What Is A PhD In Healthcare Administration? And, Where Do You Get A Doctorate In Healthcare Admin?

hello this is dr. Dave Maass I'm talking to you about reciprocity calm the e is written with a 3 and in this particular video I want to talk about what is a PhD in health care administration and where do you actually get one so if you don't know me I'm a professor of innovation strategy and entrepreneurship and a greater this whole reciprocity project to give back as much as I possibly can there are so many people that help me out to get through graduate school and to get a PhD that I wanted to pay their favor forward as much as I possibly can right it's hell with that you know what is a PhD in health care administration so generally I think that there is two different types to search and Eric types one is going to be doing a PhD in public health care and public administration in another one is going to be doing a PhD in a business school and I know the one in the business school a little bit better but you know there's definitely overlap in terms of the stuff the research that we're going to be doing and you know it really doesn't matter in terms of the research that you're going to be doing it's the key is is where do you want to teach in what do you want to do going forward right when you're making this decision so if you want to teach in a business school then do a PhD at a business school if you want to do if you want to teach in the school of you know public administration or something along those lines and do a PhD in that area you're gonna be reading the same literature we kind of go back and forth and cite that each other and all that kind of stuff so it doesn't necessarily matter with that so what you want to look for what's more important is when you're looking for a PhD in Healthcare Administration what's more important is you're looking for people that are interested in the area in the thing that you're looking for right so and often ends up happening is the people that are doing really cool interesting research in that particular area are not going to be in with the sort of health care kind of area and I'll get into that and the reason why in a bit but I just wanted to point that out and just keep following along so what's important is you just want to find the thing that you're interested in in healthcare so whether it's innovation whether it's entrepreneurship whether it is a type of so hospitals for example you want to find the people that are doing research in that particular area the other thing that you want to be doing is looking for people that are interesting and kind of nice and kind of stuff like that right like that's a key thing to be looking for when you are looking for doing research and doing a PhD because you're gonna be working very closely with those those people okay so in my field I'm going to point out so I I do study stuff within the healthcare industry but it's kind of unique and different I study the medical history I got a hair there I study stuff within the medical device industry so I'm kind of I don't know I kind of fit in a weird area so I'm not necessarily I'm not hospitals and doctors which is what a lot of people do and I'm not Pharma in biotech which is another group of people that do so a few years ago we got together all the people that were interested in medical devices and I think there was a grand total of like 20 people that I know of or we you know we kind of had sort of a little short meeting at one of our national international conferences and we got together and it was just us it's such a small group that was interested in that so the stuff I do okay yeah I'm kind of healthcare but not really in terms of what other other people are doing and a lot more people take a lot more seriously that idea well I'll tell you that um okay so what schools are doing this kind of stuff and this is not all-inclusive in any sort of way in terms of this schools that you should be looking this is just people that or schools that I'm you know I'm bummed into and they kind of have like a cluster of people at these particular schools and they just you know keep showing up in in the academic literature and you know I'm you know just having an influence so you know Harvard in this or Boston area schools Brent renoir Brendan brandy I don't know who's that private school and I don't find saying it right I have Boston University MIT there if you go to those schools you're gonna find people that are doing health care stuff and the reason is is there is kind of a health cluster in that area Boston is well-known for pharma and in medical devices and healthcare in there's you know people going back and forth in terms of going to the different hospitals that are there and the different you know medical schools and stuff like that so better they have a cluster let's just say that and look at those schools or some really great interesting people you know Amy Amundsen is definitely one of them at Harvard that is doing some great stuff she's been doing it for years now I think in Geary Pisano is well they've been doing it for like 30 years I think at this moment that they've been doing research in this area and so they're really pretty well know and they continue to push that forward so you want to check out people that are doing that kind of stuff in as well as any of those schools they have great people and a lot of their PhD students will go to those kind of surrounding areas because what ends up happening if you don't know this this is how clusters typically work anyways so academic clusters so if you don't know this what ends up happening is that there'll be somebody that's doing research in a particular area and they'll get PhD students and the PhD student and will do something the grow roots in that community right in so they go to Boston they grow roots you know they can have a couple of kids they meet somebody and all that kind of stuff and then they don't want to leave that particular area so then my voice is squeaky I got a cold and then they they end up staying in that particular area so there's lots of people that are kind of doing that kind of stuff in that area and that's how a cluster it forms gradually over time it's generally what happens right and that's how it sort of industry clusters work and things like that so anyways do you want to check out the different schools that are doing that kind of stuff there they're all cross pollinating each other and all that kind of stuff and so it's great research that they're doing in that area another one that is doing some really great stuff is you you Penn so Wharton has a Healthcare has a separate health care school that is kind of it's really unique in Wharton has a lot of unique kind of programs like this then kind of related to the business school but kind of not so they have a separate sort of group that they're doing healthcare stuff in they are doing some fantastic stuff there's great people that are there right now and they continue to grow I think there's probably 20 to 30 people that are in that kind of area they're all doing research they're all pretty intensive in terms of the research that they're doing so I'd highly recommend that you check out that particular order at Wharton as well you know Duke has great roots in this is a good thing with Duke in Wharton and Harvard and stuff is they have these relationships with business schools that are close by or with the health care organizations and you know the different medical schools that are close by so you can go back and forth and get interview data and stuff like that so what's really important going forward and and University Toronto actually is developing a really great kind of program and they continue to do some great things in the continue to do work in that area in will Mitchell Brian golden you know that there's there's a lot of people that are doing really great stuff at the University of Toronto University of Western Ontario there's people that are interested in as well at Stanford University that bit by the way I've mentioned that that's where I did my PhD Stanford University has some great stuff and then there's there's people all over the world that are doing interesting research and I'd highly recommend that you check them out and not really just focus on these particular schools I just mentioned them because they're kind of that's where a lot of research is coming out of in these in in this kind of area so you want to check those out and but they're gonna be very competitive to get into and I you know that's it's it's kind of tricky and of course my institution I'm not gonna mention what that is good I don't want to teach your decision in any sort of way but you could check that out as well so but anyways what I want you to think about is not necessarily the institution these these are kind of clusters right and what you want to look for is not the institution or the particular you know that they're doing healthcare stuff what you want to look for is that they're doing good good research and that's a more important thing and normally when people do is they use the healthcare context has a context and then you do research based on you know other disciplines and stuff so you might end up doing stuff on economics right and applying it within the healthcare industry so a lot of schools and a lot of people that are all around the world are doing stuff like that and they wouldn't call themselves specifically healthcare person but what they're gonna call themselves as a specialist and Xyz theory and so you can want to look at those people and then apply that kind of theory or the thing that you're doing in that particular context in the context is healthcare and it's different and I know for a lot of you that are coming from you know industry you're gonna be sort of arguing and chomping at the bit with me but really that's how academia is going to be sort of oriented and you want to look at that and you want to find people that are doing interesting great research that are good to work with they're gonna be collegial they're gonna be nice a lot kind of stuff and in that it's gonna be much more important than actually finding somebody that is doing sort of health care specifically in that particular area so if you want to do stuff on politics you find somebody that's doing politics and you then you look at you know applying that to the healthcare industry and hopefully that makes sense right and that's how you actually get through and the reason is that's how the academic journals are set up there's there's not a lot of specific industry specific journals that are out there and those ones are not gonna be as sort of highly rated as the ones that are doing you know that that are Theory related and so you want to do this stuff in theory and then you apply it in the healthcare context so that's what I would do look for people that are doing interesting stuff they're really you know kind of nice and open and things like that I would being a adviser and being just a really great person to work with and then after that you can apply in the your interest in that particular field so that's what I would personally do so and I would don't get you to identify people that are you know going to be good professors to work with right and that's the key thing and that you can be able to do research with in a particular area and then because you have great knowledge in healthcare for example you can apply some of that stuff that you've understood in healthcare into that context okay I hope that makes sense and that's really when I would personally do and that's what most people do when they go into you know when they do PhD and know in a business school it's like we're never going to do research on businesses and applying it you know if we did research on say target for example it's never going to get published what we have to do is find kind of a generalized theory about how maybe it is large multinational corporations actually operate and it's the same thing in the healthcare industry and that's that's what you want to do you'd want to do research on hospitals you want to do research on you know maybe it is how not-for-profits in how do they compare it compared to private organizations right so you yeah it's different it's a different feel but that's really what you're trying to do and even that is probably too context specific or too you know not Theory driven and but anyways I hope you get my point and that's really what I would personally do I look for people that are doing great research that are you know nice people to work with that you know that they they hold a lot of promise in terms of who they're who they are and that they're doing great research at the end of the day so hopefully this makes sense if it does give me a thumbs up and do subscribe to the YouTube channel all right take care and have a wonderful day bye

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