What I Eat in a Day {vegan in college, easy healthy meals}

[Applause] alright guys here is my super attractive looking breakfast I have a bowl of oats with turmeric and i steeped the oats in water and then added a little bit of almond milk and agave and then a banana some chopped dates flax seed chia seeds almond butter and a little more agave on top I am also just finishing up my second cup of coffee this morning with a little bit of silk almond milk what kind was a hazelnut creamer and I drink it with a straw to try to minimize the stains on my teeth so I got a vegan black bean soup with some bread because it's cold outside and raining so I thought this looked really good and I'm here with Marlene she got the same thing and we're just having lunch after class River and rail hi guys okay I haven't really updated you a sense lunch with Marley but after that I came home and after like an hour I had two Larabars yeah I had two I have one really good so I had another it was the chocolate chip cookie dough Larabars so I had two of those around like three o'clock because it was right before work and I went to work came home and now at 6:30 and I'm making dinner and I just wanted to show you guys I'm in the process so here I kind of a sweet potato that I'm planning it to boil and then over here I am just squeezing out the juices of the half of a block of extra firm tofu that I'm going to cut up and put in this pan with some tamari and then I'm probably just going to put like some asparagus maybe I don't know I'm just like some greens like maybe some spinach and stuff in a bowl together with all of this and just kind of have like a veggie and tofu ball for dinner I don't know I'll show you guys whenever I am done with it but I just kind of wanted to show you the process okay guys I quickly realized that there was not enough room in the bowl for the asparagus so I put that on the side but basically I did some tofu I just stir-fried it in a pan with absolutely nothing for like 10 minutes until it was brown all around and then I added a little bit of tamari at the last couple seconds then I boiled some sweet potato and then there's some spinach at the bottom of all of that and then I steamed some asparagus and then right before I put it on the plate I just put it in a pan to kind of crisp it up and brown it a little bit so I love asparagus so I put the entire bag that I seemed on this plate and I'm going to feast now I'm so hungry just finish dinner and I am so satisfied and full so that is everything for today's what I eat in a day video if you liked it be sure to give it a big thumbs up and comment down below what you think and don't forget to subscribe and hit the notifications bell so you never miss a video Milo is really excited about look how big he's gotten and I guess I'll see you in the next video


  1. Yummy food, and nice outro with Mr Puddy-tat! :O)

  2. beautiful eyes :O, and ur cat is so cute too, i have a question, which camera you use for your videos? have a nice day

  3. I am in vegan anorexia recovery and try to figure out what to prefer-carbs,protein and legumes,fats or fruits for gaining…what is best acc your experiences?thx!

  4. Great video, and your cat is so cute 🙂

  5. Loveee how much almond butter you have 😊

  6. I see you use Tumeric a lot. What are the big benefits that you use Tumeric for?

  7. I just realized how much you look like Nancy from stranger things!

  8. Hi could you watch my video on my channel, I just started
    dieting and would like some feedback…thanks

  9. Yum! I recently transitioned from vegetarian to vegan I'm in that plant based zone. This types of videos are such motivation. 😁

  10. girl i love your vids so much

  11. Girllll I love your videos!!! 💓💓You brighten my day ✨✨

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