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hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna be showing you guys what I ate today so when I woke up I had a glass of cold water with lemon and I just like to take a quarter of the lemon squeeze out as much of the juice as I can and then just fill it with ice water and that's how I like to start my day so then I'm just taking some 12 grain bread and throwing that in the toaster and then I'm taking some Giovanni vanilla yogurt and some fruit and I'm just throwing that all into a bowl normally I get a yogurt with less sugar and like an all-natural organic brand but they didn't have it at the store so I just went with Chobani I'm also throwing some strawberries and fresh pineapple in there and then also some they are naked at granola and this isn't a cinnamon flavour so then I'm just putting some skins oh my gosh it kids say that Skippy natural honey peanut butter on my toast and that was my breakfast so this happened to be on my day off so after breakfast I went straight to the gym and I like to pack a post-workout snack today I packed the kind pop dark chocolate and sea salt but olive are they're super yummy and it's just a quick little snack after the gym so then when I get home around 11:30 I'm making lunch I'm just cutting up a salad so just taking these mixed greens some cherry tomatoes cutting those up I also added some red pepper just kind of sliced a quarter of a red pepper and added that and then a fresh cucumber from my dad's garden which was so yummy and then I'm just breaking up some fresh cilantro putting that on top and then I am taking a can of chicken and just using the tiniest bit of this olive oil Mayo just to kind of help mix up the chicken a little bit and then I am sprinkling that on the salad and then i'm using the Annie's honey mustard dressing which is so so good and that was my lunch so for a snack around 1:30 I'm just cutting up some watermelon throwing that in a bowl and just having that as a quick snack and then I was also hungry again at 4 o'clock so I'm making a protein smoothie I just put in some unsweetened organic soy milk and some crushed ice and I'm just kind of mixing that in and then I am adding my isolate protein oh my gosh I can't talk today protein and I'm just taking a little less than one full scoop and adding then I am gonna be going in with some oatmeal and this is probably just a full tablespoon of oatmeal just for texture in to thicken it up a little bit and then I am taking this organic shredded coconut it's unsweetened so it has no added sugar in it it's just really good and I kind of like the texture that it gives it again just kind of thickens up your shake and then I like to add just some cocoa powder obviously unsweetened and this just makes it kind of rich and cocoa powder is actually really good for you so I like to add that and then I am adding some flax seed and this is just really good for you you guys can research it it has so many benefits and actually ground flaxseed is the best obviously if you're gonna be blending it up it doesn't really matter but you benefit most when it is ground flaxseed so I'm just throwing some of that in there and then I just kind of give it a little shake oh I forget I add honey – yeah normally I don't do that but um I added honey today and it was actually really good it just made it a little extra sweet and again honey is really good for you so it's nice to kind of just add it in there and I give it a little shake and then I put it on the blender and just blend it up for about 30 seconds and it is so so good it's like a chocolate milkshake so then go for dinner today oh my gosh guys I'm sorry I seriously cannot talk I'm like stuttering all over the place I'm just taking some rice and beans that we had left over and then I'm taking some peas and just heating those up in the microwave I'm throwing an egg in with the rice just for some protein and then I'm adding some soy sauce and I threw the they really just saute that up super simple and quick and it's really really good it's just kind of like a yummy stir-fry so I had that for dinner with a water and then around nine o'clock I am starving I don't know why I get really hungry kind of like before bedtime so I'm just having some cereal with that same girl I had earlier and then some strawberries hand soy milk so yeah guys I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give me thumbs up and subscribe I love you guys so so much and I will see you in my next video bye


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    https://bit. ly/2KPAwlz

  2. Hi! I was just wondering, how much did you lose from dieting like this? 🙂 thanks!

  3. Yeah, I think your videos are the best

  4. FINALLY, someone who doesn't starve themselves… also your food looks great! I want to try it out myself

  5. You have the BEST what I eat in a day videos!! Healthy and realistic!

  6. I workout 5 days a week and I'm trying to follow what you eat. I see you don't have any diary, why is that?

  7. Noo, don't use honey with a metal spoon! Metal spoon destroys almost every benefits of it. Just use a wooden spoon. It hurts when I watch you taking honey with metal hahaha. xx

  8. OMG it's so unfair everyone on youtube eats like twice as much as me and is waaaay skinnier than me. I don't deserve these huge hips 😭

  9. I wanna try to recreate your protein smoothie in a dairy-free way. It looks amazing!

  10. love you Rylee, your so amazing 💕

  11. Gingerbread is the best, I'm getting those Autumn and Christmas vibes in early as well!

  12. Really healthy, but it all looks yummy. Do you know on average how many calories you eat? Thanks for sharing.

  13. You eat so healthy!! I bake a lot of sweets and I love junk food so my diet is not ideal. ^^"

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