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oh yeah good morning guys and welcome to or back to my channel so this is actually the day after I film this video and today I decided to do a weather in a day and I know I do a lot of these but they are really just sharing my life and my food and I think that food is such an important part of life and I really really want to start sharing more recipes with you guys and the day I chose actually which was yesterday was supposed to be like a really crazy day but I actually had the dates wrong so it's not like an exciting day so I thought that I would kind of just talk you guys through what I ate in the day and I didn't really go into detail with recipes and stuff like that because I'm planning on doing like separate videos for like three vegan breakfast or three vegan I liked the meals I eat every week and stuff like that if you're new here I am completely vegan I've been vegan for three years now it's the best decision of my entire life I'm planning on doing a like house vegan but no one tells you about being vegan a video I'm actually planning on filming that today so if the stock that looks familiar in another video that's probably why I'm going to be going more into depth about my diet and how I've evolved and everything like that number breakfast to stay I had a smoothie I know I have some of these a lot and to be honest I have a smoothie like 99% of the time they eat breakfast and that's because you can pack so many nutrients into a smoothie so many greens so much healthy benefits into a smoothie and it's yeah it's just something that I have everyday but for a good reason because it gets it gets the job done so I used to base of a ripe banana and then some frozen blueberries and I also had to some garden spinach and then for some extra things I did some iodine and some on trace minerals and then some barley grass juice powder Hawaiian spirulina and then also these are some soap chia seeds I just put up under chia seeds in a jar with some water overnight and they're super good for omegas and I put about 3 tablespoons of those some water protein powder and then I just blend it to combine I also added a date which I forgot to show and then I just put it into a mason jar and add a straw not a plastic straw but a very very cool metallic straw then I just take that away and smoothies are honestly so good so nutritious and just perfect for a light morning breakfast yeah I just ate a ton of our garden of blueberries which are just so free and bomb they're like little nuggets of heaven I'm going to go the grocery starting out because I'm supposed to bring like a snack or something because I gotta get some snacks I think I'm just gonna get some like popcorn and maybe some fruit or something pretty warm today it's actually not as bad as it was before I left for a long beach I went to Long Beach to surprise my friend for her 17th birthday which was so fun that's about it right now [Applause] [Applause] now for lunch this isn't one my staple meals ever it is just toast like loaded toast it's so good there's a snack in between lunch and dinner well I have one square of this little like being in traffic stuff so I had left and that also has this freaking huge hunk of banana bread this is only half this showed so I like two times the amount that I'm showing you right now and I topped that with some peanut butter and it was delicious recipe is actually in my eBook so I definitely suggest that you guys check that out the link will be in the description box below I created it a while ago but all the recipes still apply to everything that I eat now and there's still amazing recipes so I definitely suggest you guys check that out and I'm not sure when I'm going to be coming out with my next ebook I know a lot of you guys have been asking me because I have been saying I'm going to come out the second ebook and I will be it might just be in a couple of years because I really really didn't want this one to be perfect so it's gonna take a while and that maybe even a hardcover version of it you'll see I also totally forgot to say that I like got my garbage provisions box this month this is completely not sponsored this whole thing might sound sponsored but I swear this is not sponsored I generally frickin adore this brand it is like a monthly subscription but you get crystals and like superfoods and vegan beauty and a bunch of cool stuff which I have always wanted but never been able to necessary fine here's unboxing I'm very very excited where I didn't open it you know how much self-restraint it takes not open a box all right when you did it it takes a lot this is so cute what okay so the first thing that I got is this I multi this is a crystal I think every one of them comes with a crystal I don't got a look okay this is I don't what is this this is oh this is it's like a little charger piece little bracelet is have to look more into this a little too much spice facial mask and this is a straw logical pocket planner it looks really fun this is so cool it's like a little astrology cool pocket planner and then the last thing is this gratitude it's my word gratitude face serum from as a tech I haven't heard of this brand at all some mega blend for soothing wrinkles and hydration every box holds a plant a tree with their partner Teresa org and the box and this card was made with 100% recycled materials I love this brand so much guys you should definitely check them out and then it tells you it tells you all the information about what you got in the box for dinner I had this big bowl of some black lentils that cooked in coconut milk with some forbidden rice it's all under there and then on top I put some of this romaine lettuce half an avocado and some salsa it's honestly such a good hearty meal and super high in minerals and vitamins protein and it's just honestly so good this is where it comes to Pittman slightly snacking routine I have really really bad habit of just eating so much after dinner like even if I'm not hungry I ended up having I'd actually didn't show everything but I ended up having a bowl of this sprouted cacao cereal with a banana and soy milk and this cereal is actually like one of my faves it's permis just like sprouted brown rice cacao powder and coconut sugar and salt and it's delicious it takes like cocoa puffs so I had that with a banana and then I also ended up having two nectarines and a watch a bunch a bunch of gluten free pretzels cuz my mom was going free um and yeah I was extremely full did I need all that no but did I enjoy it yes yes I did that is everything they ate in this video like I say always this is not me trying to share what you guys should eat or me trying to influence you on the portions of your meals or what types of food you're eating this is generally just works for me everyone has different diets everyone needs different nutrients everyone's body craves different things so please listen to your body please do not base your diet off of my diet you can get inspiration from it which is amazing but I don't want you guys eating the exact same thing as me because that can go down a very bad spiral if you guys want any more inspiration to go vegan I'm going to be doing a lot more videos based off of it because we're at the point with our planet where we really really need to start making a change and animal agriculture is one of the top contributors to global warming and it's so sad because we can change that so easily so many being alternatives now you can get a vegan alternative to every single thing and you don't have to harm anything and you can help save our planet – which is so amazing yeah I'll leave some really awesome documentaries and articles and research down below so if you guys enjoy this video definitely let me know by giving a thumbs up also on my Instagram because I have so many exciting things coming on there that are going to be exclusive to my insta fam so definitely follow me there if you guys want to see those things also let me know what type of videos you guys want if you guys want more food related videos okay but


  1. I love you video

  2. Love this. I have also have a new VEGAN video go check it out xxx


  3. Ok so Pippin I tried to be a vegan for a week but I couldn’t

  4. is it just me or did the toast coming up out of the toaster really slowly make anyone else uncomfortable

  5. I love your what I eat in a day videos! You inspire me so much to eat vegan!

  6. What's ur height?!

  7. A light morning sludge

  8. Why dont you just eat your natural diet of raw meat


  10. hey Pip,
    snacking/eating in general is great for you and not a problem, but if you are wondering why you snack more at night it is probably your body telling you that you didn't consume enough calories throughout the day. maybe try and increase the number of snacks or size of meals throughout the day and your mind won't feel the pressure to "make up for it" at night time. Ive struggled with the same thing and couldn't figure out why my body kept telling me to go eat more even though I was full (or still digesting) from dinner. 
    Hope this helps 🙂
    (p.s. also maybe try adding some more calorically dense foods to satiate you fully; e.g. add oats and PB to the smoothie and throw some granola on top, add some hummus to the lunch veggies, and baked sweet potato with tahini dressing to your dinner – trust me its these little bits of satisfaction that tell your body that it has had a complete meal!)

  11. Maybe since you are wanting to eat lots at night try a more filling slow digesting Breakfast idk just a thought❤️

  12. Let’s normalize eating to enjoy- not to lose weight, check all the boxes, or be the most nutrient dense food. The quality of one’s food doesn’t determine one’s worth. Eating a cupcake shouldn’t spark thought like “man, this is good but kinda a waste.” Making pancakes shouldn’t be a 2 hour process, googling “healthy alternatives”

    That’s one reason I love your channel. You promote loving yourself and having a good relationship with food, spirit, and Mother Earth ☀️🌱🌸🌈

  13. My mom bought a whole bunch vegan substitutes. But I need to start make more veggie meals and fruit meals and other. Thanks for sharing this! Really need to learn food ideas! ♡♡

  14. god bless you baby

  15. 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  16. Bananer…..😂🍌🍌❤️ (1:40) Love you Pippin!!! ❤️😘

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  18. finally someone who shows their nightsnack!! I eat A TON after dinner hehee… there is no other way to end a day!

  19. Im a vegan teen from CA, Im about to be living in a tent for a month while Im working in a different state. Lowkey worried just because I wont really have access to ovens. I will only have minimum access to an RV stove. Basically I'll be a raw vegan for a month. Any advice??

  20. hi pippin, I found your channel about a month ago and I love your videos!! I would love to see a 'what's on my iPhone' video xx

  21. I'm trying to go vegan, but whenever I have, almond milk, or other vegan ingredients, apart from fruit and vegetables, I feel sick. I've been to the doctors but they don't know the reason behind it. What shall I do?

  22. How does your mom stay gluten free and vegan. I am gluten free lots of my gf favorite products have dairy and eggs .

  23. Hi Pippin! First of all, thanks for your videos, you're such an inspiration! Also I come from France so please excuse my English mistakes 🙂 I write this comment in a friendly purpose, I'm not here to judge you or anything, just trying to help!
    I don't know if you're aware of that, but avocados have a really bad impact on the environment : their production requires a LOT of water and often causes deforestation because of the growing demand. In countries where avocados are produced, there is often a conflict for water between the inhabitants and the production of avocados, and sometimes the inhabitants don't have enough water for themselves! I tried to find articles in English about that subject so you can understand the situation better (kinda hard for me to explain it briefly and in English haha) : https://e-csr.net/benefits-avocados-production-bad-people-planet-27107/
    I hope this can help you to think about your consumption of avocados, and maybe change it! I know that it is hard to completely stop eating avocados because they are SO good but when you know the consequences their production has, you may want to try!
    Love u <3

  24. ooh that dinner looked so good!

    PS: i make videos too!

  25. Love love love seeing realistic portions of food, especially for someone round my age!!! I feel like there is so much pressure to restrict oneself, so having positive influences like yourself in the young vegan community is so important. Keep sharing!

  26. The video starts at 1:30 , thank me later haha 😂

  27. You are a literal inspiration to me and my family, because of you we've become so much more sustainable

  28. Can you do a video about the beginning of your vegan life? How your parents reacted…?✨🌙

  29. Can i be vegan just to be fit .

  30. Hey Pippin, could you make a video about going vegan in a non vegan household? I really want to become vegan but it’s not easy for me especially because my parents think it wouldn’t be healthy for me because of my iron deficiency and blood clotting. My doctor also told me that I have to eat more meat (without even telling me about alternatives), but that’s exactly what I don’t want to do… I really need help. I already substitute milk with almond milk and I don’t eat cheese. I made some research and there are people with iron deficiency who are vegan and it’s not a problem.
    Love your videos!!❤️ thank you so much
    Greetings from Germany

  31. really love how wholesome ur food is! oh and i’m really looking forward but please don’t do hardcover it kills many trees 🙁

  32. Hey I really wanna now what your future plans are, like what do you wanna do for a living later?🌞💙

  33. Late again😤and idk what to say your vids are awsome &u everytime inspire me to eat healthy🥰 even though i dont eat really healthy i'm still trying😅😋 LYSM😘💙🌻

  34. Can u do a car update?

  35. Night snacking is very amazing, very delicious, & very necessary.🙌🏼 😂

  36. I love your videos!!! ❤️❤️❤️ can you maybe make a video about your home garden? Because recently I have been interested in growing some vegs of my own and I want to know more about yours 🙂

  37. No offense but how many of these what I eat in a day videos will you make

  38. wow this is so inspiring lyy

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