What I Eat In a Day My Go-to Meals! | EP. 7 60 DAY CHALLENGE

today what I in today and basically I just wanted to show you guys my staples what I eat of it underneath it I'm sorry I got so hungry I ate the food before I recorded my introduction it's just tragic about why I'm not even a youtuber I'm an average so I wanted to record my staples my key dishes simple basic easy to do dishes nothing complex nothing too crazy sometimes I've been looking at some of these what I live in Ames and I'm like how do you have time to prepare all that just please tell me I need to know I needs understanding but seriously if you like this video make sure that you give this video a thumbs up and support your gal you actually make before we get into this actual video which were actually already in this video technically that's annoying I don't work throughout that that basically when it comes to food I'm a firm believer that I want every single person out there to eat not just a little nibble not be eaten just a thousand calories you need to be eating and consuming your food regardless of what your goals are whether you want to lose weight and be honored they said whether you want to bulk up and be on the surface you have to eat your food I feel like after working with thousands of hundreds of thousands of clients especially it's turning Scott back I still find a little women are scared of food and scare that a thought of eating maybe 1,700 calories on a surf that's dependent on how how much they weigh their goals their stats and the truth of the matter is if I was to drastically reduce your calories to basically thinner your body would go under starvation won't and you would just hold on to absolutely anything that you feed your body and it will store it as fat insulin as opposed to using it as energy and that's basically what we want to avoid it's about having a holistic approach to life having a lifestyle a healthy myself and not just a quick fat yo-yo diet that will help me see results in two weeks and then you'll just go back to that vicious cycle that I used to be in trust me when I tell you I was under eating so so much I wasn't seeing results I wasn't even losing weight because I was literally my body was just not responding to anything so that's why please I'm here to remind you that food is not your enemy food is your best friend and always remember that cars or cartridges cut the d'lai okay now I've just come to the gym we're gonna hit a little workout with Shane you can see him is over there now I trade with Shane once a week because nobody's ever what I'm doing everything like that but because you can never know everything abit Nick every single day is a learning day and to train with someone who's had 25 years experience for them to actually look at your form and perspective and then I can utilize that provider information with you guys it's just Kate so that's why once a week are trained with Shane have a body lower body whatever we fancy and then will affect our form you get a good stretch I'm not gonna record the whole session if you want to see the full line work out I'm going to post on my Instagram on the highlights that's a life so make sure you check that out so many I'll show you sick I'm sorry what by the way it was super set in this ship with that was abductors now again ad why together activation of abductions so I'm just using this machine to begin this so you abduct him outwards so it's a one-second pause before you release the wake back to its original position so we're super set in that with this machine so then with adduction away this is another 15 reps he's making me squeeze my thighs in the middle before releasing the weight again so that's why I look like I was basically giving birth the scarf finish the gym Oh Jack's got his country music on oh my god what was that you may as well I'm not spoken at all just like he always does oh my god my lips oh ho okay nobody needs to see that that's just way too close and personal and crusty but seriously the Rakatan is like proper dry and my skin out to the point where what's happening is every time I apply fake tan my body just does not grip onto the fake tan anymore no matter which fake tan I use because my skin is genuinely just changing completely because of the Rakuten I've got two more months and trust me I've tracked all of my progress and my journey so I'm gonna go for it all with you when the whole journey is over but I'm basically footage in really intense legwork I wanna see just curl up really excited because some of the workouts that we're doing with trying out for something exciting on side let's go so I have a strawberry protein shake here this is my soap way so when I always have frozen shake straight after my workout just to help with recovery muscle building you know all of that good stuff so protein shake super convenient it's super easy but that does not mean you can just rely on shapes and meal replacements that is definitely not I want you to do there's nothing better out there than proper proper food so always remember that this fake tan hand is giving my soul life look like it oh my god what I'm going to do now is then I go home and basically we bought loads of wood and a new wooden floor for the house because we're getting it revamped and we're not sure if we're gonna stay in the location that we're in now or actually looking at new houses we just really need somewhere just a little bit more for our family is that all of us can be all together and also because our office China's got offices in London we want to be as close to our office as possible this is convenient for us to get there I will be showing you our China sculpt office we have just literally rearranging it and getting a couple of bits and bobs done and then you get to meet the whole staff I'm so excited for you to meet the staff they are just such funny individuals they're the best human beings ever so yeah you're definitely gonna meet the team of course you are and then we're gonna do a little Q&A and to see what they're all about see what they're not saying I know you are watching this I'll see you on Monday a boss mosquito Monday ok anyway so yeah we've bought loads of like wouldn't knew when I feel for the house to refurbish it because the floor right now is just spot is terrible I absolutely hate it it's undone and then when I paint the whole house white so we're going to basically prep it and get it ready so if we do sell it it's gonna be ready for its new homeowners and they won't be need to do anything which obviously increases the value of your house and put some money to ward off buying our brand-new house which you want it to be a bit bigger I'm not going to lie so that's what we're doing so we need to essentially go all the way to another area to buy the remaining wooden floor that we don't have I know sounds complex but just bear with me so we need to go get a van hire a van to get the actual wooden floor and then I'm gonna do a bit of shopping whilst Jack does that because I need to get some stuff for LA we leave for LA in literally one week's time and I have so much shit to do I cannot believe how much I have to do is stressing me out so yeah now I have a photo shoot before I go LA and when I get to LA I have a five-day shoot five-day photo shoot we are it's the berry berry berry berry look at this look nice boost look at it I just came back home from Nando's I've got a couple of things from Zara I'm gonna show you what I got because I'm gonna start following what holiday starting with a holiday I'm going to LA but it's it's work literally we're working for five days whilst we're out there then we have a couple of collaborations really exciting collaborations whilst out there so it's not really like we're going to sitting by the pool catching some rays it's more like we're gonna be working and these girls right here these two buttons all right funny mister ruin me oh you so cute look at you years baby he is my boy but she had a groove and she's so cute I love so much I love you so basically Jack just left to take the van back and get the car because we got all the wooden floors you ready to see this that is all the wooden floor that's gonna go into my house that's ridiculous like how much this is and basically I don't if you guys can see it's like a really light beech wood and currently we have dark oak so it's gonna be a big change so Jack's got to take the van back and then buttons lit she start crying because she is I swear to god they're just connected by the souls I'm – they love each other so much and so but instead crying had a little bit of cuddle with her to calm her down but these two are so tackled it's unbelievable Oh baby baby okay they've just seen a bit of crumbs on the fall so they're just gonna ignore me oh my god you don't feed you Oh mommy's gonna go upstairs she's gonna show everyone what I just look at Bonnie I'm not going to try these on just repose trying on clothes at chisholm another workout in itself but I am doing a woman's best we're all I'm probably upload it tomorrow and they like me literally revamped and relaunched all of their outerwear also I am doing a giveaway in this videos so you just have to stay tuned to what it is that's a lot of things that these are staging right so the iessons but God I've got this asymmetrical shirt that's inside our because I tried it on in the change ring it's like off the shoulder love then I got this is inside out too and really pink the best with a fresh tanner you know look really cute I got some boyfriend jeans really light wash down it would look so cute with just this tucked in and maybe some white shoes I got this the best it's like a crop tops vests it's like all roughly I really like it then I got this black blazer I could tuxedo blazer and I think now looks so suave and um you know when I'm going out to dinner I mean bling-bling that look rocky and then I got this top this top I need to tailor it's amazing it's like a silky like breathe fresh Guinness ha see Beth but I need to alter the straps and make them a little bit smaller but I absolutely love this one I try to sound super cute and then the shoes I got this may not be for everyone but I really like these shoes they're like look at them I think you look super cute with some boyfriend jeans and then even just like a cute little vest top on in LA you know coffee just imagine me snaps that that's that's that taking that picture okay so yeah I've got these Hildegarde which I really love and that's why I've got love love love and I think I'm going to do a whole packing video so stay tuned for that anyways I'm ready for snack so basically I've come here to just see everyone chill with Holly she made me salmon green beans and rice and this is pretty much what I have on a regular basis and if it's not salmon its Cod or its chicken so really simple you guys know I have this pretty much all the freakin time on any what are you in a daze and it's just a staple it's a simple easy to cook meal and it's just good for you you're getting your micronutrients in your vitamins your carbohydrates your protein and your good source of fats with your salmon as well what seasoning did you add on this or pepper seasoning olive oil mm-hmm cooked in olive oil or pepper seasoning you can add a bit of salt as well okay and so I'm gonna eat this up my I'm back home now so I've just brought down my suitcases some more here I'm gonna start packing don't know what I'm going to record everything just look at that so much to pack but what I will be taking with me is quite a long active work the photoshoots that I'm doing are related to Turner sculpt and we're doing a couple campaign videos a couple of micro content with our ambassadors with some of our clients so I'm really freaking excited because I get to finally meet face to face with my la Turner sculptor bastards they're going to be part of the photoshoot yes I love them so so so much and also on Sunday the 12th of May I'm shooting all of the UK ambassadors which I'm just so thrilled about because they're just they're just amazing so really excited I will talk about ambassadors and kind of like where Tona sculptors going what is happening how fast it is expanding like oh my god the growth is just I cannot keep up that's how amazing that's going can we just I don't know why should I just just my hair just I'm just not feeling my hair isn't it there was a high day away like but um yeah I'm just so so thrilled but I'm gonna do a get ready with me where I could just have a little chitchat sit down with you so I'm taking a lot of up to wear with me and because I'm not releasing anything soon regarding my activewear line I still have to wear sort of unbranded just so you know and the best unbranded workout clothing for me is Lululemon a seal of Lululemon and what I mean brown-brown I mean just like not Instagram brands I mean just you know shop brands Lew's Therin are just the best I'm taking a great pair like a white great pair of black pair of online leggings a really great pair and then a blue pair as well so I'm keeping them quite you know the same colors and then we're doing a couple Beach shoots as well so I'm thinking more brighter colors with a couple shorts now speaking of Lululemon I know is ludicrously expensive I think it's honestly I do think it's very overpriced a very very overpriced and I value them and all the time of my YouTube videos and my workout videos and a lot of girls have said like I love the legs beat I just can't afford them so therefore I am giving away a $100 giftcard to one of you guys because I just think they are overpriced at the arcade she did shit so your guys helping you out one of you out so what I want you to do is give this video a thumbs up and make sure that you are subscribed to the channel I also want you to go ahead and follow Tony Scott app on Instagram that's what I want you to do and that's probably the most important thing that I want you to do and I will be checking and also comment down below a way that I can contact you I am going to post the winner on my mind not next YouTube video at the other YouTube videos so that probably Friday so make sure you check the description box there and I will contact that person personally as well so go go go anyway I'm gonna pack now and I will see you in the next video that I'm uploading a video tomorrow it's gonna be all to do with the new woman's best active weather it's gonna be a good one so I'll see you tomorrow remember to subscribe to this channel follow you go on Instagram and follow tennis golf on Instagram as well why not comment down below and in future videos you'd like to see I'm ever ditching know is that my smell I still haven't showered I saw a shower nice smell oh my god Oh Who am I and remember that I've treated of you in the firmer you guys I just you guys on the team you guys are mad oh my god I just looked at myself in the camera I used to go I used to go get myself ready ok bye lovie


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