today's video is another why in a day I figured these would be good to do like every month you guys always like to see it kind of just what I eat up what I snack on everything throughout the day so I'm gonna bring you guys along through the entire day and I'm also going to be sharing as some hub nutrition products with you guys you guys know I am obsessed with these supplements i'ma show you guys my favorites this video is sponsored by Honda trician so I am so extremely grateful or grateful for you guys grateful from nutrition for allowing me to share my favorite products with you guys but if you guys can tell I am NOT in my home we are in an air B&B like this is literally just a very temporary place so I'm gonna show you guys what I eat especially when I'm like not in a routine which has been so hard you guys I'm gonna be so honest it has been so hard staying on track working out eating like I have not been on my a-game I mentioned how nutrition and my last what I eat in a video and I showed you guys my favorite supplements and the 21-day cleanse up which was amazing I felt so much better it's just so awesome that you can take something like this and make yourself feel good from the inside because obviously you guys know beauty starts from within and the way it works is you actually go online you can take a beauty quiz and then you get a personal nutritionist who recommends like products specifically for you so that's what I absolutely love about it that's what I did the first time when I placed my order so yeah I'll show you guys actually I'll start with that what I already took this morning the gut instinct is one of my favorites you just take one on an empty stomach so I do that right when I wake up since I'm obviously on an empty stomach and then I take the daily cleanse sometime during the day I already took it this morning also so these you just take two capsules for the entire day this you guys will see I usually take at the end of the day but might as well take it right now it doesn't matter this is the hair sweet hair for stronger healthier hair and has biotin folic acid all the good stuff that your hair needs you guys know my hair is taking a beating then we put those down with stress and moving and everything like my hair has not been the same so you just take two of these yeah basically ready to head out now I have some errands to run I did already go to the dermatologist this morning you guys and I'm sure you guys exactly what I ate you guys it's already like 1 p.m. right now so I'm show you guys what I ate at around 10:30 ish so I stopped at Starbucks and keep in mind this is not something to do every single day that's why I thought this would be a good idea to do these monthly because it changes so much obviously so I grabbed a grande ice cinnamon Dolce latte with only one pump of the sugar-free cinnamon Dolce yeah and then a one pump of sugar-free vanilla almond milk and I added an extra shot of espresso also so that was my coffee order today it's not always like that I switch it up but I always I've mentioned this before I just always usually try to do like half the amount of sweetener that they normally put into whatever coffee drink you're getting I usually like to get lattes um and then I also picked up this eggs and cheese with apples and grapes this used to be called the protein box but they changed it now if they needed two hard-boiled eggs which I feel like it's a little much like I get way too full with two eggs so I eat one hard-boiled egg and then if you guys have never seen diesel it's our little picture it has this little bread um that is so good that's like my dessert and then I put the peanut butter on top of that and then just apples and grapes and that was literally my breakfast so now I'm gonna head out grab lunch meet me a little bit of a snack let me show you guys a little go teetee before I head out top from TJ Maxx Levi's a little karl lagerfeld purse and then these mark fisher booties also that I got from TJ Maxx please do not mind the mess I know it's a disaster in here but okay yeah now let's really go okay finally in my car it's like 3:00 p.m. I actually ended up blogging a little bit because I thought I was gonna get an important phone call about the home purchase this has been my life of literally just like waiting around and seeing if there's like an important phone call to take so I wanted to leave and then have to pick it up in the middle of like my drive not be able to respond to an email whatever so yeah it's later now and for some reason I think because that because of stressing now my appetite is like not really 100% there and I feel like I can wait until dinner to eat plus you guys know I've been doing in a minute fasting so if I just have like two huge meals throughout the day I'm pretty good as long as I get my calories and my macros in then I'm good I don't need to have like three four five meals spread out throughout the day but for a little snack I did bring these guys along I wanted to show them to you guys they're the emmys organics organic coconut cookies chocolate chips so they're basically these little they're called cookies they taste like coconut if you guys like coconut you guys will love them so for one little cookie thing there's a hundred calories six grams of sugar one gram of protein and then what's really important I've mentioned this the very first ingredient in this is organic coconut so you know that you're getting like an actual coconut food and then the second one is a gobby syrup so it does have some sweetener but it's just a little snack I like to eat like it's kind of like my dessert as opposed to having like a real cookie or a bag of chips or whatever it is I've been having one for like the past two weeks this is the last one in here see this little guy it looks kind of smaller on the screen um in person it is it is small but it's pretty filling like you guys you'd be surprised when you start eating it like it's thick and filling so it tastes like an actual cookie so yeah I'm gonna head to sprouts I think there's a sprouts nearby I'm not familiar with this area let's go shopping get dinner well prep it we'll make it all if I do end up getting hungry and get up end up getting my appetite back then I'll show you guys what I end up eating but for now let's see what I side inside enjoy finding this forceps on deck it's a turkey pepperoni pizza with obviously a cauliflower for us so 250 calories 2 grams of sugar I did look at all the ingredients because it's like the most important thing and the very first ingredient is cauliflower then tomato sauce and cheese so you know that does not any crazy bad stuff okay I know what I want for like a snack / lunch these brown rice cakes or just these rice cakes in there I think I'm gonna go with cinnamon toast ones I'm going hard today and then he put yogurt on top and it's so good the struggle of finding a good yogurt I picked this or nothing you almond milk that's a thing okay I do that I'm going with the cinnamon toast rice cakes so I'm gonna take one of these put it on my fancy plate for yogurt I picked up two different ones this is the wallaby Organic no sugar added it's a Greek yogurt it looked pretty good actually it only has five grams of sugar 120 calories for the whole thing it just looked like a great yogurt but because it has absolutely no sugar at it says it's sweetened by the organic fruit I'm a little scared that sometimes like it needs a good tiny pinch of something I just lick the lid it's pretty good so I'm gonna put I like to put a lock so you guys like I am Not Afraid to load a good amount of yogurt on here then to go along with that I'm going to drink this synergy this is the strawberry serenity kombucha okay that's pretty good these are probably like not the best thing ever but it's good like it's definitely him the spot okay six o'clock now I'm gonna start prepping dinner because I am starting to get hungry and I take like 20 minutes but I am obviously making the easiest stuff of life so I got the cauliflower pizza like I told you guys so I'm gonna throw that in the oven and obviously me in Weston both are gonna eat he eats a lot so I'm assuming isn't play most of us and then I'll just have like one slice and then I saw these guys clean the refrigerated section and I was like oh my gosh I used to get some that were identical from Trader Joe's and I was obsessed with so they're just a black bean veggie burger oh my gosh I mean look at the ingredients okay it doesn't look bad only to ground sugar 16 carbs yeah physically to bad 90 calories so it looks really so much in the Trader Joe's one and I eat this literally all by itself I don't eat bread I don't need anything as it's literally so delicious on its own so I'm gonna make both of these things easy peasy lemon squeezy let's get to fake easy cookin preheat oven to 425 oh it says you can cook it directly on the middle rack I'm gonna do that I don't know how safe this thing is while the oven gets hot one of my other favorite snacks is cuties I love these all eat like three of my three guys eat these while it warms up throw that in and then the burger will take like two minutes to make so okay yeah so that'll go in there I think it says eight to ten minutes and then it's going to be ready and delicious for the veggie burgers you just warm them up for two minutes basically there's two patties in here and I'll play end up actually eating both but I'm gonna warm up one by one and enjoy cuddle it's like dog food oh my gosh can we enjoy my veggie burger that's gonna be it for today's video oh by the way I did take off my top because it is roasting hot here so I'm just in my sports bra but yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed today's video especially when you're on the go super busy you need something quick or you're just not in your routine like I have been but so yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed it if you guys did give it a thumbs up subscribe if you're not subscribed already turn in post certifications also make sure you guys check out the description box for everything that I talked about with home nutrition everything will be linked down below that's it I love you guys and I'll see you in the next video bye


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