What is MSM? A Dietary Sulfur Based Anti-Inflammatory Supplement


  1. How this video got 81 dislikes is beyond me!!! I'll bet every one of them are government trolls attempting to poo poo the natursl cures so well desribed on this channel! Please keep these AWESOME videos coming they've helped me tremendously!!

  2. can i sprinkle this in my weed?

  3. yep the Bible said this would happen, but I didn't think I would witness it in my lifetime.

  4. How much quantity is to be taken. .orally. .please. .please reply

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  6. The health benefits sound almost identical to diatomaceous earth. Check it out guys!

  7. The credibility of this video and channel plummeted once they used David Avocado Wolfe as a reference. "Health authority"? lol

  8. Does anyone know if the sulfur in MSM would cause mineral dysregulation, such as messing with copper levels, etc.?

  9. Thanks for a very informative and easy to understand presentation. Will be sharing as I am on a quest to help people improve their health. I take it and it has made a big difference overall. Abundant Blessings.

  10. Great information. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I s MMS the same as MSM. CAN i use it tooth jawboneproblems. I have extracted a toxic rct molar in the upper jaw. . I still have pain after 3 months. I suspect cavitation is going iprior to the extraction warned the jaw surgeon that this can occur when the peridontal ligament is not cleaned out and the bone also not scraped for a 1mm as the concentration of anearobic bacteria are the the highest. . I m lookin for a solution to desinfect the jaw cavitation. In combination with Dsmo

  12. best MSM video ever thanks

  13. I clicked on the links below it did not take me to where I can purchase MSM

  14. Music is rather annoying.

  15. Will msm help with shingles?

  16. So how much methionine and cysteine is there in MSM? I assume trace amounts because you provided a break down of the MSM content in percentages and no amino acid was mentioned there. A little confused and curious

  17. @SuperfoodEvolution: Hello i read the comments and hear James Robert Clark talking about the distillation proces and how it denatures the sulfer content? I looked online and i'm very confused now. Is this true? Is it better to take the crystallized form?? I see this video was made 4 years ago so maybe you have some new information on that? Hope you find the time for this and thank you so much for all your great work i hope you never stop this channel!

  18. 9:50 boom.

  19. Hi love your video well msm help muscles tention

  20. Is MSM safe to take with sea moss?

  21. The music is annoying. The info brilliant

  22. Elon follow my moves I’m hungry hospitable won’t feed me

  23. Are MSM Drops good for your eyes?

  24. I have to get myself some MSM quick

  25. So can I take it with collagen because I have been taking coolagen for about a month .

  26. MSM essentially detoxes mercury and its compounds. It acts along with Magnesium.
    As one ages mercury builds up in everyone's soft (fat) tissues and disables ones immune system by depleting magnesium and stripping selenium from the bodies nerve ending electric connections (corroded terminals) . Definitely and electrical control problem.

  27. As with most 'supplements' be cautious do check the possibility of side effects since some people claim there are none! I have taken OPTimsm the distilled stuff with no problem. Tried the other and got a very nasty surprise swollen eye-lids, rash etc.

  28. I love msm and use it daily – it was not mentioned in the video that it should be consumed twice a day – early morning and last thing at night – you body needs it every 12 hrs approx…I chew it – I do not find the taste bad at all and is very good for your teeth and gums I use www.gotsulfur.com  99% pure Patrick McKean (I think his last name is) also has great videos on this on youtube

  29. Thank You!!

    Your content is always great and your research is usually top-notch. However, I believe there is an error around the 21:00 mark where you state:
    "Avoid MSM if you are allergic to Sulfa drugs".

    This is not correct. Sulfa drugs and sulfur are NOT the same thing. Sulfur is the 3rd or 4th most common element in the body. No one is allerigic to sulfur.

  31. Great video, thank you!

  32. Its heart breaking that I keep discovering my government DOES NOT have my back ! Instead of helping the population they are purposely hide true cures and hurting everyone in the process . Shame on them and I know longer trust them …….

  33. So I started taking msm to accompany my husband who has Eye floaters. So the eye floaters did not go away but the vision in his other Eye got super better. And I noticed my vision got really great. I noticed that I would forget to put on my glasses daily. I’ve noticed her and skin benefits and weight loss benefits. And I’ve only been taking it for 2 1/2 weeks.

  34. amazing video thanks

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