what i eat in a day to stay healthy (REALISTIC & vegan!)

hey guys Ashley and today I'm going to be doing a what I eat in a day so a little while ago I filmed a thrift haul and in that thrift haul I was eating oatmeal and I told you guys I posted what I eat in a day so that you guys could know how to make that oatmeal because the oatmeal is honestly the most beautiful oatmeal that anyone could ever make so I think I'm gonna have some fruits and veggies for breakfast and then we'll have oatmeal for lunch and then we will see what I'm gonna do about dinner tonight okay now I'm just like a really odd platter of fruits and vegetables so I have some tomatoes and I have this red bell pepper it looks like it's spicy but it's not I'll just touch that I have oranges a huge chunk of watermelon and they have some blackberries over here so so I make sure that I take multivitamins every day just because I'm vegan and I know that there are some things that I should be supplementing namely b12 and also like Omega threes and stuff like that want to make sure I get all my essential fatty acids fatty acids so I do take a nice pack of multivitamins every day and say yeah this is from the brain care of if you guys had ever heard of it look at this hi Ashley the way that I figured out what vitamins that I needed to have in my diet was I took their five-minute quiz it was really simple and you just go through a few questions about like your lifestyle and what not and then it recommends what vitamins that you should be taking for me I have things like probiotics Omega threes iron b12 that's a good one to have I don't think that mine is in the new packaging but I know that they did just launch new compostable packaging which is really awesome so that's super cool here my beautiful vitamins I'm gonna be swallowing these straight down we're gonna be winding this big boy first TBH I'm really good at swallowing pills when I was little I used to practice like swallowing peas and also entire spaghetti noodles and it would take like maybe like seven swallows to get it fully down so that's what I did when I was to prepare me for this moment in which I'm swallowing pills on live television I think I need was setting a world record right now and I'm joking by the way guys if you want to try care up I do have a link in the description if you want to go check it out and you can use my code if you want to get 30% off of your first order so that's awesome definitely go check it out start getting your vitamins and just living living your best life guys I'm gonna move over there and eat my fruits and just look out of my nice big window because I like to do that so I'm gonna drop it oh yes oh if I want ground I'm meaning anyways on care hormones so good mmm by the way if you guys are wondering why I'm wearing my necklace is from princess Polly my shirt started and my shorts are from hmm that looked like a dance move alright guys it's been a few hours and it's finally oatmeal time so I always use steel cut oats these are Trader Joe's quick cook steel coats I think they also have organic ones these ones aren't the organic ones I don't think so I like sealcoat so much better than regular rolled oats so if you can get steel cut oats they usually take longer to cook but these ones I got the quick cooked kind so they cook pretty fast the texture is so much better so that's gonna be like what like a cup of water and like 1/4 of a cup of this stuff we're gonna bring this up to a boil okay so now I have my steel coats that's hilarious and we're gonna mix in the oatmeal and we're also gonna turn down our heat to like a little bit less than oh my god almost I almost knocked all that over and we're just going to put like a little less than medium and then we'll check it out and like approximately 7 to 8 minutes Wow that oatmeal cooks I'm just gonna slice up my banana beautiful now my oatmeal is thickening up and we're gonna add in a couple extra things so I personally like to add in some cinnamon and also some nutmeg I add like just a little sprinkle of nutmeg and like probably a decent amount of cinnamon yeah that's a lot of nutmeg I'm doing a terrible job at filming this honestly and I also like to add in flaxseed into my oatmeal because it's a good source of like omega-3s and also fiber I'm also gonna add some protein powder just cuz I might as well you know getting some protein where I can this is the vanilla flavor from care of now this is where we have to do some fancy stuff so follow me I'm only gonna put it on like oops like one half of the bowl push it against one side of the bowl so it looks like that so now we're gonna take half of the banana and I'm gonna put that right next to the boat meal and then take the other half and I just put it on top there we go it's looking beautiful and now we're gonna do the berries I'm taking this huge bag of berries that I got from Sam's Club the key is mostly to have blueberries and like blackberries so you get like a really pretty purple color if you have too many raspberries it's gonna turn red and gonna be like a little bit sour and we do not want that I'm just gonna rinse out my pan back there and then we're gonna heat up the berries in the pan and could also use the microwave if you wanted to but I like to use the pan my nonstick pan is a godsend when it comes to when it comes to this whoa how come I never did that before oops does that just look kind of like a nasty you have to use soy milk this is the absolute key you cannot use almond milk for this for some reason the almond milk just will not work or a little bit I'm spilling it I'm just gonna keep adding some soy milk get it to turn that beautiful color there's just something magical that the soy milk does that just makes it look so much better so this is the absolute best almond butter in the entire world the Trader Joe's of raw almond butter I also still like to use some regular peanut butter so this one's from Trader Joe's as well and we're just gonna be drizzling a really nice good amount on top of my oatmeal right here drizzling that right on top oh yeah I'm just gonna put some peanut butter ooh like on top of the bananas and I might also sprinkle on some more damn that made it look ugly I'm gonna sprinkle on some more cinnamon this is literally my most favorite cereal the Annie's Cinna bunnies are literally so good so I'm gonna have some right now you're so good all right now I've been chilling for a little bit of time I think I'm actually gonna go out to dinner tonight I think I'm gonna get fun at this really good fun place they have the absolute best like vegan pho in the entire world so it's probably like my most favorite thing to eat so we're gonna go get that and it's gonna be amazing and beautiful and awesome but for right now I'm going to be having some drinks I usually go for kombucha I think my favorite ones actually cosmic cranberry flavor this one is just like the typical trilogy flavor I used to hate kombucha honestly tasted like dog feet like dog paws dog paw liquid and I would like vomit if I've been like smelled it but now I like it for some reason or if I don't have kombucha I will have one of these these are so good I don't know if you guys have ever seen this brand before kalenna you can buy them on like amazon they're so good it's like sparkling coconut water honestly even if you don't like coconut water you will like these still because it tastes so good take a bite of noodle right now I'm not gonna use it why you want to look like you know what you're doing Troezen our local picture video you don't clean my windshield no no no please do the squirting please cuz there's pollen is getting in my food can you wipe it off also Charles haha no more I said white bitch I can't see hahaha alright guys in case you're just wondering what I'm up to I'm gonna include some random vlog footage of me from last weekend I went to us finals with my cheer team I was on open level 4 and we came in first day us finals I'm just gonna include some videos from that weekend just so I can look back on it just for my own memories before we look at that stuff make sure to double tap the like button I will tap the subscribe button and also make sure to click confirm when I asked you down subscribe and I will see you guys next time peace out if you're leaving right now or peace out again later in case you're staying tuned to the vlog footage [Applause] you are


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