What is Emotional Fitness?

Hi there I’m Leah of Leah Benson Therapy. And
today I want to talk to you about emotional fitness. We’ll look to physical
fitness to understand what emotional fitness is. So, if we look at physical
fitness, what is physical fitness? Physical fitness is strength, flexibility,
and agility. Strength to be able to pick something up. Strength to be able to walk
up stairs. So, flexibility is the ability to get up off of the floor without using
your hands. It is the ability to get in and out of a car.
And lastly agility; the ability to move quickly and easily. So, let’s transfer
that to emotional fitness. There’s really no difference. Emotional fitness has
components of strength, flexibility, and agility. The strength to handle emotional
situations without collapsing or exploding or dissociating from them. The
flexibility to muster up the emotional fortitude to handle a
confrontation, or protect yourself or your loved ones, or to be tender and
contactful with someone who it needs. To be connected with a child for instance
who needs to feel empathy. And the ability to move from one of those situations to
another without too much difficulty. Being able to transition between these
different emotional states; that’s flexibility. And then, agility,
emotional agility, is the ability to deal with an
aggressive client on one hand, then come home and deal with your needy child
on the other. You want to be able to do that easily. And if you
can’t do it easily, to use tools to throw off that emotional weight that’s on
you from one particular situation or another. So, strength, flexibility, and
agility, emotionally, are the foundational components of emotional
fitness. If you would like to improve your emotional fitness, feel free to
contact me or visit my web page about bioenergetic exercise which is a great
way to improve your emotional fitness.

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