alright guys so this is my breakfast this morning and my post-workout it's just egg beaters with arugula mushrooms and pepper with a little bit of light or reduced fat cheese Mandarin and some Japanese sweet potato what's up guys welcome back to my channel so I wanted to do a little like what I in a day video and kind of talk about my current diet my current fitness goals my current workout split everything like that because I'm getting a lot of questions if you guys have noticed I have lost weight I've definitely lost some fat I'm a lot leaner than I was pre surgery as well as pre pregnancy so like before I got pregnant I'm leaner now than I was back then I just wanted to talk a little bit about current diet and my current workout routine everything like that I let me set this camera down alright guys that's better so I wondered to talk about my current diet and like everything about my current fitness training routine so if you guys don't know I had my surgery 6 weeks ago almost 7 weeks ago pre surgery I was at my exact pre-pregnancy weight I was 148 to 150 i felt like my body looked a little bit different still like not as muscular as i was before and then once i got my implants removed i'm now now 143 so i did like you know the little body fat scale and said i'm seventeen percent body fat i don't know how i could those are but i do know that it used to say I was like 20 to 23 percent body fat so I obviously lost some body fat I also feel like I lost some inflammation from the surgery and my pre-pregnancy weight was 148 to 150 so I am definitely a lot leaner so my diet I'll be completely honest with you guys I'm not tiny at all I don't have any specific diet you know I sometimes in a minute fast but I just really just eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full I don't really like I don't follow anything strict at all I just listen my body and I eat what I what I'm craving I eat what I want and I really do just eat whatever I want and I I have never been so free around food and around my fitness regimen and so comfortable in my own body before ever like I thought that I could never be one of those people that could maintain a super lean physique that I was really I'm not super lean but a lean physique that I was comfortable in and eat what I wanted without having like mine games around food and like going out to eat and like all those different things they bite I never thought that I could be one of those people but I am I am I think a lot of it is like just mental like you have to you know I've been in so many different Fitness mindsets like I was like the super super strict how to do this amount of workout every day every week I had to go to the gym I had to eat super clean I wouldn't eat anything else you know whatever I've been like the girl that was afraid to go out to eat just because like I couldn't track my macros I've been the girl that was a slave to macros and like I allowed myself to eat stuff but it had to fit my macros and I felt like I was constantly in the cycle of like you know either like not being comfortable or like being too restrictive and then my mind wasn't right you know I've never been so balanced as I am now and I think part of it you know I think understanding nutrition and understanding like calories and macros and things like that have a lot to do with it like I'm not gonna say like everyone can just like maintain a lean physique like that you know without understanding the basics of calories and macros um I don't count my calories I don't count my macros I really just eat what I want and a lot of times yeah we eat out a lot we frozen-yogurt allow to eat dessert a lot but I understand that like it really just comes down to over total like total overall calories so that's what's going on like I'm really like I said I'm just listening to my body dealing with anxiety my appetite probably has dropped a little bit because I'm not the type of person that overheats when I have anxiety I'm the type person that definitely under eats when I have anxiety which I don't suggest ever you know I am eating to my heart's desire if I'm hungry I'll eat I mean that's really it now eat what I want like if I'm craving freaking ice cream all you guys scream you know like I eat whatever I want but I just know that I have the mindset that like I can eat anything any time so I don't feel restricted feel like I have to go overboard I posted an Instagram caption the other day and it was talking about how like you know how a lot of times people when they're in this like like diet diet mindset I mean they have a cheat meal they go so overboard and they ruin their progress because they think that they're never gonna be able to eat this again or like you know they think like oh this is my only time to eat whatever I want until next week person's like that and so then they go completely overboard but like if you just allow yourself what you want like you crave healthy food like I I'm craving this you know I mean are like I crave salads I also prayed this is real hot how do people do mukbangs or whatever it's home my mouth lose room I feel like you know like when you're like yeah I crave unhealthy food – for sure like I literally always want frozen yogurt something like Matthew might need a lot of it okay that's what's happening I'm not dieting it's really fun to get a little bit leaner I kind of like I'm kind of stuck like do I get leaner or do I like not bulk but like I do want my butt to be bigger for sure I definitely want my like I want more muscle so I might I'm like trying to eat more at this time but like I'm not forcing myself because I hate like force feeding myself and like anytime I've ever like bulked like I hated it cuz I hate like feeling overly full you know what I mean like I just like a happy medium so I'm really happy with where I'm at training I just started training upper body like this week so I'm gonna be doing legs probably two or three times a week mostly towards the 30 week two times a week side and then upper body twice a week and I do cardio like usually like 10 to 15 minutes as a warm-up but sometimes I don't do it at all I don't know time but don't snot I feel like people always feel like they have to either be bulking or cutting or bulking um kind like you can eat you know I mean like you just maintain and like if you focus on progressive overload you'll still probably gain some muscle as long as you're eating enough just things like that you can just enjoy your life almost 11 a.m. I got a lot of stuff to do I just took a shower and the baby's sleeping but lately I've been having like half calf in the morning and then I'll have like blah I'll have another one around like 11 or 12 or one because I find that if I spread my caffeine out better off throughout the whole day where's like if I have like like one full cup or two cups in the morning then I'm like super tired around 3 p.m. so if I like spread it out a little bit it like keeps me awake longer if that makes sense we have both a Keurig and a ninja I'm gonna use the ninja so I also still take prenatals every morning and then I'm gonna take some vitamin D just because I'm always low I'm gonna put some collagen into the coffee and then I've also been taking a Lonnie New Balance supplement I like will take it like on and off but I'm gonna start taking it regularly because I feel like like I break out hormonal II only but I also feel like it like just balances and regular regulates my hormone I'm not really sure though because I haven't taken it like like all the time you know consecutively so I'll report back to you guys on that yeah I'm not sponsored by them obviously I'm I'm still doing best but um so I'm also gonna froth some coffee okay so when I froth my coffee it's best when you use real milk and not like almond milk so I'm putting in a little bit of this like a little splash of this because I like the peppermint and so then I just have some low-fat milk 2% is definitely best and I never drink milk like I think milk is disgusting but I like it frothy in my coffee so and I lost the lid so I'm just gonna like put the baby's formula over it and then you can do it hot or cold but I like it hot and I'll show you guys when that's done right so I put the collagen I also put some stevia in there I also have this it's like a cocoa syrup but it's like zero calories so I'll put a splash of that in here it'll be like a feeling a little peppermint mocha latte but zero Cal or not zero count lol a little how the milk and the creamer has calories but you know what I mean lower calorie stir that up ready whoa look at how crappy that looks one of these days I'll stop using the f-word one of these days y'all ready for this oh yeah oh my god guys this is so good well I got my mocha beautiful Cheers Grayson was eating leftovers for lunch as usual holy cannoli anyway it's just like a whole wheat and chickpea pasta mixture and then broccoli hmm and then I'm making pumpkin bread for my grandma and I'm gonna send it to her she was in Florida but she's gonna love it [Applause] hey tweets all right guys good lunch or dinner at 75 turkey breast this is Helene and this is just 93 seven leaves one pound each from 82 pounds 12 this is some pepper and honey whatever you want the celery is a really great option and I was gonna be straight cut so child have you with three egg whites then you do the seasoning I'm gonna do garlic salt garlic powder pepper salt I'm gonna do one couple of you I don't think I have enough left so I might put some flour in it these bread crumbs that'd be a good option so then you just mix it all up I'm gonna use the spoon and then I'm gonna use my hands just up obviously take a muffin tin what I like to do is like you know put ketchup on top or I might just put some Parmesan cheese inside of it and I might put some red pepper flakes in it to it never feels that the day after my housekeeper comes I make a mess all right so have the muffins here then I just made the rest into little meatballs because I don't have at the second muffin tin you're just gonna bake this at for 40 minutes at 375 so this I click it a little bit in the microwave already and then I put some seasoning on it and wait until it Browns and then I'll put I'm feeling a little under the weather today so my lunch is gonna be two of the turkey meatloaf muffins some of the brussel sprouts I'm gonna have a whole cup of chicken noodle soup but my appetites a little bit wonky of course I actually need to show you guys these because I've Benedictus them Matthew and I both have these are like the Quaker rice cake like snacks but the cheddar ones are so good we have like every single flavor there's like a sweet and spicy chili sriracha but like holy and I have some of these because they're literally the best I have I did make some pumpkin bread I might have a piece of that but this pumpkin bread is pretty good I might have like half a piece or something we'll see how I feel after I do the dishes but looks like semi healthy and it's like great gilder and applesauce I mean Greg alert and pumpkin and then it also has chocolate chips and it just have like sugar a little bit of it though so I don't know we'll see so I'm having half a piece with some cashew butter it's really good so for dinner I'm just doing like a little bit of like kind of like meal prepping I guess but I just want to give you guys a little tip if your ever these are blue light blocking glasses by the way okay probably where I go around I'm in regardless full I swear my life sir these two are best friends gentle feel so loved the stairs because what I was trying to say you guys are ever kind of like stuck with how to prepare a healthy meal or like what to eat for a healthy meal there's always two things that I our two little tips that I advised that makes it super easy okay so the first tip is gonna be to always have a lean protein it can be ant bait ant base it can be animal based or plant based but to have a lean and complete protein right even if you don't have a lean protein like use that source as your fat source so like if you have like let's say be for something that's higher in fat use that as your fat source and don't add an extra fat source but if you have like one form of each macronutrient in your meal then you're pretty much good to go so for example you can have like chicken breast with rice and then rice is the carb obviously you can do a low kado for a healthy fat and then you can add I always say add a veggie so like carrots I love green veggies so you can you like carrots and broccoli or peas or you know Brussels sprouts whatever it is so I always think of protein carbohydrate healthy fat and then vegetable that's like the easiest way to prepare a meal so like it can be anything it can be for example rice and beans as a complete plant protein together so you can do rice and beans that's also probably your carb and then you can add avocado and some sort of vegetable green vegetable in as well so that would be a good meal idea the other thing that I would suggest if you're kind of like okay I don't know what to eat like I don't know what's healthy whatever it is it's like think of your favorite foods and then make a healthy version of it so like for example if you love tacos tacos are so easy to make healthy or you can make a taco bowl like a burrito bowl or you know if you love burgers get like lean turkey breasts and make a turkey burger or like chicken burgers or you know and then have your own like whole wheat bun on it and then add a vegetable on the side you know something like that like it's so easy to recreate your favorite meals but make them with like lower calorie foods pretty much instead of like getting it out in a restaurant obviously it's always gonna be higher in calories higher in fat and everything like that so those are like my just I can't stop to do my hair because there's just a lot of it but those are like my top two tips um for if you are kind of like stuck with what to eat you know and again it depends on the unlike the time of day and like what you're craving like always think of like what you're actually craving that's why I like the second tip like think of something that you love to eat and something that you're craving and then just make a healthier version of it super easy Jason you can't wait to oh bet you guys there's so many of all these are yours pretty much ok so right now I'm marinating marinating chicken in here we put it in a pot with water and then all the seasonings and then this I'm cooking black beans for Grayson and then over here Matthew and I have really been loving like roasting whole thick ass fat carrots they turn out really good you can put some like avocado oil or coconut oil on some seasonings it's actually really good like even without seasoning so yeah so and then I'm probably we do have Japanese sweet potato cooked we also have rice cooked but I might just pick up these like little baby Dutch yellow potatoes either in the in the oven or I like to kind of like Newcomb in the microwave a little bit to like or boil them in a pot a little bit to either either way just like make it softer and then if you put them on like a pan and you saute them look like coconut oil and some seasonings it turns out so but it's like home fries kind of obviously the oven is probably the best but it takes a lot longer I also have an air fryer so that's an option but I don't use it that much which I probably should maybe I'll make some in the air fryer that's great yeah I think that'll be our dinner probably add a salad on the side and that'll be like carb potato usually that's our typical chicken for the protein carrots and salad for the vegetable and then the oils for the healthy fats so that will probably be our dinner and yeah probably have some dessert who knows we'll see see how I feel so yeah that'll probably be the end of this full day of eating in this vlog I'm all if I do have dessert I'll show you guys that but if I don't I know I always forget to record it that's right name so thank you guys so much for watching and don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment below love connection you guys and I'll see you the next video bye probably go for the toilet did this child it's getting into lots of mischief lately thanks for watching bye bye YouTube people


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