevated levels come back in my bloodwork ever. At around $7 bucks a month it seems too cheap not to try.

  20. Haha..….love the intro 🙂

  21. Great video! My mom has bronchiectasis and I'm thinking that NAC would help her copious amounts of mucus. How do you take 1000 mg. of Source Naturals' NAC, as their dose unit is 600 mg?

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