[Applause] hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today we are going to do a full day of eating but actually in Miami and it's going to be a little bit different from my normal full days of eating's just because I'm saying that like a hotel and I am gonna do more of a little bit of flexible dieting versus prepping all my meals like you usually see and I also checked in with my coach and he's actually up my macros so we've gone from 1700 up to 1800 which is really really exciting because actually I dropped a little bit of weight which shows that my body is now responding to the higher calories so we're of them now which is super exciting but yeah like I said because we're staying in a hotel and stuff I can't really like crack all my meals and so I'm gonna do a little bit of flexible dieting whilst also trying to stay on track and eat food that I really enjoy so this morning I've already had breakfast had a bowl of oats like you saw and it's just been a couple of hours but I definitely need to eat some protein and some fats so what I'm going to do is have a protein bar and then I'll show you guys what I eat for the rest of the day whilst I'm here but today we've just got a pretty chill day I'm probably gonna head to the pool soon and then also yeah just show you what Miami is like I actually love it so so much here like I want to move here it's so amazing it's like you've got all the amazing American food and you have like Cuban food and not an American food it's just I just love it and it's really easy to be healthy here as well so guys if you are excited for this video please do give it a big thumbs up and if you're new here hit that subscribe so we can eat some food and have a really good time in Miami so for the second part of my breakfast guys I'm gonna have this quest protein bar I had never had this flavor before until I came to America it's the maple waffle one okay I don't know if you can see but it actually has like melted maple syrup in it rather than chunks and protein bars are really good if you just want a high protein low carb kind of snack charge I had was carbs and then this is gonna be my fats and my protein for breakfast so is that you quite a balanced quick breakfast that you could do on the go like oats through so fast to make and then a protein bar as well it's delicious you know how good that is so this one actually only had 6 grams of fat which is quite good but most protein bars have usually between like 6 to 10 even more so this one's actually quite low fat and then it has 24 grams of carbs but 16 of them are fiber one gram of sugar and then 20 grams of protein leave a comment down below and let me know what your favorite quest bar Kleber is this one has my heart so we are just chillin up at the landing to work on our laptop so I just made myself a quick lunch with all the meal preps that I have so I have tricky mint green beans and then some ladders just as they're like something to fill me up I'm actually not that hungry today guys I think it's the heat in Miami and I just get a little bit sombre which you can see and so I think that it's just kind of not making me the hungry I'll be able to track this all in and then know what food to have later yeah this is just really easy and like I just practically a bit of a lunchbox so it shows you can like eat healthy without ever having a cooker and things like that so I'm just probably gonna eat this by the pool now and then I'll check in with you guys for my next meal so we just came out to get baby's hair done and I've been at the hotel for quite some time it's getting really hungry so into the supermarket so I just picked up this and it is gone from so sending it to absolutely pouring it down just gonna have this and then we are heading to the next hotel living it again a meal then and I'll show you what I have so I thought I'd do a taste test for you guys it's good chocolate Muslim milk picked it up at the grocery store from place called Publix I think and it was only like a dollar fifty as well highly recommend if you're in America I'm not sure if we can't get these in England maybe someone let me know these are good muscle milk he's a little quick protein snack with my Smurfs alright guys we made it to our next edge house we've come from downtown Miami where we were staying in a gorgeous apartment and we've come to the Hilton because Phoebe has a competition which is why we came to Miami so we're at like the hotel for the competition and we just got here and guys I am freaking starving I have not eaten enough today but it's just been go go go and I've just been enjoying being in Miami but I probably eating around 700 calories so I have another 1,100 calories to eat today which is gonna be nice later you know when you have loads of food left over I still have to go and train as well today so it's nice because I'll have a good pre-workout meal next and then I'll have a nice post-workout and post post-workout meal as well which would be really nice but we're gonna go explore the hotel because i hoed house huge check out the gym go and train eat before and yeah this is the little hotel room this is how I've traveled with my meals I just have like a little meal prep back here Phoebe has one as well and they're so handy for when you're traveling just because you can have all your feet in there yeah we're gonna get settled in here so once you get settled I will show you what I eat probably gonna be some veg and I need to get some carbs into me somehow so this is going to be my pre-workout meal guys I have 250 grams potatoes which is a 50 grams of carbs I've got my salsa I've got turkey mint I also have green beans cauliflower rice and then I'm also gonna have some lettuce with it like literally like hotel meal 101 let you just cook this in the microwave but this is gonna be so good we don't have a microwave or anything in the hotel room but what I did is I went downstairs and I asked them if I could use their microwave and they were super happy to let me do it so a little bit of a prep meal without realizing but sometimes basics is best this is gonna be my meal lots carbs mmm food tastes so much better when you're hungry come on had sweet potatoes so long I lived on it and prep I haven't had an angel so good alright guys let's just I don't look at my buckets to see what other feet I could have the rest of the night and so far I've hit 107 protein 140 carb 49 grams of fiber 22 sugar and 21 fat so I have about 54 grams of protein left so that'll be a good like post-workout a post post-workout 44 grams of carbs something he maybe like an apple and something else and then also I have 30 grams of fat so what I'm gonna have now is a serving of somebody I think just to have a little bit of faster time you over and then later on I think I'm gonna have some Greek yogurt with some more and no butter to hit my fast but yes that is what my macros are I'm just tracking on My Fitness Pal today because obviously I'm not at home so I'm not having like my standard meal plan because I'm eating out of hotels but I'm still prepping kind of all my meals rather than buying them out if I can just because this way I know exactly what's in the food or I'm sticking to food that has nutrition labels such as like the protein shake in the protein bar braces going to a restaurant because when you go to a restaurant and stuff you don't know what they've cooked the foods in so you don't know if those extra fats you don't know exactly what it is so even though I'm traveling and I'm on the go and stuff I know exactly what I'm having because I'm weighing my food or I'm tracking it by the nutrition label which is just a little bit of a tip if you are traveling or like eating out on the go stick to things that you know are in the food or eyeball it because once you've been tracking for a while it's really easy to eyeball but that's my number is I feel really pretty good it's about 7:30 so 2 more meals and we're good Jim bye okay guys I just got back to the hotel room with my Brown little Phoebe hi Phoebe I trained back and shoulders and guys I'm gonna be honest it wasn't the best session like the hotel gym wasn't the greatest but I did what I could which is the most important thing when my traveling and things and same when it comes to food like all you can do is what you can do and you can't beat yourself up over not being able to do your best because there's only so much you can do when you're not at home and in routine and things but anyways despite the mediocre gym session I'm just having some green beans I'm having the same food again surprised this is the worst full day of eating ever having this and then what I'm gonna do is also have an apple for some carbohydrates post-workout because you know I love my anabolic apple guys and then I'm also gonna have some Greek yogurt as well just for some protein and I'm probably gonna put some stevia in there and it's gonna be delicious but yeah this is just my full day of eating today like I'm not gonna pretend I ate something I didn't I'm just gonna show you what I ate today and I hope you guys enjoyed watching the video anyway I'm sorry please love me please subscribe alright guys so I just had my food and I'm finally finishing off the night with just some Greek yogurt stevia and almond milk I hope you guys have enjoyed watching there's weird full day of eating whilst traveling just showing you how it is how I didn't got yogurt in my face how I try and stay healthy and stay on track and stick to a meal plan whilst being a little bit flexible whilst traveling and just trying to live a healthy balanced life I suppose like I'm always gonna be a healthy gal at heart but obviously I want to enjoy myself as well but eat the foods that I know that my body loves and that makes me feel good and I obviously wanted to share with you guys my email plan and my new macros which is now I think it's eighteen hundred and thirty to be exact but once I actually get home on Monday I'm going to do another full day of eating but on more of a structured meal plan with these same macros before my coach decides to change them again but that's just what we're doing for the moment and also guys I'm actually I'm having one less trip hi sorry fiefs having one less training day as well so I have been training six days a week but now I'm actually training five days a week so I'm gonna do two leg days and three upper body days just because I really am focused on trying to grow my upper body as well as bucking for a booty and but yeah that's just my little update for you guys I just wanted to like take you through my day and show you what I got up to also I was here I also have a Miami blog as well that's everything and we hope you have enjoyed watching if you do not follow me on Instagram go follow me over there because I haven't posted knots of workouts and stuff from Miami as well as just like Miami pics and but yeah hope you enjoyed watching thank you for having an amazing day with me today and I will see you guys in the next video bye guys okay it may or may not have just eaten these as well they're called smart sleep and hold by the sweets is only 80 calories zero fat it's basically all just fiber their protein kick sugar keep candy and they're freaking amazing three grams of sugar for that whole bag delicious but it's just gonna chill up get some stuff over here head make a right turn on South eight states three know what see it I have breakfast oh this lighting is better let's do a full day yeah I just wanted my god it's a sticky so sunny Japan [Applause]


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  22. Thank you for clicking on the video and watching โ˜บ๏ธ Hope you enjoy my full day of eating in Miami whilst tracking macros! If you need any help with tracking macros, how to work out a sustainable calorie deficit or how to build muscle I have a guide all about nutrition and health if you are interested for ยฃ9.99! www.jadejoselyn.com/shop

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