WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! Quick & Healthy Meals + Snacks & Dessert!

good morning you guys so in yesterday's vlog I told you guys that I was gonna film a what I eat in a day with a full day of eating for you guys because yesterday's vlog was a grocery haul so I found a way to get a week's worth of groceries for less than $50 literally I bought some extras but my total was 50 dollars and 55 cents so if you don't get like the extras it could be less than $50 if you go somewhere she for less than $50 so I found a really great way to like be on a routine of groceries and always get like the same few things so that I'm always eating healthy and like I know what to make I don't feel like clueless like well I have these random ingredients what do I make with them like I'm kind of in a system right now and I'm really loving it so if you missed yesterday's vlog that's what it was but now today I'm gonna show you guys how I eat all those foods and how I use them all how I mix them all stuff like that not that it's anything crazy but I just want to show you guys so right now it's 10:10 I will be doing intermittent fasting and I won't eat until 11:00 12:00 or 1:00 like however long I can make it but right now it's 10 o'clock and I woke up really early and like took a shower like got really hot like I just feel like I need to eat like I get kind of like how did you and mean so I'm ready to eat and then I'm gonna go get my lashes filled at 11:30 so I'm gonna make a quick breakfast right now I'll show you guys what I'm making so I showed you guys a few vlogs ago that I ordered a bunch of these I think they're called TC no T's from Amazon I've got a whole big package of them and they kind of taste like coffee so I've been drinking those in the morning or at in the afternoon really anytime because there's no caffeine in them it's just a tea but it tastes like coffee so anytime I feel like ooh Coffee sounds fun or Coffee sounds good I like something warm to drink I will make one v so I'm gonna make one right now this is the hazelnut flavor I'm just gonna heat up some water in my here egg and put that in there and then I've been liking to put this creamer in it it's like coconut flavor really good so that's like calm with my coffee but it's just a tea and then I'm gonna have old me also and my bowl right here this is just the oatmeal I have I'm gonna do 1/2 cup of oats with one cup of water and then in it I'm gonna put this peanut butter Trader Joe's it has flax seeds and chia seeds and it's really good I'm almost out of it but I bought more and then I'm also going to put a splash of almond milk in it too my oatmeal is out of the microwave so I just put about a tablespoon of that chia seed peanut butter and then I put a little bit of honey drizzled on and now I'm also gonna put some cinnamon just a dash of it and then I just mix this all together and then to make it a little bit more liquidy I'm gonna add some of the almond milk yep it literally looks like coffee it's so weird to me still yeah that is gonna be my breakfast I have my oatmeal my tea and then a big glass of water – I just got home from getting my lashes filled my favorite day of the week love them anyways I'm starving ready for lunch it is 105 so I'm gonna make the wrap when I was talking about yesterday so I have these spinach tortillas these are only 100 calories they're kind of small but they make thick the perfect portion size for like a little lunch wrap you can make too but I'm usually pretty hold one and then yesterday I just cut up all those cucumbers and then the yellow pepper and then I have just some hummus and then feta cheese so I just put about a tablespoon of hummus down and then I'm just gonna spread some cucumbers and peppers and then I just have some feta cheese crumbles this is like Mediterranean feta cheese just do a couple little shakes of it a little bit more perfect and then I'll just roll this up like that and I'm really in the salty mood so with my rap I'm gonna have some of this boom chicka pop popcorn it's 70 calories for a cup you don't to count calories but um that's just how I measure it maybe do a little bit more than a cup and then I'm just gonna have a bunch of water with this my big glass from Starbucks and here is my lunch I really wanted something like salty so this will definitely satisfy my salt gravy now it's closer to night time and I'm gonna head to Brett's and eat dinner at Brett's apartment but I'm not gonna eat the same dinner I said because I bought all this food so I'm just gonna eat my food anyways and I asked him and he doesn't want this food so it's just for me so I'm gonna make my favorite dinner ever and I'm also gonna make my dessert and bring both over to Brad soon so I don't eat something I shouldn't need over there so I'm just gonna make brown rice in this bowl and then I have this grilled chicken already made from Trader Joe's and hummus and I mix all together and it's so good so it's the easiest thing ever this brown rice takes like seven minutes to cook maybe it's 10 cooks in ten fifth so I'm gonna make this real quick and I'll check back in once it's done rice is still cooking it's got four minutes left and I just cut up the chicken so literally I'm just gonna add this to the rice once it's done and add probably about 1/4 cup of hummus and mix it all together I'll show you guys that's really good but I am also gonna make with a dessert or like a snack that I love so I just get these rice cakes I get the plain kind or you can get them salted or like caramel or whatever flavor but I just like the plain cuz I like to put stuff on top of them and then I'm gonna add the oh I got crunchy this time okay I got crunchy that's why this is crunchy peanut butter with Chia and flax seeds so then and then I have vegan chocolate chips these are from Lily's they're dark chocolate oh wait both the are vegan they're dark chocolate they're so good so I'm gonna use two rice cakes and put peanut butter on both of them and chocolate chips on one and then stick them on top of each other like a sandwich and then I have like two little dessert rice cakes when I'm done I also know that I'm a really big snack ER and it's pretty early still it's only not even four o'clock yet so I'm making this for later so I don't there's still a lot of hours in the day where I'm probably gonna want a snack or be hungry here if we watch a movie I'll want something to snack on so I'm also gonna wash one of these like little things what about a vine of grapes and put these in a little baggie so I can bring these two and snap on these tonight I just got the rice out of the microwave and it's nice and cooked that only took seven minutes so it's really quick gave me enough time to quickly make my little dessert so this is really hot so I'm gonna go ahead and just add the chicken we'll definitely make more than one serving this will probably make two servings you can probably make it into like two and a half but I would guarantee that me and Brett would eat all of this if we were both eating it but it's kind of nice I'll have some leftovers so that's all mixed together and then I'm just gonna add in some okay so this is the dish finished it's pretty hot it might look a little weird but it tastes so good it's like really savory and salty and really extremely feeling because it's just a bunch of chicken protein and then the whole grain brown rice so I'm just gonna cover that put the lid on grab my rice cakes and then I'm gonna head to breath oh yeah and I'm gonna bring some grapes and then that will be my entire like the rest of the night eating I always need to have some sort of chocolate throughout the day and like I'll plan if I have chocolate earlier in the day I won't have this that night but typically I like to save my like little dessert chocolate isse wheat tooth thing for at night time when I really just need something sweet and then I have my really filling dinner this will definitely have leftovers and then of course my just something to snack on with the grapes and that is my everything of what I eat in a day


  1. When I lived in the dorms at MSU, I used to eat chicken, rice, and hummus from the salad bar multiple times a week! SO good and it was always the best after eating caf food! Love it 🙂

  2. Hi – why did you stop using lash serum and go with lash extensions?

  3. You need to eat stove cooked food and stop microwaving everything and buying pre packaged meats. That is not healthy

  4. I will definitely cook your dinner! I can imagine that this would taste really good
    With some extra tomato’s 😍

  5. Hi Frankie! Love your videos! Random question: what is the dog treat camera that you got for Joy? I want to buy for my sister's dog for Christmas. Thanks so much. 😀

  6. I’ve been having many stomach issues the past years and have been seeing doctors to figure out what’s wrong! 🙁 my stomach problems sound so familiar to yours. I ordered the teeccino(stomach can’t handle caffeine) and can’t wait to try it! Also, love these types of videos because certain foods upset my stomach and these recipes are things that I know won’t! Thanks for sharing ! 💕

  7. Love your videos! Thanks for doing vlogmas!

  8. All the food looks delicious! You've inspired me to have oatmeal tomorrow for breakfast! 🙂

  9. I used your hummus idea but added it to quinoa and veggies, so good!!

  10. Ok I have to tell you I've been making the wrap for lunch ever since the other video. Love them

  11. Your eyelashes look so good 😍
    The oatmeal, the wrap with hummus and your dinner look all so yummy I really need to go to TJ 🙌🏼

  12. Thanks for the ideas. Where do you bought the peanut butter with chia. Love chia with my lemon water

  13. “Tee-cheeno” like cappuccino! Cute name haha!

  14. Frankie you did good on this eat in a day video please remember to take vitamins for your hair biotin and B vitamins too for energy then your hair will grow faster, being winter you need it. And vit D3 with K2 a must have… Keep us all healthy and happy. Love Joy in intro…🐶

  15. Hello Frankie, your eyelashes looked beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful vlog today. ☺💟

  16. Your dinner looks so yummy!

  17. I really enjoy this video.. thanks for the ideas 😀 I want to try new recipes. Xo

  18. The rice cakes looks 🤤 yummy lol.

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  27. Awesome meal ideas! You’re so positive Frankie! I love it – you keep me inspired and ease my anxiety.

  28. I Iike the same things on my oatmeal plus bananas ! 😋

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