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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hi guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another what I eat the video if you guys are new around here my name is Becca I am a registered dietitian and I make lots of videos about nutrition and health and wellness as well as the lifestyle here on my channel as far as my eating I am an intuitive eater I eat pretty much whatever I want and however much I want in a moment I do love healthy foods so that is a lot of what I eat it makes me feel good and it's just how I like to eat you know most of the time but I don't cut anything out I'm not on any kind of diet I just like to eat to feel good and to keep my body you know feeling happy and also my mind feeling happy so if you want to follow me today I'm just going to showing you everything that I'm eating I am about to go eat breakfast right now and then get back to work but you guys want to see what I'm having for breakfast I'm kind of in a rush today I've got a lot to get done so I'm just gonna whip up something quick so let's go do that [Applause] all right so here is my breakfast and I'm having today it is just simple peanut butter banana toast because I just don't have time today and I just wanted something quick and tasty but also really filling so this will definitely keep me full for a little while hey guys so it's been a little while I've just been doing work and I just took Rosie for a walk and it is so cold outside oh my god but I'm hungry so I'm about to make a lunch and my like recent very recent lunch obsession has been making broth bowls because they are for self they're really easy to throw together and they're very filling but also like I just said it's super cold outside now so like a piping hot lunch is so great so I'm gonna show you guys like what I use to make them okay so I made this huge thing of bone broth chicken stock whatever you want to call it I made it my crock-pot like a couple days ago and now I just have a ton of it so that is what I've been using as like the bra for my brothels and then I'll add a bunch of veggies like right now I'm doing mushrooms spinach and tomatoes and then I'll add like some kind of green or something like that like you could do noodles or I've been using I get this barley from Trader Joe's and I have this bag so I could show you but I already have a bunch cooked up I just cook it ahead of time and and then I just add something for protein so whether that's like chicken or a soft-boiled egg and it's like really really easy so I basically just cook all the veggies in the pot and then add in once they're like sauteed up I just add in the broth the protein and the barley so super easy oh and then you forgot I also add spices as well I do add salt and pepper and then I also add a dash of or sheer sauce I think that's how you say it and also a little bit of sriracha and I think you can also add like cayenne pepper I'm honestly not a broth bowl expert by any means I'm sure there's a lot of different ways you can make these but just the kind of recipe I was going off of use these and cayenne pepper I don't have cayenne pepper so don't use it still taste great but yeah and one more thing I do add garlic as well forgot to mention that okay so here it is my broth full lunch it is like steaming and it looks so good so it just has mushrooms tomatoes spinach a little bit of garlic and then I added the barley as well as some chicken that I already had prepared and then the like bone broth so for the bone broth chicken stock whatever you can buy it but if you want to make it yourself I make mine in the crock pot it's really easy and I'm sure there's like a million videos here on YouTube that you can search to see how to make it for yourself but yeah really really easy comes together fast and this is definitely something you could make ahead of time and bring to work with you so this is definitely a good easy lunch hey guys so I just got home I had to run out to the DMV which is never fun but honestly all hail the Delaware DMV they are just so efficient I am always out of there so fast it's just like quick and painless and there's nothing better than like a quick and painless DMV visit am i right um there anyway I actually to run back out I just thought to him really quick to grab a snack because I'm hungry I have to run out there's a couple more errands I need to complete today but I'm just grabbing a bar I grabbed a square bar from our like bar cabinet in our kitchen so this is one of like the newer ones it's like the kind of way furry ones not like the I do like the original ones too they're like really chocolatey and rich but like I just don't always like want that like during the day but these ones are a lot lighter and I would actually really like these this is the vanilla cashew which Kotex vanilla cashew one and yeah I like this flavor a lot I do have a coupon code for square bars I will leave it I'll just leave it like down below and you can get money off if you guys want to use it feel free to use that code Oh baby girl I'm sorry I'm leaving you again I just have errands to run today I'm sorry I know you'd like it wanting to stay here all day with you I have a feeling you're just gonna nap when I leave though what do you think about that yeah sometimes you think it's gonna happen – huh why is your face so cute huh why do so cute though I'm about to start making a dinner here soon but I'm thinking want a snack cause I'm kind of hungry and dinners not gonna be ready for a little while so I am just grabbing quick and easy yogurt this is one of the ciggies ones I don't know if it's gonna focus but this is just the vanilla one I love ciggies yogurt they tend to be like the lowest actually I feel like companies are getting better about it now but definitely like they'll love us if not one of the lowest like in sugar for flavored yogurts I mean I do eat a lot of plain yogurt as well but if I do want one that's flavored I usually always get ciggies because it has the least sugar so least added sugar at least so yeah I'm gonna snack on this and then I'm gonna get ready for dinner or get ready for dinner get ready to start making dinner I'm gonna make eggplant parm for dinner tonight but it is like the laziest easiest eggplant parm recipe ever I just don't like to I mean I do like to be in the kitchen I do enjoy it I like cooking but whenever I see a recipe that has like a decent amount of steps I'm just like oh I don't feel like doing that so sometimes I just cut whole steps out like for example I'm not gonna bread the eggplant not because breading is unhealthy but just because it cuts out a lot of steps and time and ingredients and it's still really delicious when I make it without breading the eggplant beforehand so yeah gonna make that soon and stay tuned okay so for super easy lazy eggplant parm first thing you're gonna need shocker is an eggplant so you're going to need that you're also going to need some cheese I'm using organic mozzarella and then the other thing don't mind all the dishes in the sink that's real life so you're gonna need some tomato sauce so I like to make my own tomato sauce I've done a post on my blog about how I make it if you guys want to see how I do it it's literally so easy it's a joke and it's so good so I like making my own but sometimes I do use jarred ones so I'm using this one it's by jar goods this was sent to me I don't know so we're gonna try it and see if it's good but yeah so you need eggplant cheese and sauce and then obviously some spices I'm going to be using a salt and pepper some garlic powder maybe like some oregano and basil just to sprinkle on top and then of course you're gonna need spaghetti as well I'm just gonna use like whole wheat thin spaghetti I think is what I have so that's I'm pretty sure literally all you need so let's make it all right so my eggplant parm is in the oven it's at 375 it's what I set the oven to and I'm gonna bake it for about like 20 25 minutes I mean I wanted to do is make pasta and put it all together at the end totally so easy and so good and Matt actually really likes it so first I was like oh no I mean I know he likes a quite hard Wiggs only ever had it breaded so when I was just like lazy one night and didn't feel like doing all that I just made it this way and he really liked it so I was like okay when it's easier and it's so good so yeah all right so here it is our eggplant parm literally so easy to throw together and super filling whole-wheat pasta the eggplant parm that I made yeah so we're gonna dig in so we just finished dinner a few minutes ago and I'm about to have one of my pumpkin magic bars oh my god you guys these are seriously insane they are amazing I'm definitely going to be making them around the holidays next year they're just they're probably like one of my favorite desserts I've ever had but I did a video here at my youtube channel on how to make them and there's also like the full recipe is on my blog post you can go check that out if you want to make them but they are the real deal guys they are so good so I'm gonna have one of those and we're gonna hang on hang on the couch watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm because that is like our new found favorite show to binge Larry David is hilarious but yeah so that is it for today's what I eat what I eat today I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you in the next video make sure to subscribe and yeah see you then bye


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