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hello everybody welcome back to my channel it's been a while since I've done oh what I eat in a day video and I am no longer a breastfeeding mom I'm just like a good old regular mom and I thought I would share this with you guys I'm starting with breakfast of course so other than cutting out caffeine there's nothing else in my diet that's restricted I do want to give a health update in a different video than this one but I thought I would just let you know that I'm not really cutting anything out of my diet except caffeine and I want to thank home chef for sponsoring the lunch portion of today's video and a little bit I'll share more with you about that but let's start with breakfast I'm gonna kind of do like a breakfast tacos thing Westen made the kids pancakes but pancakes aren't really my thing lately so I've got some hash browns that I fried up for Westen I'll use some of those I'm gonna scramble up some eggs and just kind of put it in tortillas with some sauce and call it breakfast right man cuz I know you'll make it beautiful maybe I'll call you my sweetheart and promise nobody can steal me away eh then I am yours cuz I want I wanted you to know so we still have some things left over from our Cinco de Mayo get-together and one of them is this little package of street tacos these are the best tortillas other than the ones that my friend Nathan made homemade his grandma's recipe from Mexico but these pretty stinkin good and then we've been getting this 3-pack of guacamole salsa from Costco I love it so much but I was so bummed to see that there's artificial flavoring and dyes in this so we're just gonna try to finish off the bottles that we have I don't know if we'll buy those again cuz we do try to avoid pretty much anything artificial in our food but this is gonna go with the scrambled eggs that I made and a little bit of the hash browns let me show you I'm gonna assemble up my little breakfast tacos wait a second did you steal one of my tortillas Bustan made the boys chocolate pancakes this morning and then I scrambled up a couple of extra eggs to what I was eating so that they could have some eggs for breakfast too I guess this will kind of be it what my kids eat in a day alongside of what I eat in a day eggs eggs eggs or in eggs they're a whole food everything looks good here except I'm missing one thing I'm gonna go get it though now that breakfast is over I am going to get outside you guys saw those starts that I had the veggie starts where I picked that cilantro I picked those up at our local nursery and I need to get them in the soil we are diving into a little bit of home gardening this year so hopefully over the next several months you guys will be able to see some fresh food that we have grown in my what I eat videos but today I'm getting those established and spending some time in this beautiful sunshine each other sweetheart I promise nobody can get in their way they are still the show oh they're in love now and I wanted you to know well we have been hard at work getting stuff done around the house and planting the garden the kids have been playing around it's a gorgeous gorgeous sunny day but we're feeling a little bit hungry so it's time to eat yay home chef today we're eating the chicken potato straw and ranch wrap it's one of whom chefs like quick meal options which are my absolute favorite you guys have seen me work with home chef over the last year so many times and I want to thank them for sponsoring this portion of today's video thank you home chef for sponsoring our lunch because we are starving and we need to eat something and this looks on me so we have all the ingredients here it all comes perfectly portioned in these bags it even comes with little ranch sauces and this is oven roasted chicken and look at that Westin it says it's high in protein mmm perfect for our workouts Westin and I have actually been doing some weight training recently he's been doing it for years but I just recently got into it and so I've been really into the nutrition behind it and working out everyday with them but more on that in a little bit right now we are going to assemble our wraps that are high in protein and I'm gonna tell you a little bit more about home chef while we do that you guys know how much we love home chef I have talked about it so many times before over this last year we get so excited when it's delivery day for our meal kit subscription box that we get with the meals that we have hand-picked on the mobile app or on the home chef website each box includes perfectly portioned meals and recipe cards that have really easy to follow instructions and the ingredients that arrive are always fresh and they are high quality and they're familiar to us but they're interesting enough that we get to try new things and really diversify the meals that we have throughout the week I'm really looking forward to the home chef meals and menu options that they'll have over the summer summertime is really busy for our family with the yard work and the events and stuff that we're going to and so having a nutritious delicious quick meal option that I can put together for my whole family kids included my kids absolutely love the home chef meals that they eaten it's a really good peace of mind and it's an awesome way to enjoy a meal as a family everything we've tried has been absolutely delicious and I know that so many of you are enjoying your home chef boxes that you have gotten by signing up with my code and if you haven't hopped on board yet now is a really great time to try home chef because they're having the biggest discount that they have ever offered if you use my code Nataly 80 you can get $80 that's crazy $80 off your first for home chef boxes this coupon is good for $20 off each box and you don't actually have to commit to all four boxes to take advantage of this deal that's something that I really love about home chef they are so accommodating and it's really easy to start and pause or stop your subscription there's no strings attached to enjoying the free food that they're offering you guys through my discount and if you are interested go ahead and check out the link in my description box to learn more that's really good already eating my rap yeah before sitting down because it's so good oh my gosh usually the kids eat exactly what we're eating and they like a lot of the home chef meals but we have leftovers from last night that they wanted to eat so they're eating some flautas and we're eating our wraps and Haley singing happy birthday to Weston and then here's a little mom hack I discovered this year fill up a beverage pitcher so that the kids can fill up their own waters and I put cucumbers in it for me very refreshing so I'm gonna have a glass a big glass of water with my lunch and then in a little bit West and I are gonna go work out every change has a reason baby let it every soul every season lives outside status quo stop leaving meant to be arms are dead so it's time for a smoothie because I'm always hungry after I workout but I don't want like a big meal and I'm gonna make sure that I have protein in it as well so I've got this or gained organic protein at Western uses a different protein that when I tried it before it kind of hurts my tummy and this one never does so I'm gonna use this and just put a bunch of different fruits and vegetables that I have on hand so I'm gonna probably chop up one of the apples throw a banana in there some kale some rice milk some of this protein and then whatever else that I can find in the fridge or freezer I showered and changed after working out I'm not the only thing that changed the weather is totally turned it got super windy and now it's raining and I got to plant my plants in the sunshine Weston has to plant this Japanese maple in the rain you're doing great sweetie kids are in quiet time right now Haley is napping and I'm gonna get Dinner started I want to show you what we're eating tonight and I actually just grabbed a freezer meal out I actually made this a couple of weeks ago it's just pasta with wine and butter sauce a little bit of garlic salt and pepper the basics and then some Italian sausage some spinach and I'm going to throw I have a few little cherry tomatoes that I'm gonna put in there after it's done cooking for a little while I thought I didn't want to freeze cherry tomatoes in with the dish but I'm putting some aluminum foil over it I got my oven started so that is going in the oven it's probably gonna take 45 minutes to an hour to be done I'm gonna make a big salad on the side I think and then we have some sourdough bread to have with it smile there's so many times before before I could do one thing all righty well that is everything for today's video I hope you guys enjoy seeing what I eat video is here on this channel if you do give this video a thumbs up so that way I know to make more of this sort of video for you guys let me know in the comments if there is a current food favorite of yours or something that you make yourself or something that you go get that you have been absolutely loving lately I hope you guys enjoyed today's videos seeing what I eat today what's typical for me as a mom of three and getting a sneak peek into what my kids eat in a day I hope you all are having a wonderful day wherever you're at thank you so much for watching today's video and I'll catch you later


  1. Hey all! I hope you all enjoyed a THURSDAY bonus video! Let me know if you prefer Thursdays or Fridays for bonus videos like this one! And speaking of Thursday, head over to the vlog channel for a brand new family vlog every Thursday at 7am PST! ⬅️⬅️(Yep! Shameless plug for our VLOG channel because I can! 😜)

  2. What did you substitute caffeine with??

  3. Your videos make me happy 🥰 Im a new mom and recently stopped breastfeeding as well!

  4. Can you show us the recipe for your freezer meal?
    Lately I've been getting the Asian Cashew Chopped Salad at Costco, I'll marinate chicken in teriyaki overnight, grill it up and add to the salad plus mandarin oranges. Really good! Otherwise I'm constantly trying to find meals that are toddler/parent friendly. I do my best to avoid "kid" food if you know what I mean. But sometimes, it's chicken and tots for dinner! 😂 My son LOVES Trader Joe's sweet potato fries so those have also been a constant favorite as well. Sometimes he will also eat the butternut squash zig zags. Please do more! Nice to get inspiration for feeding the family!

  5. No food favorites as I'm 7 weeks pregnant and my favorite changes pretty much every hour on the hour:) loved this video!!!

  6. Yummy! Every single time you make a food related video, I get instantly hhhhungry! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  7. Love watching your videos. They bring so much peace to me . Thank you Nat

  8. Thanks for sharing 🖤

  9. Can you give us the recipe for the freezer meal please?

  10. Good thing I’m watching this in the morning
    Making your breakfast my breakfast 🤤
    You can make your own salsa
    Jalapeño peppers
    Then you can add some avocado when you are going to eat it.

  11. Especially during summertime I love eating a fresh salad with arugula and other stuff AND you just gave me inspiration for how to make the dressing! When I prepare the dressing I always mix it in a separate bowl and pour it over the salad! What a great idea to do the dressing first, in the salad and THEN add the salad! Saves me from washing MORE dishes! Thanks for that! 😉

  12. Coconut curry with sweet potato, red bell pepper, red onion and cauliflower, plus cashew butter in the sauce because why not. 😂 Served it with rice originally but I’m not big on rice and much preferred the leftovers over steamed broccoli! ☺️

  13. Does any one watch another YouTuber who reminds you of Natalie? I’m looking for more people to watch.

    I wish you could upload everyday of the week! I could watch your videos for hours.

  14. Natalie you are glowing! And your arm muscles are poppin’! I would LOVE a workout video! Get it girl!

  15. Love that your kids ate the salad too! I can never seem to convince mine to eat the "leaves"

  16. Everything looked delicious! I’ve been wanting to try a lunch option for HC, but I keep doing dinners only.

    A summer favorite of mine is shrimp tacos. We shave brussel sprouts and sauté them with garlic adding in a little queso at the end. We tend to spice our shrimp up a little and top it off with fresh lime juice…and now my mouth is watering, haha!

  17. Looks like some healthy options! I do a veggie day about once a week to try to get in any vitamins I missed out on!! 💕🍰Maria

  18. I've been working out with my husband this year for our new year's resolution and it's the best! My favorite post-workout snack is an apple dipped in almond butter. Yummm 🙂

  19. Watching this wonderful healthy video while I shovel Wendy’s chicken nuggets and a chocolate frosty down my throat. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  20. Your dinner sounds amazing! 😊 I’ve never tried that guacamole salsa but it looks so good! Ugh why do they have to add all the artificial junk!

  21. girl!! nice lifting!!! I have been in such a slump with making meals, I normally LOVE cooking but lately have been so uninspired. I would totally try HomeChef, but I don't think its available to Canadians 🙁

  22. That freezer meal looked delicious! You should do a freezer meal video!

  23. Love your little herb set up, my mom is bringing me some cuttings of mint, rosemary, and basil soon. I’m so excited!

  24. I seriously love watching you cook! It’s so relaxing! So fun to see what meals y’all are enjoying! You should do this kind of video more often! ☺️

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  27. Coconut peanut chicken curry

  28. Please do a what my kids eat in a day too! I have a picky toddler and am running out of healthy ideas to feed him. Thanks! Love your videos! 🙂

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  30. Sometime you should do a video about how you do freezer meals. I've always wanted to do them, but I don't know what you can and can't freeze.

  31. Currently pregnant and having a hard time eating anything, especially today. But these are all great ideas. Some days a smoothie seriously saves my life! I love the breakfast taco idea! 🌮

  32. Yum! You’re giving me ideas, making me eager to get in the kitchen! 😃🌿 Oh! And working out with your husband looks SO FUN! I want to suggest to my husband that we try that. 😘

  33. I have been loving frozen mango chunks. They are great when I'm craving ice cream.

  34. I love it food videos but I wished we would see all the steps of the cooking that way we can recreate. I still enjoy watching them so thank you for sharing your family love, so soothing ♡♡♡♡

  35. I currently love having boiled eggs, spinach, peppers, goats cheese and pumpkin seeds as a healthy small dinner

  36. You always post videos that are so relevant to my life and this was just what I needed! Love this video, as always ❤️

  37. Lately I've been making BBQ chili. Lots of different beans, diced tomatoes, onion, green onion, ground beef and BBQ. Super simple and probably not the healthiest choice but we really love it =) My 11 month old LOVES beans lol

  38. I loved this video! I am currently trying to make healthier everyday meals and loved everything I saw in your video.

  39. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your family keep beautiful. .

  40. I just had knee surgery (and have been enjoying your videos even more while I’ve been laid up) but am totally motivated to start working out regularly once I’m up and at it again for several reasons. I want to care for the body God has given me and take advantage of the mobility I have and ability I have to workout that not everyone does. For breakfast I love eating a yogurt bowl. Usually plain Greek yogurt with granola half a banana and some honey drizzled on top. It’s easy and packed with protein so it keeps me full for quite a while!

  41. I liked this before I even watched it! I love your what I eats.

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