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good morning good morning we are headed to the south of the island here today in Gran Canaria to these sand dunes that are supposed to be gorgeous but it can get very busy so we're gonna head out as fast as we can first we're gonna have some breakfast and I'm gonna prep some lunch so we're gonna take with us on the road I'll show you exactly what we're going to make and then we're gonna head out so for breakfast we're gonna first make some millet porridge for anybody who's gluten-free millet is actually a seed so it's gluten free so what I did last night is I actually soaked in vanilla I rinsed it and soaked it and I'm gonna drain it and the reason I do that is because it helps to get rid of certain inhibitors I can decrease the nutrient absorption and kind of one of the better perks of it is that it reduces the cooking time by about half so I used about 1 cups worth and I'm gonna just add to this pot we also got some with calcium fortified soy milk we're gonna add that as well just kind of covering it and I'm gonna turn this on so I'm just gonna add some cinnamon to this as well I like to be pretty generous with it so while this is cooking I'm going to quickly prep our lunch we went to groceries yesterday for lunch we're gonna be making an avocado toast plus a lentil salad I'll show you exactly when we eat it later today so for now I'm just going to show you the prepping part so we're gonna first cut up some bell peppers but before I add it to the container I'm first gonna add some lentils so we just got the jarred variety here which makes it really easy to just kind of grab and go I'm gonna drain it first because the water that the lentils are in that's where all those gas containing compounds are the ones that make you feel really bloated and make it fart a lot so we're gonna definitely drain this and also rinse it we're gonna just add these bell peppers to this container and now we're gonna cut up some cucumber to go in there as well and I think Robin likes it when there's some onions so that's pretty much it for prepping this lentil salad we're going to add a dressing – and everything but I'll show you that later today when we eat it for now this is really starting to boil we're going to reduce the heat and I'm gonna add a bit of chia seeds to this as well chia seeds also absorb a lot of fluids so again we might need to add more soy milk even still so while that's cooking away I'm going to just pack away this lentil salad that's now on the print and I'm also gonna pack away some of this low insult green olives and such a soccer fruit green olives I'm also gonna make sure I toast some of the bread first because I prefer it when the bread is if it were toasted than when it's kind of soft cool so this porridge is done and now to summarize there's about a cup of millet in there two cups of plant-based milk about two tablespoons or so of chia seeds and a whole bunch of cinnamon but the best part of any porridge is always the toppings there is a life Valley City being cut Matty I can take me so this is actually really good yeah yeah it's a nice change from the oh man it's a bit higher on protein also right yeah actually some women great when I returned from me before we head out I'm gonna really quickly make some flavored water this is something my cousin actually taught me and when I first saw it I was like oh my gosh what is in your water it looks really weird and then I started doing it and I've been hooked ever since so all we're gonna do is slice up some cucumber and some lime and then we're just gonna add this to our water bottle and then that weird floating stuff I saw in her drink is just chia seeds so we're gonna add about a teaspoon maybe half a tablespoon or so and then the most important part with this is you want to shake it right away so that the chia seeds don't gel at the bottom and that's it we're going to take this with us oh my god this place is incredible it's like you're in the Sahara but you're by the ocean don't be long okay boy so you saw the breakfast that we had this morning and then it was about an hour drive to where we are right now and for like the last two hours we've just been kind of running around and playing like kids running up and down the sides of the sand dunes and filming some stuff and running on sand is like an incredible incredible exercise there you go you said you wanted to work out on this trip really come on run yeah so both of us started to get really thirsty and hungry and I forgot the water in the car so he had an orange I had a plum but it hasn't sufficed like we're both still hungry and thirsty so I'm gonna run to the car right now grab a few more snacks and some water come back we're gonna hang up here a little bit longer and then especially given that there's like no one around still we came early enough that it's not too too too busy with tourists yet and then I think we're gonna head off to our next destination don't know where but somewhere where we can have our lunch they explained to me the benefits of chia seeds yeah I usually put it in the drink because it's just extra fiber especially when you're traveling and you know you're not really regular so then when you put the little chia seeds in it and then you're just drinking your fiber essentially and to me it's kind of like bubble tea no and especially when you flavor the water – oh it's so good we have pistachios we've got these oranges which are I think the most tasty juicy oranges we've had are these two kind of energy bars are pretty much as those date and nut bars you know which one do you want mine has dates almonds cashew nuts cocoa powder that's it four ingredients this tastes really good we actually have recipe like this on the block like these um chocolate energy balls tastes exactly like this you so happy he's got his snacks now really nice I think the sand is gonna start getting really hot Oh what's wrong yeah but you also need to keep walking look so cute because otherwise I get a sunburn and I left my flip-flops at the front oh this looks beautiful park all we've got here is a salad that we prepped this morning with some veggies and some lentils we're gonna crush these cashews into it and also this sauce it's pretty much just a little bit of vegetable oil and some spicy peppers and roasted paprika and things like that you've got some olives to snack on and we got some slices of toast we're gonna put some avocado on it some hot sauce tomato lime juice Robin also likes some onion on his I'm gonna steal it from the salad that's it and then we filled up our water bottle here again as well so we're gonna stay hydrated Robin really wants to eat he's like hurry up move it I'm used to this the reason we also brought a salad is because I noticed that we weren't gonna have any plant-based proteins otherwise and I love lentils for the protein and the fiber and it's just delicious and easy so we're just going to pour some of this on top and crush some cashews on there as well and there you go makeshift quick easy delicious wholesome holiday lunch on the go I love this hot sauce so much it's good it's really good so what'd you think it's pretty good really full I'm really really full we did a pretty decent job we finished our sandwiches we got through I'm gonna say like three quarters of the salads a lot of the olives I love olives I feel like I could eat olives all day every day forever it's like that one food where it's like if you could choose that one thing you eat over and over again olives green olives what would it be for you what does it say rice is good when you're hungry and you want 2,000 or something never just in the park for like two hours it was so nice we were just like laying down and didn't fall asleep but just just relaxing I think we're gonna try to see if we can go to this I don't even know what it is it's kind of like a park in the mountainous areas of the island maybe just get a drink hang out and then go off and find in or someplace I think that's enough of making meals ourselves while we're on holiday I think the next meal we're gonna purchase out somewhere I used to love mango juice as a kid it was like my go-to own it thick just like when I was a kid does my go-to drink fast juice look at that rainbow it's perfect no sir my symmetric Akinori that looks great nice you want to tell them what you got I got a poker ball with quinoa and tofu a whole bunch of different kind of veggies and some soy sauce sesame soy sauce I don't remember I know it's a lentil burger okay so we found this little gem who were actually headed somewhere else but they had vegan options on their menu so we tried it out I got a lentil burger and in it I have to look because I don't know exactly is a mustard coconut milk lettuce tomato some zucchini of vegan dill mayonnaise and some potatoes this looks super good and to drink I just got a decaf soy milk latte usually I'm fine with caffeine at night but just to be safe Wow the burger is bigger than the bun Matt dill sauce makes it everything good with the sauce is a victory and you ordered something else not certified vegetable sandwich with too good it's very well done we're both pretty full now and before it gets too dark and we're not gonna be able to film for much longer I just wanted to say thank you so much for following us on our journey I hope that you enjoyed this video pick up Lyme's signing off we'll see you in the next video it's just gonna fill out like never gonna be all sorry for this what am i doing you'll see I think I can see it I think you spelled it out for me


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