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Intelligent people first experience things, then believe and finally implement in life No knowledge is greater than Experience I had been to a camp where life energy principle and health related tips were being delivered First I thought..how to implement this? I experienced it's positive effect and got inspired to make this video Through this video I wish you best health happiness and intellect Do you want to be always healthy, cheerful and intelligent.. If we want good health, happiness and mind power It is necessary to live life according to the flow of life energy We will surely be benefited How should be our daily life? I am going to tell you the suggestion of scientists I may be difficult to adopt But you should try and implement You will get benefited I will feel fresh and new than before It's the experience of many people Life energy resides in Lungs between 3 am to 5 am Doing Pranayam is very beneficial this time You can wake up at 04.30 am and do Pranayam Life Energy resides in Large Intestines between 5 am to 7 am It's right time to go toilet Have a walk and do some exercise after toilet You can cure constipation without medicine Life Energy resides in Stomac region Digesting power is peak at this time It's the right time to have Lunch This time your heart needs sentiments, affection and purity Your heart gets attracted towards food if you have food This is not right time to take food You will have nice sleep Your immunity power will boost up This is the time of formation of Bile & controlling of brain You may suffer eye diseases, heart attack & Bile related diseases Take proper test to avoid liver problem


  1. Chal bsdk kuch bhi matlb

  2. Sir aj ke bhag dour life mai itni jaldi sona possible nhi hai koi upae bataiye aur hum lunch kab kare.

  3. Sir may Aatma ka dhyan kar tha ho 😊

  4. Sir meditation ke liye Kon sa time best he

  5. boxing lai life change kr de

  6. Bhaiya tu bhi bahut सफल होगा

  7. Most useful tips Brother!
    I appreciate your work..you guys doing such a great job for our generation 😍😍
    Keep going bro ..you have made your phenomenal..you can do whatever you want 😍😍😍

  8. Aap k videos se mujhe bohot kuch seekhne ko milraha he

  9. Kiya aap dikhayge

  10. Koi healthy apps banaye

  11. Kiya apka koi healthy apps nhin hai

  12. THANKS

  13. बहुत बढ़िया ज्ञानवर्धक विडियो

  14. Kese yar esa. Hoha to. Sab milajaiga

  15. Kmine Raat main Khana khane time to bataya hi nhi aur jab afternoon main bhookh lagne per Khana nhi khaige 😣

  16. ye energy storage aur exact time ke se pata chala aap ko? , koi book he ya reference bataye ge…?

  17. Bhai plss tratak par video banaye…

  18. Thank you so much sir….valuable video for me…🙏🙏🙏

  19. Wao …..thank you sir……very valuable information

  20. Very thanks. Very good job.

  21. Bro, need tips for night shift workers. Is there a proper way to do this.

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