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morning beautiful so I'm doing a what I eat in a week this week having some oatmeal now with some frozen bananas frozen berries and nut butter so I don't know about you guys but I don't eat no more bananas anymore has to be frozen there's no point eating bananas if it's not frozen because they're just so good it's just like 100% better 100% but it is just so much better than the normal bananas so and look at the tray is a Hello Kitty tray I got it from my Japan a couple of years ago like the first time I went in Japan with Asian I got that mm-hmm so cute so I've been craving for some oatmeal like well this is not hold me oh this is just old for a while now because I've been having more acai berry every like other day I just couldn't be bought at making oats but today today is especially guys this nut butter is the best it's a blend of almond and Brazil nut homemade I made it myself so easy made it was just almonds Brazil nut and humility in salt so freaking taste these definitely better than store-bought just chuck it in the foot band off the processor for a couple of minutes then you get the best nut butter so I'm gonna talk a little bit about my fitness goal I don't think I've talked much about it sorry since late last yeah I try I have been trying to lose a little bit of weight which I think I lost my avoid I lost vaakya loose that was good but I think gained it back because I was traveling a lot and I was just having a hard time so I was eating like crap like especially when I'm traveling I just kind of go all that I don't really care when I'm traveling um so I've gave most of it back and I lost a little bit again but now I am going to change my goal I'm going to bulk up a little so I'm gonna be trying to be a little bit more muscles you know increase the metabones in a little bit more yeah sorry that's my goal I'm gonna be eating a little bit more gonna train a little bit harder in terms of you know lifting a bit heavier and yeah this is this really so good oh my god is speaking done that multiple times I just feel food all over anyway oh my god is still spilling okay that's it oh that looks good going to have my first fight oh so fluffy having a little snack this is the coil ice cream it's really really nice try out this ice cream as well it's lemongrass it's really good it's dinnertime I'm having some vegetables so I have Carol salaries up getting in here stir fry oil and chicken breasts I have two pieces here I think I'll be able to finish it I'm not sure I just want to make sure I know because I don't to be hungry in the middle of the night so I got you know having a pretty healthy dinner because I have quite a bit of the ice cream just now so I feel a little bit like guilty I know I know a lot of you guys ask me that how do you do if the guilt of eating something naughty I usually made it up by just eating healthy the next meal and the next day so that normally makes me feel like okay it's okay like I mean I want to leave in life I want to eat what I want to eat I don't want to feel like I'm restricting myself too much mmm no luck I'll see you guys tomorrow hey guys today I'm doing a mukbang I'm doing a sushi more bun which is something I've been craving for because I'm gonna have like sushi for a long time have a happy show a long time basically because I have parasites so I went on parasites cleanse so I cut out like raw meat raw fish or I don't know like for five months now it's been a while so now I'm finally eating fish again I've been craving for some sushi for the longest time so I've made some myself because it's healthier okay and so here it is it's very very exciting that's a lot of fish but it's actually not too much because I didn't have much rice in there I'm sorry yeah there you go so I'm gonna dig it out I'm gonna feel my bung so if you're interested in checking out the video do check out my second channel I'm not sure what other video will be up yeah because I've been like your man quite a few more bumps um quite a few yeah quite a bit so I'm gonna probably published adamant bumpers and yeah do check out my second channel it's all about eating and other things about me so do check it out and subscribe I've just finished my mum bang I pretty much finished almost everything only a few pieces of salmon sashimi left yeah and I'm super satisfied right now I'm just gonna have a bit of call your ice cream oh my god look at that oh has it been dead the whole time oh my god embarrassing sushi for dinner good morning guys it's the next day and my eyes are so puffy like I need uh pretty much like super swollen right now I had a really bad night last night again so I'm two nights in a row and so yeah I didn't love the day before because I was pretty much following my eyes out nice about it yesterday I thought that the sushi is gonna give me a big but obviously it didn't yeah I've been struggling like guys like I don't really talk about this because it's such a sad thing to talk about and I don't really want to cry or anything like that especially in front of the camera I don't really like crying in front of camera it's just I just kept crying out I just felt the sadness inside me and I couldn't explain it I just felt so sad and then I talked to Adrienne and obviously talking to Adrienne always helps so I've been feeling really down the last couple of weeks mostly the last week nothing is gonna really fix if I don't really try it right and I feel like I haven't really tried so that's the main reason why I it keeps coming back like I was having so much trouble in Paris I remember like feeling so such as angry and I just hug you invasion because I was just not in the right space in my head it's just in a mess but they were really good things as well in Paris there's no doubt I had such such a good time like exploring and having fun but they were really really down moments as well and throughout the Europe trip got better there were a few bad days but it got better and better and when I was in Korea I probably felt the best but there was this one thing that was really stressful over there I haven't actually revealed this project yet on my channel but it was really stressful because it was really last-minute and also yeah and I started going really crazy again I eat my head and then when I came back I felt good because I wanted to come back I just wanted to work like I just wanted to get into a groove to working out to work to creating these really beyond our creating videos for my youtube actually makes me like happy that makes me say I know it's crazy like I don't really like going on IG night Instagram like that that stresses me out sometimes because I don't know I just don't like the environment there to be honest so I just like to do my own thing and just create it is and that gives me fulfilling I guess to create good videos and reading comments and interacting with you guys that actually makes me I'm feeling a lot better today Adrienne talked to me in that makes me feel better having talked to my parents I actually haven't talked to my friends that I received a couple of messages from friends and my mom but yeah I'll talk to them soon I just wanted to he'll calm down this because I don't want to be crying all day because every time I talk about my mental issue I just keep crying so I don't want to do that and all about the cry is anyway that's the depressing stuff now I'm having some tea I'm having actually don't know how to pronounce this Tulsi or tell C Tulsi so Tulsi is basically a a herb so it is what's called holy basil and it is really good to relieve stress and just call me down which is why I've been having that every and not every morning but I been having like the Tulsi cleanse which is good for the liver and kidney because this is actually really bit hard know that we try anymore because I'm used to it but it's bitter so it helps you to detox so I'm gonna do it a little bit of a tea in the morning and then after like one or two hours then I'll have my first meal which I think I'm gonna have a acai bowl in disciple because they make me happy and I want to have my smoothie so yeah I just want to give you guys a little update so if you're not interested I'm sorry but I got a you know show my feelings and I feel like telling them in my blog actually really helps me I know it's crazy I I am a crazy I can't say that about myself but it just makes me feel better talking into the camera to you guys instead of talking to my family it's crazy because they are so worried that stresses me out sorry anyway so I'm gonna make my side ball now I have some bananas so one banana frozen banana blueberry and the magic ingredient acai ELCA put in some maca powder and this is even higher in antioxidants sorry it's good pan protein powder almond milk tena mmm so the leash hmm so satisfying tastes like a dessert for breakfast absolutely amazing lunch time so I'm gonna have this and I'm gonna head to the gym mmm some rice salmon and I'll carve a little bit more soy sauce it's not salty enough yeah coconut I'm yours because there's a sweet so it's really nice look at that another of the young BOTS just got back from the gym and I make myself some dinner I have half a chicken here and so this is just a very simple chicken soup just ginger goji berries they are so good in the soup goji berries chicken that's pretty much it in salt and pepper so tonight's dinner is pretty healthy because yesterday's well so she wasn't that fat it was all the sweet stuff that I had was not that great sorry I'm trying to eat clean today and this is very delicious I used to make this all the time hmm I haven't make this chicken for a long time like months I'm gonna add a little bit of this coconut aminos on the chicken breast very healthy baby see you tomorrow the morning so I'm having some berries fruits for breakfast so some berries like tons of berries and lots of fruits as well so I an orange here half an apple half the pear and some pineapples so I don't normally eat so so much fruit in the morning I normally split it but today I'm having apples and pears and oranges which are the fruits I don't normally because I do get like reaction from eating apples anyway I'm doing this to myself because I'm going to do a footsteps too because it's basically testing what foods I'm sensitive to so I'm basically eating all the things I think allergic to for the rest of the day I'm gonna be quite busy so I don't think I'm gonna like vlog much but I'll be spending the rest of the day not spending the rest of the day but I will be having foods I'm allergic to today so like maybe eggs oh I want to test out eggs because a lot of people are allergic to eggs so I will have some eggs does my pre-lunch having some avocado some salads and some tomatoes already have some tomato the morning guys I think it's day five now I honestly have no idea because I skip a day and then I just remember now then you ate I'm having like some bananas and frozen berries but I head to the gym to do a late workout I'm actually not hungry right now but I'm gonna eat because I need some energy to pop out those sets you know so yeah can I eat this up now as you guys know I only have my frozen bananas and frozen berries a so I'm about to record my move bomb and I've already had my lunch right after I came back from a gym and I took a shower and prep the rest ingredients and now I'm ready to eat my early dinner so I already had my lunch lunch was so simple it was just with rice beans and chicken and I added a lot of that chili sauce on top so so tasty so delicious and now I'm ready to eat a big meal so this is how it looks like I'm so excited I'm not that hungry right now but yeah yes I'm going to stop eating all right so if you wanna check out my bum video do check out my second channel it's gonna be up there sometime soon just a lobby as going up in the next couple weeks I've recorded so many more bugs already I just haven't had a chance to edit them and I just want to make sure everything is ready you know almond butter mmm cook so makes this whole and this pan is not that great anymore so sticky on it and I have so much coconut oil on it sorry that sucks my son you setup is broken side up it was still gonna taste good it's okay so normally I have berries first thing in the morning because I love berries so much but today I went with eggs instead which are really nice so I'm not complaining but now I need my babies babies are very nice but it's not recommended to have fruits after your main meal just because you can't absorb the nutritious well but I don't really care today I just want to have my berries it makes me happy that's ours hmm I love the day so big it is still so cool in Melbourne hey I just got back home and make myself some lunch this is sit very tasty so there's just some studying some black beans from yesterday so it's just leftovers I cooked it with diced tomatoes celery and Mexican spices so yeah yesterday I kind of overdid it I reckon because I almost finished my zebra ice cream as well so it was insane [Applause] so I got some leftover rice from yesterday and some chicken so I'm gonna make some leftover fried rice which is always nice on the second day because the rice is a little bit hotter so it's really nice just make sure you cook it in really high heat I'm gonna put some eggs some sauces it's gonna be epic so I'm gonna oil some salt some soy sauce so tombery some money so that's my pre dinner or late lunch or early dinner some rice with chicken so we got like two VIP tickets I'm just gonna show you guys that's tight a my bestie and that's the tickets I think somewhere here put album and yeah [Applause] it's the next day I'm gonna end the vlog right here yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this week's yae a week I'm not eating as healthy as I like to be this week but you know there's always down weeks and there's always weeks that I do better I'm sorry yeah um I hope you guys have a great day don't forget subscribe to my second channel and I'll see you guys soon bye


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