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hey y'all this is Nick with Houston case managers calm and in this edition of community resources I'm going to talk to you about the gold card so the gold card the gold card is an old school name for this resource the more current name is Harris Health and it's called the Harris health system so that's the system of doctors and basically medical resources that you have the gold card is like the name of the health insurance benefit now gold card is typically for people who don't have health insurance maybe you're unemployed maybe you're under hottest so if you're underinsured if you don't have any health insurance people who are homeless they can get the gold card and the gold card it works like regular health insurance you have access it's a lot of the same different medical benefits you can get a primary care doctor you can get a dentist with a gold card you can get counselors psychiatrists they even have specialist clinic so if you have diabetes heart condition if you have cancer they have specialty clinics that can help you out so with gold card typically it works on a sliding scale that's how to do payments if you have no money at all then that scale could slow it all the way down to $0 and you pay nothing so a lot of people who are homeless the scale slides down that far for them if you receive a little bit income they may charge you a few dollars think it might be like maybe you know 10 bucks for office visit for prescriptions it might be 3 bucks so it's not too bad but basically they set that up so you know nobody would have to go without you know no matter your situation your financial situation you should be able to get some type of health coverage and that's kind of what gold card does the ways that you apply for gold card you can do it two ways you can go to one of the hair cells eligibility centers and you can apply the second way is you can go to city of Houston and you can call the city of Houston appointment lon you call that appointment line just tell them that you want to apply for the go hole card and they'll get you all set up but the gold card is a good resource if you are in between jobs if you're unemployed if you know somebody who's homeless it's a good place that you can go to to get coverage but um that's it everything else that you need to know about gold card you can find that in an article that's if you're on the website if not if you own YouTube somewhere else I'll put a link down below that way you can find the article but

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