WHAT IM PACKING FOR MY ROADTRIP | Healthy Food to Stay on Track While Traveling!

what's up everyone in today's video I'm gonna be showing you guys and talking about when I'm packing for the road trip I'm taking a road trip from Texas to Norris in California so I'm gonna show you guys some of the things I'm packing to just ensure that I'm eating healthy and hitting my macros and things like that so first thing I'm gonna show you guys stuff that isn't necessarily food so I'm gonna go over that stuff first and then we'll get into the food so I've done this road trip a few different times so this isn't my first time so I feel like the more I I have gone the more things I realized that I wish I had so the first thing is face white so I'm bringing a slice because I feel like after being the Carver salon like you just needs like without having like a sink and a shower like you know he wants to like feel more like worth fresh after a while so I did brings face white I am stopping at a hotel but my first portion of the road trip is about 12 hours long so I'm gonna need these long way the next thing I got is one of the coffee mugs I keep your coffee like hot for a very long time I already had one but my dogs but yeah so this coffee mug is just gonna keep my coffee hot for a long period of time so I'm not having shampoo conditioner because I'm gonna be at a hotel and I'm gonna shower it clean did not use you know like some hotels like did you like shampoo and conditioner it's like really bad the next thing is these mason jars and that I got because I want to make overnight oats and I'm gonna have a nice chat so I'll be able to put on all the things that need to stake holes in the ice chest so I got mason jars to fill up with either like like milk like my almond milk or my overnight oats i'm meal prepping food so the things like the meat and all the meal prep food can't go on there because I am gonna meal prep for two days I am gonna have the stuff that I need to stay cold always wanna so doesn't go bad or gross so I am meal prepping this time so I actually have soup so I'll be – so for my meal prep I'm just gonna throw in something for my meal prep I'm just planning on doing like – potato right like source of proteins like a meat I'm playing a turkey or lean beef and then I'm obviously gonna have my children aside like zucchini broccoli asparagus whatever my heart desires when it comes to me I'm also gonna walk just because I am like them be joining balls like a trailer so yeah and now we're gonna get into the food cuz that's the fun part of the whole thing so I think I'm gonna start with heart we drink so I just discovered these and I wish I would have discovered them awesome cuz I don't know if it's just me but it's very difficult for me to hit my protein while traveling and I really don't want to be stopping at it's been getting gas station food or fast food but I discovered these the fair life core power you can actually find them at gas stations but only has 26 grams of protein in one model four and a half a date card so it's really good and I got chocolate vanilla and strawberry I've only ever had the strawberry banana so I got other flavors just in case so just so you guys know this road trip it's gonna take me two days so you know that that's why I have multiples of things next drink I bro and I'm gonna be bringing obviously energy drinks these are the rains I only like the sour apple flavor I've tried a bunch of the other flavors I just don't like them so I did get some energy drinks to bring with me I brought three I most likely will not have three of them just because they kind of upset my stomach if I drink too much but I am meeting up with people it's half way at the hotel so they can have like one if they want one two and then I got these are two other lengths drink things I got this little meal vitamin just because like I'm probably really tired of water just being in the car so I just thought this was a good idea of never happened before or never have had me Oh before so I'm kind of excited but that's just a little you know if you don't want if you're like craving like a juice or something going on the road Neil I hope that stevia drops so this is in case I stop at a gas station and I want to get coffee but I don't want to use their creamer or half-and-half or milk because a lot of them aren't very good options I can either use the almond milk and I'm gonna be putting in one of the mason jars or I can just put some of these stevia drops in there because they really are good making like your coffee so I just thought I never had this exact I never had this exact brand before but I'm sure and then after drinks I guess we'll go into – oh let me talk about this first so and then I got mint and I also have gum but mints and gum because for me I always like if I want a road trip I can eat like I can overheat I can be smacking the whole car right so I did get mints and gum to like constantly like you know if I need you know cuz I feel like Mackin just for a minute or a piece of gum next I got tuna which these tunas are actually not for me um so if you guys know I just have a dog so I am burying one of my dogs with me so I did get her tunics she's very hard at like like all the other road trips I went on with her she doesn't have to eat during road trips which I understand it sucks eating on the road but if I gave her some tuna she'll eat and I really need to make sure she's eating so that's for her so next is yogurt so I'm gonna burn yogurt I'm gonna bring it thing of granola to and to put on the top and yeah I'm also gonna bring bananas to to put into my overnight oats so that I can have some fruit on the top I am leaving super late at night it's practically the morning time so my oatmeal is something I eat every single day so I'm gonna put bananas and things like that to put on the top once I get to the hotel room I'll be able to have access to like a microwave and a fridge and things like that so that's also good for stuff like this I can throw into the fridge and eat before I leave the next morning then I can like warm up my own meal and stuff the next talking about milk my oatmeal so I got another box of this just to bring and also have when I get to California because I'm sure I'm not gonna want to go grocery shopping right the next day so I did get some oatmeal and this is gonna be enough to last me for a few days when I get to California as well so I did get my oatmeal and then nuts and more nut butter I love nut butters I put nut butter on my oatmeal every single morning I usually get different flavors I decided you salted caramel I have talking crunch right now my kitchen but it's gonna be gone about time I leave on my road trip so I picked up another one I'm gonna have my scale with me so when I do need to measure something out or if I'm at the hotel and I'm like making my oatmeal in the morning or whatever I'm doing that I might need a scale I am bringing my scale with me so I'll be able to weight this up before I put on my own films another thing jello joke these are the sugar-free jell-o Xand they're only 10 calories for one of these so this was a really good thing if you just feel like snacking or pulling over and having something quick these are really good 10 calories so the next thing I'm gonna be bringing is hey not necessarily the whole thing of bagels but I didn't want to like so basically I'm gonna be making a breakfast sandwich with it that I'm going to make the day before or yeah the day before I leave kind of the night up I'm going to put some lemon roasted turkey on here I'm gonna make an egg I'm gonna put avocado and I'm just going to take that with me so that whenever I'm hungry and it's like breakfast time that I'll have that so this so I'll probably be bringing these with me to the hotel just so I can have it again like later on just remake it and make sure you keep it on with something nice chest – you don't anything to go back so I'm bringing this stuff so I can have it again at the hotel this way and then more of other snappy thing boom chicka pop this is a sweet and salty I never have ever liked like kettle corn or sweet popcorn ever but this stuff is so good so I am weighing it out and I'll be putting this in like Ziploc bags or something – like why can I keep it in its portions without having to like weigh it but I just want to snack I'm driving because I'm not gonna pull over just to lay out some popcorn so I'm going to weigh it out before but again like if you're not like strict on yourself or you don't have like such a specific goal at the time or you're not counting macros I don't worry about like weighing out all your food if you're just eating healthy and you're eating intuitively like don't even worry about it I'm so I don't want to give anyone the impression that like oh you need to be weighing your stuff out we have to be so perfect on your road trip you don't have to be that's just how I am so usually on all my other road trips I think like I said I've done this road trip a few different times just to go visit my family I never weighed my stuff up my stuff out before but I always had another person with me so it was really easy to just like get things handed to me or whatever or we would just go with sophomore eat but since I am going when I sell that's another huge reason I'm not wanting to stop and go anywhere to eat I also my dog so I can't just be like in a not restaurant so now that I it's more important for me to meal prep I might as well be in more control of what I'm eating just want to make that a point it's okay if you're not you know being perfect on your road trip life is about laying balanced maintaining it's like a healthy lifestyle it doesn't have to be perfect all the time I just want to put that out there the next thing I got is these rice cake like this skinny pop mini cakes and sharp cheddar these are good to just snack on as well so um yeah I got these two and then I'm bringing a gallon of water so I am gonna have like a water bottle like my own water bottle that I can like constantly be refilling but it is like in case of emergencies you really want to have a gallon water water so this is what I got a gallon of water just in case anything happens like just be prepared so I'm gonna have this gallon of water with me and um just in case anything happens so I can't stop to get water you know you never honestly you never know what can happen in the cars it's better to be careful so I'm gonna have this gallon of water with me in the back um so that's pretty much it of what I'm bringing probably I'm gonna be packing like a change of clothes I'm gonna be heavy like my dog stuff like my dog's food her bowls just for inside of the car so that's pretty much it for what I'm bringing like I said I'll be meal prepping a lot of my meals coming over and I out snacks again it does not be perfect I've done this so many times I've Seton however but um some time not wanting to pull over like I said I'm my own meal prep so that's the stuff that I got for my road trip I just want to be really prepared this time since I am gonna be by myself this is the first time that I'm doing a road trip by myself you know I'm gonna have my dog so I feel like safer but this is the first time doing by myself so I really want to be prepared I really want to make sure that like I have food I have things to drink keep me awake to smack on make sure my dog has smooth that my dog's good and since I am leaving in the middle of the night the reason I'm leaving in the middle of night I'm just gonna I guess throw this in here the reason I am leaving in the middle of the night is so I I'm freshly honestly freshly I've gone to the bathroom and that I'm not gonna have to stop while it's still dark out I want to get the dark part over / – I'm awake and ready to go so the rest of its during the daytime and I do feel safer if I do need to stop somewhere or when I do stop somewhere to go to the bathroom or let my dog out and walk my dog I will not do that if it's dark outside I will not pull over at the dark outside so that's the reason I'm leaving in the middle tonight is just have have to not pull over in the dark I'm very cautious and I'm a very like paranoid about the dark and people and I just want to put myself in any weirdest situation so other than that yeah I'm gonna be bringing in spare clothes I'm gonna have like a brush my toothbrush toothpaste obviously basic hygiene needs for when I stop the hotel but this is just some food ideas I want to give you guys that um I wish I would have done every single time because a lot of times I'm having to stop at like subway or Chipotle or wherever else my heart desired but this is just a food that I'm gonna be bringing for the road trip that I wanted to share with you guys and I hope you guys like enjoyed this video I will be having a roadtrip of vlog so throw out the road trip I'll be you like recording and vlogging and like catching some cool moments maybe some cool scenery and um yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will talk to you guys the next one


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