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welcome back to another video pre-recorded and heavily edited this is us straight in the morning haven't even got out of bed yet yep let's make some breakfast right oh I forgot to put it back in the fridge last night sparkling grape juice looks like a mistress straight booze and who feels super proud of themselves when they know they folded all their laundry and their closet just looks so lit and so when you open it in the morning or just like don't so it looks like Maddie's making breakfast for us this morning cut up fruit oh I was just gonna say we ran out of yogurt but I just remembered we bought a fresh new one we bought a fresh new on guys oh my this stuff right here it's not in Canada it's not anywhere else but here so we're just taking full advantage eating it every single day it just complements the fruit so well hey so you know everyone knows before I eat this I gotta drink my water guys thank your water I was actually a massive are you working on today Jim we never get to the Jews definitely I'm just doing a light leg day so don't need a lot of calories can't wait to get into so I'm just eating this right before we're heading out to the gym and just like a couple little bits of this just feel like I needed a little something something waiting for the uber Maggie's putting on her shoes mmm-hmm pretty excited to work plugs I've been neglecting my legs ever since we've been here so I'm ready to get back on the leg train wait here we made it Planet Fitness [Applause] so I like to take my shoes off and do like barefoot I feel like it's the best way to work legs no we're doing heavy low reps to build strength sorry about the vacuum no harmonize with it baby tonight so those last two exercises on the machines I like to just go light on those at the end of the workout just to get a little a little bit of an extra pump they're really not like my muscle builders or anything like that I like these free weights for that so yeah I'm pretty much done my workout yeah thanks again Maddie for filming my workouts oh yeah I'm gonna end off of some ABS end up with some ass all right my booties nice nice I think I should be doing this exercise if I want a booty it's a government we were back from the beach every guy every guys everyone we're back from the beach every guys every guys that's watching this back from the from the beach from the DIMM uh sun's bright we're back from the gym guys gonna have some oatmeal what are you gonna have oatmeal you want homey as well so there we have it guys my beautiful bowl of oatmeal we got coconut yogurt chocolate chunks blueberries coconut shreds oatmeal of course apples rice cakes with almond butter and a little bit of salt you can actually see the grains of salt on there complemented by some mandarins from the market which look absolutely well which would look absolutely amazing I've already had a couple bites of some they're super juicy and sweet I can't wait to dig into this yeah this is quite the interesting combination that I made here tastes pretty good chocolate and the coconut yogurt with the apples it's like it tastes like a big dessert but it's healthy then we get to wash it down with some mandarins and rice cakes I actually have to go down to this store after I eat this so maybe I'll show you guys the grocery store well that was absolutely delicious nice and full now and now I'm headed off to the store so I'm off to the store mainly to get avocados because we eat avocado with every single dinner and I think grabbing burrito balls all night burrito bowls are one of my favorite meals I think it's the most popular vegan meal you can just do so many things with burrito bowls because it's mainly just a concoction of Whole Foods and it's just amazing you hear in her neighborhood isn't that beautiful so man here's my avocados right ready to go right avocados thank you so I got everything I needed from this store checkers I got avocado hummus bell peppers lettuce juice vegan sausages I think that's it can you guys feel the intimidation factor we even got a tactical canine unit truck right here also I must say I have not seen any like physical altercations here and I haven't seen really any violence just like dangerous driving like speeding and there's just like a lot of homeless people asking for money which can seem a bit dangerous sometimes maybe they could steal your stuff but for the most part is very safe I would recommend anyone come here just stay in Cape Town don't go to like the ghetto spots outside of the city and stuff so pretty safe area I highly recommend it so I'm back now I gotta clean some dishes make dinner eat chill go to bed drink water and you drink more water we're having burrito bowls baby do you want rice or quinoa on your breathable what what does this mean the first the first one right you have four seconds three four we're having rice rice it is I feel like I never show you guys me actually making the food so here's a clip of me cutting some bell pepper it's not exciting so excit goodness oh it's just random bell pepper baby it's raining bell pepper bell pepper bell pepper about that brunette oh hold on next up guacamole here we go oh yeah baby oh no I got a seed in the guacamole the lemon is in now we're just breaking it up gonna add some salt for sure for sure and add some salt to show what else do you put a block from Oh like garlic powder onion powder probably that's alright it's awful just salt but Matt look forward and you're in okay so we got all of our ingredients ready for the breeder bulls we got hummus guacamole lettuce bell pepper tomatoes black beans just missing some salsa but that's okay right Bobby we're just waiting for the rice I think it's probably just about done can't wait to dig in I got some beautiful bows for no reason thank you look all pretty for no reason where would you like your hummus and your breathable this one's yours you've got so much more bottom no it's the same right here right thank how much a whole tub please yeah for me having more for you thank you beautiful here we have it Whole Foods for the win there we have some vegan easy meals vegan muscle meals muscle meals being an easy meals [Laughter] yeah guys don't wanna be healthy not eat Whole Foods right get your sizer it's so simple so simple you just add salt at the animals yeah I get that salt I mean I'm the video here guys maybe okay alright quick taste test where you guys when I'm heading out stand the video hummus in there black beans tomato did you get rice yeah that's so easy so delicious healthy can't go wrong Whole Foods Brina Bulls breeder Bulls are literally the easiest and just quickest meal that you could make if you're a newbie vegan watching this you can add some hot sauce we don't have salsa without some salsa oh no we do have hot sauce I'm gonna add some hot sauce so what we were saying doesn't matter the video here thank you for watching leave a big thumbs up if you like that and subscribe Rob subscribe if you're new to the channel turn your notifications on and the belt in the notifications on all that good stuff peace out guys we'll see you next video mwah


  1. What Kind of hummus flavor is that

  2. Do you skip lunch?? Or the oatmeal is kind of a second breakfast/lunch thing? If so, do you snack on the afternoon?

  3. Salts off camera again in case we cannot handle it 😂

  4. You are both natural entertainers

  5. Homeless are not any more dangerous than anyone else. And I'd hate to be poor and having someone refer to my neighborhood as the ghetto. I enjoy y'all but perhaps look at what you are saying.

  6. Kay—binge watching this fab comedy+fitness+travel take while I make amazing vegan pizzas🌱👍🏽

  7. pre shower booze! hahah

  8. wait did that say 39.99 for 4 avocados!?! holy crap

  9. that juice next to the toilet😂😂😂

  10. I’m loving the double Maddie and Kyle videos! You guys both helped me change what I eat, and I’m so thankful for how easy you guys make it! Keep the videos coming, Kyle!

  11. Wow that bowl of oats looks amazing!! Definitely makes oatmeal look so good!

  12. Really cool to see things from your perspective. Check out Ross Edgley for inspiration. The Man is the definition of beast. He just seam around great Britain, insane

  13. Total jellies about Kyle's body lol. I got work to do.

  14. I’ve never put hummus in a burrito bowl but now I’ve gotta try it! Keep making videos, we like seeing you and Maddie

  15. I Love youu and Maddie !!! you both are such an inspiration to mee

  16. You look like Johnny Bravo towards the end of this video…lol.

  17. Just found out you've got a channel Kyle!

  18. you guys are best

  19. Hey, Kile has a youtube chanel?Cool, love this dude.

  20. You should upload more! I love seeing you and Maddies different vlogging styles!

  21. I eat 4 mexican tacos and I am full. (Mexican tacos are small). That does not look good 4 you mate, you don't look healthy I am guessing, you are in six months and maybe your girl is 1 year old vegan, stop it you look hungry with those huge meals.

  22. lol great personality ☺️

  23. Kyle your uploading game is getting strong!! 3 videos in a week !!! Watch out Maddie you’ve got some competition going 😉 love both your channels x

  24. I really like your videos, keep up the good work 😆👌

  25. Burrito bowls are legit a staple for me! So much delicious flavours, wholefoods! 😍🙌My non-vegan mom LOVES them and always requests them!😏

  26. randommmm where are maddies pink leggings from?

  27. Keep it up Kyle🤞🏽💥 U do it great 👍 ♥️♥️

  28. Kyle how about adding some chopped red onion and some cayenne pepper or tabasco sauce into the mashed avocado with a squeeze of lime juice

  29. Those beans looks sad ..what do you do just open the can and that's it?
    Cut onions. garlic. red yellow green pepper cook then well put some nutritional yeast . maple syrup . liguid smoke .soy sauce .salt n pepper to taste n let that cook for a while I'm low heat .come on why been so lsxy if u want something real good? U my boy Kyle but that it's unacceptable .

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