What is Cheaper, Healthy Food or Fast Food? (Social Experiment)

what's up guys Joey salads yeah I'm here today with my buddy Chris there seems to be a belief out there that unhealthy fast food is actually cheaper than eating healthy food today I'm going to spend the whole day eating a healthy breakfast lunch and dinner and add up the price of my food costs and Chris is going to spend the whole day eating breakfast lunch and dinner but fast food and then add up the food cost and at the end of the video we'll see which one's really cheaper let's get started I will bow down to little corporate sponsor I got the steak and egg McMuffin how much was it um your cost six it not no but I think it's worth the diabetes pretty big is you can't get music like this at home alright so make it breakfast I got um three eggs a piece of whole wheat bread I cracked open one whole egg and two egg whites and a nice cheap healthy breakfast can I have a number 11 um medium anything I know I want the peanut butter fudge shape forty cash the hell is that toast it's a good at least so for my lunch I'm going to be having whole-grain pasta actually takes 9 to 10 minutes to make good source of fiber might be a little bit heavy on the carbs it's still good for you that I still get them carbs in there fast food is a lot more convenient and quicker to get that's right you're wrong because we spent an hour at Sonic trying to get food if you want to factor in getting to the fast food joint car ride there the weight all that stuff where you would have to do that three times a day if you're only going to eat fast food compared to this way you could go grocery shopping once and it could last you for a few days what this pack for a dollar sixty and I'm not going to be eating the whole thing I'm probably gonna be eating one third of it that comes out the 53 cents for lunch f1e half of it then I would cost you about 80 cents if you want to add in the little drop of butter I'm gonna put in it for flavor and another five cents cuz this stuff is not a one-time gig it can last you multiple meals cooked just gonna pop it in so I'm all done I got a nice big cup of water and a nice big bowl of pasta I used like a dab cheese so down like five cents unfortunately I was not able to finish because I'm full can I actually save this and I might eat for snack later hey a junior bacon cheeseburger and crispy chicken sandwich the pull for cheese just sounds like a tasty meal I'll stay though this is my meal prep this is what I eat for dinner just about every single day I got some chicken some ground turkey whole grain brown rice and off frozen veggies so a pound of this cost 650 a pound of this cost about five bucks this cost me two dollars and this cost me two dollars and sixty cents now this is enough food for a few days worth of eating I like to cook everything all at once and I save them as meal prep and I heat them up whenever I need to eat so I'm going to cook it all and then I'm gonna divide up the portions and come up with a price based off of a weight so here is my meal all finished got brown rice got my mixed veggies I got some grilled chicken some ground-up turkey and I did the math based off of portion size and weight from which I bought this food which you could buy in bulk and it would be even cheaper the rice came out to 25 cents the chicken came out to $2 the turkey came out to 120 and the veggies came out to 86 cents total meal cost four dollars and 31 cents if you want to see the video where I cook this food and I show you how to cook it and make it help me and good I'll put the link in the description to my vlog account where I will upload that video as you can see from this video eating healthy is a lot cheaper than eating fast food the pros of fast food are it's a quick meal you can have it on the go and you don't need to cook it the cons are it's bad if you eat it too often and it's more expensive the pros are eating healthy food is it's more cost effective and it's good for you the cons are gotta cook it yourself if your only excuse is that fast food is cheaper than healthy food then you're wrong because if you really want to live a fit and healthy lifestyle the only thing stopping you is your cooking ability so if you're really believe in yourself and if you really want to do make a change go out there buy some food in bulk and cook I'm Joey salads and thanks for watching this imagine how many garbage bag they goes through a day and how many restaurants there are just put that into perspective if now I'm heading into the communities dumpster and I'm going to take out a couple bags of trash and see how many ways from their homes look at this didn't even get in the bags yet look at all that that chicken that's chicken I think wasted


  1. You are a good youtuber

  2. It’s not fair Joey is doing just a part of the food so like a bag of apple but only grabbed one so he only count one and the guy ate sum Doritos and Ik he didn’t finish the whole bag now

  3. Junk food is cheaper than healthy food to buy most of the time though x
    Fries $1.00
    Salad $10

  4. ive heard that healthy food is expensive, but veggies and fruit stuff are pretty cheap. i mean, organic is expensive but you don't need organic, just wash your damned veggies.

  5. This is a video with a positive message, but to be fair there is much cheaper fast food than what Chris bought. You could buy like 2 cheeseburgers and a soda at McDonald’s for like 3 bucks! So this is very subject to what you buy

  6. the point of this video is to show that you're actually spending more money eating fast food when you can eat at home, all he's doing is confronting all the excuses you fat asses make everyday.

    "i don't have time to cook" – joey showed that he made all those meals in like 10 minutes
    "groceries are more expensive" – one trip to the grocery store should give you enough for a few days worth of meals
    "fast food is cheaper" – obviously it's not

    and don't get me started on the snacks at the grocery store. cookies, cakes, ice cream, chips are sooooo much more expensive than groceries to prepare for a meal.

  7. Think about it people there is a reason to why certain items on the menu have a diffrent price. Think about service, production, and labor costs that tie in all together.

  8. Chris looks like he needs to eat a salad

  9. unfortunately, i will not be able to finish. Because i am full.

  10. Yah but when u cook you gotta use electricity so jokes on u salads.

  11. WTF who drinks peanut butter shakes with chicken oh yeah its more expensive

  12. Looks great 👍🏾

  13. Maybe healthy food is cheaper because you bought one bread for 5p and eggs for like 10p

  14. It is only more expensive sometimes
    It depends on what u buy

    From my experience healthy food costs more

  15. Ikr shocking how it’s junk foods cheaper

  16. Wow
    those portions aren't diffrent at all
    (Apple=large bag of chips)

  17. Apples are not 20 cents

  18. You can go to the $1 menu

  19. How much does a tin of sardines cost? The healthiest animal protein you can buy. People just don't have the self-discipline to eat healthy, and won't admit it.

  20. Goes to store buys a dab of cheese for 5 cents

  21. Got Kyani? https://samlee7177.kyani.com/en-us/

  22. Is it just me or do i never ever think of dipping ketchup in α hashbrowns

  23. Don’t you know what the dollar menu is. Of course eating half a box of pasta is cheaper than eating 2 sandwiches a shake and fry. Try buying and making the same thing and see which is cheaper instead of having both take in 1000 calories per meal rather than having one eat 2500 for a meal and the other eat less than half of course that’s going to be cheaper what do you think?

  24. You probably ate WAY LESS THAN 2000 calories per day

  25. The egg flip

  26. so do you always eat with your shirt off

  27. What about that kitchen , how much was that?

  28. the video starts at 0:00 thank me later


  30. Apple's are free if you have a Apple tree, eggs are green if you have chickens, you can make bread for cheap and it's a bit healthier.

  31. People just stop goin I can’t buy one slice of bread or he didint did it a home not at a restaurant or they didint eat the things that could be cheaper there millions of ways to do this and they just wanted to do it that way so let them do what they want

  32. Wow Joey I Think You Ate Salads Back then joey salads''

  33. healty food looks way more better than mcdonalds

  34. Why is he shirtless when he eats?

  35. This isn’t a fair test,
    The healthy dude was just eating the cheapest possible healthy food (like who eats a plain bowl of pasta) while the junk dude was ordering whatever he wanted,
    Also you can’t buy single pieces of bread!

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