alright guys so welcome back um so today we're gonna go over all the supplements I use and I'm gonna help you guys out with if you guys don't know anything about him um just to start off and say you don't need to take supplements like when I was a freshman sophomore in high school doing football I actually didn't take any like of these supplements except for protein but we'll get into that later so to start off multivitamins honestly I've never taken multivitamins I started like about four months ago but if you don't get your daily nutrients from your future yeah fruits and vegetables and your food then this just has a lot of vitamins in it it'll help you out a lot a ton with all your skin problems like that um but yeah definitely I recommend multivitamins I'm just taking the mega man right now um it'll definitely help you replenish all your vitamins but other than that it's just honestly I recommend this so this is like a number one thing you just take it in the morning with food just two pills and you're good to go for the day all right yeah so next is protein powders so I've been taking the ghost protein powder so one thing about protein powder a lot of people think that when you start taking portes and powder you're gonna get you're gonna get huge so I've ever heard people say that before and what it really is is like if you don't get enough protein throughout your day from your food because that's where your protein your number one protein source comes from is your food so like say you don't get enough protein through your day from your food you give me this so you get 26 it all depends on there's different other proteins but like this one has 26 grams of protein in it in one scoop so that's basically will weight protein is um it does help out a lot so it's like if you don't have enough food throughout your day just pop one of these and shake and you're finds I that's so next is creatine so creatine is the most clinically studied supplement out there so there's three things that consistent creatine its glistening arginine and Metheny so what that does is it just helps you use your muscles that are like kind of dead it also helps with just getting at the pump but I take 5 to 10 grams of this a day you really want to drink water with this when you use it I heard there's like some things I can it can kind of hurt you but just you gotta make like me you got to make sure you drinking a lot of water every single day so I mean this isn't gonna hurt you so but I do recommend this like I said I'd take five to ten grams a day I put I put him in my pre-workout Saudis and that's where we're going to now last but not least is pre-workout so as well as the protein powder I also used to feel this pre-workout I've used a bunch like protein like I said before of also pre-workout in the past and you just kind of find like which ones like like your favorite or like just right for you so they're all different they're like in their way some are just like caffeine base works like you're gonna have like 300 milligrams of caffeine see I don't like that I like just like 200 milligrams caffeine citrulline and arginine or citrulline and–but alanine I mean every everyone just varies but so what Citroen is is it it changes in your kidneys to a nitric oxide with arginine and all it does is just help with blood flow now a lot of people are afraid of pre-workout or not a lot of people but I've heard of some people say like oh I want to take it um III recommend it I just don't recommend taking it all the time because you might get addicted to it and it's just so you're biting my change or whatever but um I take it four times a week like I said and it'll give your it'll it'll give your workouts a boost for sure like if you take this right before the gym you don't want to take this at night you'll be up all like frickin night okay so if you have any questions about the video leave a comment if I hope I answered some questions for you guys but yeah leave a comment if you have any more questions go to my Instagram I'm always posting about things on there it'll be in the description but yeah guys thank you guys for watching so these are all the supplements I take you got creatine you got a multivitamin you got protein powder yeah pre-workout right here but yeah guys thank you guys for watching I hope that I answered all your guys questions and I'll see you guys in the next video

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