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What you need to know about Casein, is first
of all, Casein is just a protein. It's pretty high in biological value, not
quite as high as the egg, or the whey. But Casein is a slower digesting protein. What that means is that it's going to take
a little bit longer to get into your system. Again, that's ideal at night. Whether you add peanut butter to it, or use
2% milk, or what have you, 'cause the more fat you have, the slower things leave your
stomach. It's keeping it in the stomach longer, you
have a slower digesting protein, so basically what you're getting is you want that trickle
out all night long. So basically, if you're not eating for 8 to
10 hours, that's not ideal for muscular growth and repair. So you wanna keep that in the stomach, you
want it trickling out, Casein is ideal for that, and you wanna make sure you're gonna
have ample fat with it. And, you know, at that point, your carbohydrate
intake can be quite low for that shape because you're been eating carbs – hopefully – all
day in sufficient amounts to fuel your body for energy.


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