What I Eat in a Day! Motivation to get out of fitness slump…

Good morning everyone and welcome back to my channel. I have been on this long, long fitness slump And I haven’t hit the gym in a really long time But this past week I have been forcing myself to go to both the gym and yoga class. And I’m actually pretty proud of myself. I just wanted to document myself today, What I eat, and just exercising as much as I can. Here we go! And if you guys are also going through something similar as me, Hopefully we can get our butts to the gym together. I’m actually going to hit the gym in the morning And then I’m going to take a yoga class at night. I have here my little collection of blender bottles. I’ll go with the orange one today. By the way, the protein that I take is the Orgain Organic Protein. Because I have PCOS, I can’t drink whey protein because it has dairy. So I like to go with a vegan option. I’m also going to take BCAA. This is my first time trying the capsule type and it’s not too bad. Alright, let’s go! Before I head to the gym, I wanted to talk to you guys about some workout clothes. I wanted to share with you guys about a brand called Fabletics. I’m wearing one of their leggings right now and I love these. I have been wearing these to death. I’ll show you guys some outfits a little bit later in the video when I go to yoga class But the way it works is really easy, You go on the site, you take a style quiz, It takes about 60 seconds, They will create a showroom of pieces that are personalized for you And after you take the quiz, you can enter in your email address so you can get exclusive discounts And you can be the first to know about their product updates. I’ll have a link in the description bar, you can go on there And you can get 2 leggings for $24 which is $99 in value which is a steal. These are called the High-waisted Powerhold Leggings. So for breakfast today I’m going to make a breakfast burrito. I’ve been obsessed with this. I’m going to take a pan and fry up the onions first. Also while that’s going, I’m going to put the turkey on the side. Pinch of salt. Just a little bit. A little pepper. And now we’re gonna make this scrambled style. Hashbrowns is essential. Tortilla’s nice and hot. Hashbrowns. Fold the end. And there you have your breakfast burrito. So exciting! Just finished my breakfast and I’m feeling a lot more energized. I asked you guys to ask me some questions a while back on Instagram But I never had the chance to answer them So I’m going to answer them right now. How do you maintain your shape? Your shape never seems to change. I’ve mentioned this before but I have kind of a hard time gaining weight on my body And I know that might come across like showing off I’m not showing off in any way This is something I have struggled with my whole life If I do gain weight, the first place that I gain weight is on my face. I have quite a bit of cheeks. My personal friends know this about me But my cheeks have been a really big insecurity of mine ever since I was young And it still is, but it’s getting a little bit better But it’s tough because I’m trying to gain weight But the only place I’ll see weight gain is on my face So it’s kind of a struggle. I do notice a little bit of gains on my arms When I see photos of myself with a sleeveless top, My arms look a little bit bigger which makes me really happy. On the topic of insecurity and body image, I used to be really insecure about my body being too scrawny looking To the point where I would never wear sleeveless tops It’s gotten a lot better over the years as I started to gain more self-confidence And just not giving a crap about what other people think. Because honestly noone really cares, It’s just all in here. I’ve been grinding it out for the past four hours or so And I’m starving. I haven’t even had a sip of water which is so bad. I’m starving and I have nothing in my refrigerator right now So I’m going to head to the grocery store. I’m going to go to yoga a little bit later So I don’t want to eat anything too heavy. Alright, I’m going to go to the grocery store and I’ll be right back! I’m back from the grocery store. I got chicken breast And I also got some meatballs And I’m going to make a pasta with it. With my Green Lentil Penne. And honestly I don’t even know what I was thinking. I got some spinach because I really want to add more greens into my diet. But here goes nothing! And also got little muffins. These things are so good! And I also got myself some lemon ginger kombucha. This is going to be a very not fancy pasta. And that is lunch ladies and gentlemen! Pasta’s better with tobasco sauce. First off, I just want to talk about how amazing these leggings are. This is a really nice, thick, durable material. It’s definitely squat proof. This is one of my most worn tops when I head out to yoga class or I’m heading to the gym And I’ve actually seen something like this at Lulu Lemon Quite expensive so I’m really glad I found this one. This one’s a really cute jacket that I like to wear to class. It’s very form-fitting. This is actually a two-piece. It comes with a sports bra and a little cover up tank. A really cute pink sports bra and I love this jacket! So those are some of my favourite pieces from Fabletics. They change their pieces out pretty frequently So if you like any of the pieces you saw in this video, you might want to check them out pretty soon while they are in stock. I wanted to show you guys how easy it is to find the leggings I was talking about. Just go to Bottoms at the top menu, Leggings & 7/8 And then you want to scroll down, And it’s right here. This is called the High Waisted Solid Power Hold. So you can get 2 for $24 which is kind of a steal. If you are in the market for some new workout gear Because you’re like me and you want to get back into the fitness grind, check them out! Hi! You’re Michelle? So I am back from yoga. Now we’re going to make the fish sauce. I don’t know if I’m doing this right So I’m just gonna put in a little bit of the fish sauce. Also going to squeeze in some lime. Throw in a little bit of garlic. A little bit more. On the recipe it says to chop up some chile. I don’t have that so I’m going to use this. Throw in some like that. Gonna start off with my lettuce. You want to keep it kind of away from the ends cuz you have to fold it in like a burrito. A little mint. Throw on some chicken breast. Throw in some vermicelli. Now I’m going to wrap it once. Fold the ends. Place my shrimp right here. As tightly as you can. And there you have a summer roll. I’m going to cut it in half. So good!


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