What Is a Low FODMAP Diet? Explained in Plain English


  1. fodmap diet works. So much better after a month of the diet.

  2. I loved your video as a simple explanation of the FODMAPs diet.
    Although you said that typically people are sensitive to a couple of the FODMAPs groups, – there are, unfortunately, some of us that are sensitive to ALL of them. Also, you said that the IBS issues are related to fermentation of the FODMAPs in the colon – there are, unfortunately, some of us that have fermentation in the small intestine due to Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. I would love one of your videos on these issues.

  3. The video was great but I can't find the link to the food lists

  4. Great video, thanks.

  5. Your graphic says "…you strictly limit all FODMAPs from your diet." And then you say, "…the idea is, with all the FODMAPs out of your diet…" Yours is the second website that says to eliminate all FODMAPs for several weeks.

    I've downloaded your FODMAP list and it looks like all vegetable foods have some FODMAPs in them. Does this mean that the elimination phase is limited to only those items that have no serving size associated with them?

    Let me say this: I believe your low FODMAP list is the best one out there because it gives serving sizes rather than simply Low, Moderate and High. That gives me something to eat and know what I'm doing. Until now, I've been a bit better and I hope that using your list I'll get a lot better.

    You also did a great job on the video.

    But I would like to know the answer to my question so I can get started on the right foot.

    Thanks in advance from Texas.

  6. Cam you have issues with fodmap if your colon has been removed?

  7. Very informative, language broken down to make understandable. Like the other responses. Don't feel alone and overwhelmed. Thanks Joe

  8. I joined the webinar & promised to send items which were never sent. I think you have great information but disappointed in the results of your promises.

  9. Very useful! Thank you! Will be rewatching to take notes

  10. fodmap is full of crap. dumbest idea ever.

  11. Where is the video you spoke about?

  12. So I can't eat anything that I normally eat. Just fucking shoot me. Please.

  13. Hey what is your opinion on A2 milk?

  14. Wow thanks. Learn something everyday 😉

  15. This is why most are misled to the Gluten free diet, but it has always been Pesticides, Preservatives, Additives and Synthetics. These refined sugars are no better than substitutes. You will have a hard time finding anything that doesnt have Corn Syrup and all these other chemicals reaping havoc.

  16. Still trying to find the Monash video you mentioned, would you put a link down for us?

  17. It just seems like another dietery required that chef's need to cater for. Ridiculous!!!

  18. Thanks Joe.

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