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hello and it's me hey guys I'm going to be doing a what I eat in a day today if you are just now on my channel welcome hello my name is Amanda I've been vegan for over four years now kind of wild this is not my normal kitchen first of all I am visiting my family in Phoenix for this morning I went to making a tofu scramble few of your noise in the back because this is a small home and there's gonna be a lot of people around me so I'm gonna show you guys the ingredients we have the tofu block right there but this is just extra firm tofu and I had this in a paper towel overnight you don't have to do this you could just have it push down on a cast iron with paper towels for like about I don't know like 10 minutes you should be Gucci and then right here I have some mushrooms some cherry tomatoes spinach cilantro and onion we definitely need onion and then I got some avocado but later as my side dish I have some quinoa that we cooked about like two days ago and in it I just added some garlic salt some pepper and some parsley it just looks really good so yeah I'm just gonna go ahead and throw everything in a skillet and hopefully everything comes together these are the spices I will be adding into my tofu scramble garlic powder paprika turmeric red chili pepper and coriander and then I'll also probably be adding some pepper and garlic salt alright let's get cooking all right time to finally eat it's also super hot in here my hair down this is probably like one of the easiest breakfasts you can make if you have the time to cook it really does not take much you know skill you just throw things on the skillet and hope it turns out also this is the best hot sauce salt I'm not sponsored but I wish it was kind of just like throughout it all over my food oh yeah that's the stuff well so higher than the avocado in the cilantro on top but literally I made this for my mom who isn't even vegan in my amp and they loved it so if you have family members that aren't vegan but you like want them to try some of your food make them tofu scramble you'd be surprised all right cool I'm gonna finish this and I'll get back with you at lunch hello I'm back and fresher than ever I'm currently in my bathroom if it was not obvious you guys see the toilet it's been five hours since my breakfast I was the gym I showered at the side note I don't go to the gym very often it's been like a month since I've been so today was really really rough I was dying after 15 minutes of cardio I'm so hungry right now my mom was such a sweetheart she like cut up some mango for me so I'm gonna snack on this right now as I do my makeup and get ready I think it's like 4:30 right now so I'm gonna get ready and then hopefully I can like you know make my dinner later or my linner if it's not really dinner time yet this is what happens when you wake up late in the day and then have your breakfast at noon you kind of just end up skipping like lunch or dinner or combine it into linor and that's me so I look like such a child we believe I'm 22 okay well bye that's the update for you guys I am done getting ready and now it's time to make 5:30 so dinner I decided I wanted something with like protein and carbs so I can like fuel my body after working out so I decided I'm gonna do a marinara pesto pasta with this vegan chicken that I got I feel like I'm trying to perform but I don't remember how it tastes so we're just gonna see and try it out so I already have the water boiling I try to go for like non-gluten faucet because they just digests better and I feel better afterwards so I'm gonna eat this brown rice pasta everything I got from Trader Joe's to make it easier for you guys yeah let's go ahead and make this pasta the water is going wild wild and out right now look at that okay this is such a small part Oh God cut off the bat okay there we go small pots but we're gonna make it work I'm going to just saute some onions and mushrooms then I'm going to add my marinara sauce and some pesto and the chicken and then by the time the sauce is like all ready to go I'm gonna throw that pasta and then I don't even think this is olive oil I think it's like canola if I were you use olive oil I mean I didn't record me chopping this because you guys already saw me chop this this morning and it's not very exciting but I used a quarter of an onion and a few mushrooms like a handful you know whatever works okay you know what no problem if that happens just lower the heat down just a tad makes this stir a bit awesome so much better all right I'm gonna drip more oil I get Cindy sometimes this looks so good yes baby show use all of them I'm easily sick huh who throws them and goes the fake chicken this is the part where I'm gonna make everything silent and I'm gonna add music starting now how do you like the pasta this is my little sister Evelyn she's young again with the hot sauce it's my thing what can I say they what's the money it's a mess this chickens honestly pretty bomb if you won't like to eat fake meat in your life the texture is very similar to chicken I think mmm wanton sweat him from how good it is so I just wanted to mention this really quick the meat I added into my pasta I looked at it and threes tenders like those strips I showed you there are only a hundred calories and they have 15 grams of protein and one and a half grams of fat I'm just saying people say fake meats like not the healthiest for you but I feel like this is like an okay you know alternative to me if you guys are looking for something with like no saturated fat and a lot of protein so there you go the little nutrition and me how to say that if they don't have vegan options I may cry where she at though I mean Ben & Jerry's has a vegan one but there's also a lot of the in brands yes ok now what do I choose that's the question this is super hard peanut butter chocolate fudge okay guys I said I was going to be healthy so I'm gonna do a little top one because I could eat entire pint and I can't feel bad about myself so I would do think this one idea okay guys so I'm going to try this halo top oatmeal cookie ice cream the entire pie is 280 calories so this is so healthy what I eat in a day hmm you could taste there's pieces of coconut not coconut of the oatmeal in there yeah what's good oh yeah um but yeah I'm gonna play a movie you know I'm join my summer break that was the video I hope you guys enjoyed this what I eat in a day it was kind of sporadic it was all over the place but I hope you guys still enjoyed it if you guys ever see more of these types of videos be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe down below if you guys don't mind seeing my face again but yeah that was it and time to guys later bye


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