What I Eat In A Day | Quick & HEALTHY Meal Ideas!

hi guys welcome back to another video today ok that does not love what for those of you that are new to the channel I am Jasmine Garcia I am a 22 year old fitness lifestyle beauty health person and I like to share my life and my favorite things on the internet and so you are here for those of you that are returning obviously as you guys are going to see in this video this is going to be a lot more fancier footage because I did not film this myself shut up – parisa hey guys Benna for you this won't be a regular thing probably once a month something like that just kind of a little bit of variety to the content we're going to go ahead and jump right into this what I eat in a day it is going to be with a base of kind of quick go-to and healthy and also really good for building muscle because there's a lot of proteins in all of the meals that I eat so without further ado let's jump straight to the video and I hope you guys enjoy it oh and if you want to see more videos like this on my channel then make sure to click the like button and comment below what kind of meals you want to see in the next one for breakfast this has been one of my absolute favorites all you're going to need is to crack one egg into a cup add three servings of egg whites to sweet mini peppers of your choosing and then one onion guys we're not going to use the entire onion I'm just going to peel it and then take like a quarter of it and chop and dice feta from there you're going to need about half a serving or a little more of reduced-fat Mexican blend style cheese and two organic corn tortillas I use the mission brand but it doesn't really matter and then half of an avocado so from here all you're doing is chopping up all of more veggies so I like to cut up my bell pepper to pretty small pieces that way it's easier and faster to cook and then same thing for the onion I actually like to dice this up as small as possible because I don't want a ton full of onions and then for the avocado is just cutting that in half and prepping it for the very end first you are going to add the onions and wait for those to get translucent in color and then you're going to add the bell pepper and those should get brighter and then should feel softer and then you add your eggs and add some seasoning for the scramble and you're done I just use black pepper regular salt and a dash of garlic sauce and then I just heated up my tortilla on the pan took like 10 15 seconds and I added the remainder of my cheese this part is obviously completely optional but I love adding to hot sauce for some extra flavor and then from there I just add my eggs in avocado and I have a perfect little morning breakfast taco after breakfast I let it digest for a little bit and then I had to begin regions alex is going to bring it all the hair it could be in mum is big in my life but I think I'm Tina come why won't you walk aqua on the moon get the dog don't you stop doesn't come the fuel is to be in my mr. big income I think I'm not post-workout snack no matter what it never fails me after I finish a workout I am creating carbs so I like to use the 2% by a Greek yogurt and I mix that with the honey that they provide and then I add this is my favorite granola it is the hemp plus granola this part was recorded but I also add some coarse ground flaxseed and I also eat it with a power Crunch bar I am waiting for myself to slowly get sick at this lunch but all it is is a toasted bagel I like to use an everything bagel and then some whipped cream cheese for less fat then I just use three slices of honey to milk turkey and a good handful of spinach and that is all that is to it from there you just cut it in half with your butter knife and then add about a handful of sea baby carrots and one or two tablespoons of hummus and your lunch is complete and this is one of the most refreshing and delicious lunches everything pairs together so well so I want to give some major shouts to Dave's killer bread they just came out with these bagels and you guys know I love the red I've raised about them forever but these bagels have 12 grams of protein and specifically the epic everything bagel has 27 grams of whole grains what on earth like you can never find that in a bagel so if you haven't picked them up yet now's the time okay I have to give full credit to make EB for this meal she made it for me the other night and I have since been obsessed it's just two handfuls of spinach one serving up ready-made rice you just heated up in the microwave and you're good to go and then I have some chicken I cooked up the other night so I just used the leftovers of that and then I added half a serving of feta cheese you can't reduce that if you want to and then half the serving of cranberries but the star this all is going to be the chunky salsa with a medium kick to it and that's it you stir it all up and it's kind of like a taco inspired salad I don't know amazing though that'll conclude this video you guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next video


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  3. Do you drink any form of caffeine?

  4. I cringed when she turned the tortilla with a damn fork πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Dave’s Killer Bread is probably the best thing to exist 😩😩😩

  6. I'm disabled so really tough to lose weight

  7. So beautiful

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  9. Love your videos but obviously i cant use many of your food ideas because my fat intake is much lower then yours 😒

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  11. Love love LOVED this video!

  12. By 1:28 I already knew what she eats is not healthy. Meat and dairy is not a good choice

  13. Umm I’m sorry to criticize but animal products are NOT healthy and the saturated fat in them will give you disease and shorten your life. Please don’t recommend this to anyone!

  14. I really liked your video! Thank you for sharing your recipes! I'm about to start working it's been about a couple months since I moved! Inspiration at its fullest. πŸ™‚

  15. Love your channel – such a beautiful motivation! <3

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  17. You're like the first fitness person that includes macros thank you!!

  18. More than half this video is at the gym ummm …

  19. I wish I was dedicated to fitness and healthy eating lolllllll Im such a couch potato I need to go to the gym

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  21. What I eat in a day
    Cereal with a fiber bar
    Lean cosine with baked chips
    Dinner sometimes a family meal or cosine
    Froyo maybe more chips

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  29. I love turkey/cream cheese/spinach bagels and my twin thinks its the weirdest thing lol

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  34. Meanwhile I'm over here eating caribbean food everyday

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