What if Government Ran Health Care? (Sprint Ad Remix)

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  1. What, so they pay huge taxes AND they have to have health insurance? Poor sods, no wonder they're all so killy.

  2. It's the same with doctors in Britain. The police deal with criminals, the army deals with Hitler or whatever, and the doctors deal with illness and disease. It works really, really well – everyone gets the same high standard of health care. Only problem is that sometimes a government like the Tories who hate health care gets in and ruins it all.

  3. I am British. I can tell you what happens when the government runs health care. You go to A&E and see the receptionist who books you into the queue. You wait with the other patients and a triage nurse comes shortly. You then wait a little longer and a doctor comes. The doctor fixes you and you leave. If you are not "walking wounded" (like you've been in a car crash or something) you can see a doctor straight away. Basically its the same as in your country only you never, ever get a bill.

  4. "The solidarity principle means that in the statutory health insurance system those who are financially better-off help those with lower incomes, the young help the old and singles help out families. This is expressed by the fact that contribution amounts are based solely on each members financial capabilities, calculated as a percentage of assessable income."

    Doesn't sound bad to me 🙂

  5. "The idea that "we shouldn't take care of people that aren't our responsibility" is rubbish"

    Not really, though I'm not against socialized health care I still understand the argument. It isn't COMPLETE rubbish at the very least. And the USA has problems for many other reasons than that. Seriously.

  6. The police and the army take protect people because it's their job, you can't compare that to health care.

  7. Well, well, well – we've all heard of Mr Romneys reform there.
    Which was actually a good thing in comparison.

    And you're wrong about the Health Care costs. Currently the statutory health insurance in Germany is 15.5% of your gross salary. And there are a lot of rules that can reduce this price – e.g. if you're unemployed with NO social benefits you have to pay around 150 EUR, if you want to be insured. This would for example be the case for someones wife, who is home alone with the kids.

  8. You forgot to mention your paycheck which has at least a 50% tax

  9. yeah but then we are going to get your massive taxes which is like 50% at least. free healthcare isn't free, but we will probably adjust. Also Massachusetts has free health care

  10. Perhaps, but how many all but starve under Social Security? Do you trust them when they have had decades to fix SS and have failed?

  11. Very funny…..yet true!

  12. WOW … i am amazed how stupidly people can put things.

    Do US-Americans really imagine it to be – just closely – to be like this in countries where the goverment finances health care structures?

    Dear USA – are you really so blind, that you don't see that health care is not going to hurt you but enhance your life.
    How shitty ever the plans are/were and will be … there is no way to make it worse for you – you are already f*****.

    Greetings from Germany.

  13. @GuyMontag92 For one thing america is no empire, we are a bunch of states combined together just like any other country. Most all of us are trully inosent in most things and its hard me as an american, not proud american that is to sit here and read comments such as yours. My family loves god and every thing to do with the kingdom but still we are forced to be hated for no reasons on our behalf.Now we also hate america in a great way but not the people, most of our problems come form our ritch.

  14. so that is government run healthcare, oooookay…
    has someone even proposed such a thing?

    reasontv a strange name for bullshit

  15. @kevinkards1 Exactly. The idea that "we shouldn't take care of people that aren't our responsibility" is rubbish, and precisely why the U.S.A. is in some of the most dire straits it has seen in quite some time.

    We in America have been fed a huge lie of "pulling one's self up by the bootstraps" from day one. Sure it may appear that way, but nothing here exists in a vacuum. It's why partisan politics stall progress here. Anything of particular merit in America has been done through community.

  16. What really needs to occur – which didn't with this phony Healthcare bill and now law, is for measures and reform to take place which actually lowers costs – the sleezy Healthcare bill was sold as such but we're finding out more all the time how it is actually raising costs and even companies are getting waivers from the HSS from being held to its standards. The CBO and these valuations further indicate its failure.

  17. @PriceCynthia and @bluedog454 If that's what you think, then you need to do some research and consult with insurance brokers. there are not only HSA's (health savings accts) that would apply in your situation, but better yet there are multiple group insurance plans for those that choose to 'self-insure'.

  18. Funny americans, trix are for kids. No but seriously, I'm from a country with good public healthcare entirely run by government and it's working fine. Only private sectors in medicine are the dentists and eye laser surgery. So dunno why you are getting so worked up for. You are a fascinating people living in your little media bubble, arguing amongst yourselves what america should be and why it sucks, while telling all foreigners it remains in every way the best place on earth… that's messed up

  19. And they call this reason tv?

  20. the democrats and republicans are either idealistic idiots, or greedy genius's. im going to say the latter. the republicans keep enough "free market" in the health care mix to keep profits for insurance companies. while the democrats regulate enough to drive prices up. if either side said "ok, lets have it your way" america would be better off. were as it is politicians are raping the americans peoples liberty and rights, and it won't get better in the forseable future… good ol' democracy!

  21. @brothermoon In America, if you need medical attention then you get it. The question is, who pays for it?

  22. @brothermoon Missouri. I don't want you to think the VA doesn't take care of me. Every thing they have available, they hook me up. My spinal specialist is awesome and my clinic doctor is very awesome (He actually works at the VA as a choice, since he's semi-retired). I just look at the run down building and how many patients they have, and it's over whelming, it's a funding thing though and it's hard for them to entice the good doctors to work with them sometimes.

  23. @nicholsml with the car wreck example, that's another personal responsibility issue to make sure you have proper auto insurance coverage.
    for operations and life saving treatments, i'd like to see the FDA loosen their restrictions on individuals choosing trial and experimental treatments. with a smaller size of gov't & fewer taxes, philanthropy that built & supported hospitals and uncovered treatment would be able to thrive as it once did.

  24. @nicholsml yea, i don't believe for a minute that humanitarianism, charity, and care for those around us is incompatible with free market solutions and sticking to common sense principles of ethics, responsibility, and financial solvency.

  25. @brothermoon If you get in a car wreck and you don't have insurance, you end up in the emergency room, Medicaid doesn't necessarily cover that. Also if you need operations or life saving treatments you are not guarantied Medicaid. Most bankruptcies are caused by such examples.

  26. @nicholsml oh ok.. gotcha. where do you live btw?

  27. @nicholsml hey i have to crash… long day tomorrow. thanks for a civil and intelligent discussion. but more importantly, thank you for your service to the nation and even though i don't know you, i'm very grateful. i believe in a strong code of honor… ethics, responsibility. our failure to uphold those things has resulted in where we are today.

  28. @brothermoon I didn't mean to imply they had a free market health care system. I meant it in the sense that they have a free market system (not health care).

  29. @nicholsml now there you're mistaken. canada, the UK, and france do not use the free market system in healthcare. that's a fact that's widely known. what is also true is that we should be teaching personal responsibility – for ppl to consider how they spend their money and that planning for healthcare, retirement, and education can and should be done by the individual – not by general taxation of the population and provided by gov. when does medicaid not cover a person in your examples?

  30. @brothermoon I would totally go for that, but only if we didn't leave anyone uncovered. Maybe it's my protector style attitude from being a soldier for 13 years. About the VA, they let us go to other doctors but it's very limited and if you ever had to do anything like go to the emergency room, its a 50/50 chance of being stuck with thousands of dollars of debt. On a side note, a lot of my doctors and nurses are awesome and I hate that some of them take pay cuts to do what they do.

  31. @nicholsml i see what you're saying and i'm sure you're right on many points when all the facts are considered. however, it's also true that when people haven't experienced anything else they're often satisfied with whatever they have.

  32. @brothermoon Canada, The UK, France, Australia are all countries that use a free market system. The difference is they don't use a cut-throat survival of the fittest mentality that we use towards health care. The Us is one of the only industrialized countries that if you loose your job and the next day you cripple yourself in a car wreck, we hang you out to dry. It's barbaric and we should be ashamed of ourselves. It could happen to you, it could happen to your kids.

  33. @nicholsml i agree with what you say about the VA funding issue – i asked if the bill passed to allow vets to use other hospitals/doctors, do you know?
    any side of the healthcare/health insurance debate is politically motivated on some level because ideology leads to a political position, imho.
    i still say we should have (or still can now thru amendments) design a plan that is reasonable, personally responsible, practical, & fiscally possible – and i think free markets w/oversight would win.

  34. @brothermoon I see where you're going with this, but most Canadians do not believe their health-care system is shoddy. That's a myth and one propagated for political gain. Sure their are exceptions here and there and those stories are exploited. Another common fallacy propagated is the number of MRI machines per person. It's been pointed out and many stories have been related in the press that American doctors overuse the tests for financial gain. No need for that in a national system.

  35. @nicholsml (cont) because: 1. ours is a free market system in general and largely privatized (which if actually practiced in true free market style would further lower costs) 2. the number of people covered in the US is greater 3. our entitlement and increasingly redistributionist mentality would place the burden upon the top income rather than fairly spread throughout (almost 50% of Americans don't pay fed income tax now) 4. bureaucracy w/out discipline and ethics is incompetent

  36. @brothermoon The problems the VA has is that our government is willing to spend much more on funding war efforts then taking care of soldiers. This isn't a new issue, it was the same under Bush as it is now under Obama. Think how much we have spent on the war and then compare it to how much we have spent on Soldier's health care. This video is politically motivated and it's the interest of corporate health care and only for those fortunate enough to meet the criteria to be covered, shameful.

  37. @nicholsml for every person that says they know someone who likes their national healthcare system, there's another one who says they don't, numerous horror stories, and people who travel elsewhere for needed procedures due to waiting lists and limits. so that's hard to measure – especially from people who haven't known anything else and don't hold the elements of liberty as important as we do.
    even while it might work for another country that built upon it, i don't think it would work here.

  38. @brothermoon I don't agree that national healthcare would be a disaster. It's speculative to even say so. Like I said earlier it's proven that national health care systems do in fact work. Also it's an urban myth that Canadians/Australians/Brits/French have bad health care systems. I've known many Brits and Canadians and everyone i have ever worked with or met doesn't even consider it an issue because most of them have never had any serious problems with their health care.

  39. @nicholsml absolutely… the knee jerk reaction some have to anything that appears to be socialism is the same reaction the other side has to anything that mentions free markets. we're big enough and smart enough to put together a plan that is reasonable, personally responsible, practical, and fiscally possible – using the best combination of options possible. but failing to address the basic business economic fundamentals as congress did was reprehensible. all for the sake of politics.

  40. @nicholsml expand the present condition of the VA and you'd see where we'd be with national healthcare down the road – if it was one system for all of us and we didn't drastically increase taxation for all.
    if the cost of healthcare and health insurance had been addressed appropriately and effectively, it would have been prudent and likely that coverage for veterans would have been expanded and comprehensive. didn't a bill pass allowing vets to use other hospitals/doctors?

  41. @brothermoon

    I agree with what you're saying 100%. I also believe we are at this impasse because one political party is opposed to another party. The fact of the matter is that other countries have public health care options. We should be looking at those nations (our allies) and working a model for ourselves based off of proven structures. Instead we have commercials on TV targeting Conservatives and telling them that any public health care system is socialism.

  42. @nicholsml that's a false premise. you're assuming that because i say it's not a right that therefore it means those who (prior to the bill passing) couldnt' get insurance should never get it. absolutely not. the vast majority of Americans wanted reform, but we wanted real reform of procedures, cost management, and debilitating restrictions – then finding the real number that could still not get insurance to cover them. this bill was corrupt, shady, unfundable, unsustainable, & dishonest.

  43. For all the people who insist that "our military has health coverage through the government, so why isn't it good enough for the rest of us?"…

    1. they are government employees and receive that as part of their compensation for their job (power, strength, peace, and honor to them for doing it)
    2. what works for a small group of people – in comparison to our entire citizen population – does not automatically then work for everyone

    just 2 points to consider instead of repeating TP.

  44. @brothermoon

    Yup, I have the VA. The VA only covers certain medical needs though. Also the VA is very under-funded and the lines are long and the doctors are limited. Of course they don't include dental coverage and in order to see a specialist I would have to travel hundreds of miles. The VA (while great for what they do) can't cover everything and they don't.

    The problem with the VA is limited funding. As Americans we don't like spending on any federal medical bills.

  45. @nicholsml can't get insurance? you're a veteran so you have the VA do you not?

  46. @brothermoon

    I'm a disabled Veteran and paraplegic. I can't get insurance, yet I helped provide your freedom you're using to make sure I will never be able to get health care coverage.

  47. @IIIArrow711

    I'm a disabled veteran, I fought in Afghanistan and I'm now in a wheel chair and paraplegic. If it wasn't for the VA I wouldn't have health care. I'm a pre-existing condition and I will never have insurance. Why? Because half the people in our country are ignorant red-necks and think that government run health care will make Americans socialists or communists because some right wing conservative political lobby backed by special interest insurance money told them to believe that.

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