What is Health TAPESTRY?

To understand what health tapestry is,
it’s helpful to begin here, with the word TAPESTRY. A tapestry if formed when
carefully selected threads and colors are woven tightly together to create a
beautiful practical whole. Health TAPESTRY is a process that intertwines
clients, volunteers, technology, health care teams and communities to create a
proactive and patient-centered health safety net. It’s a unique model that
pulls all those strands together in a way that strengthens the fabric of the
community and empowers clients to age successfully. Health TAPESTRY has developed a unique process
and innovative online tools to make that possible. That process begins with
volunteer pairs — members of the community who have been carefully trained to meet
with a client in a home setting. Those volunteers form relationships with the
client and gather together the threads of the client’s life and health goals.
That invaluable information is captured electronically and shared with
healthcare teams. That’s done using custom built applications and mobile
devices. Those teams can then use that information to help make the client’s life easier. Care team members connect with clients in their home or during the client visits the primary care team office. Other care team members can work with a client in community organizations. They can also reach out with a phone call or an e-mail and the care team can ask the volunteers to check in with the client again to make
sure things are progressing well. The activities of the health care team, including the volunteers, are now better directed an organized to be in line with the goals and needs of the client. Find out more about healthtapestry.ca

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