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hey guys and welcome to or back to my channel so today's video I'm going to be doing a what I eat in a day as a sustainable vegan I have been vegan for three years almost three years and it's the best decision that I've ever made I don't follow any high carb low fat high fat low carb I'm not anything I'm just vegan I don't want to label myself in the vegan because I intuitively eat and I could really go off with it so this morning I actually already had breakfast because I'm starting this really really late it was like 1 o'clock right now but I had some school then to get down at a unit test and I'd to write a research paper so that was what I did this morning but before I eat breakfast I had to these little muffins they're like these banana bread muffins sort of things they're pretty good pretty tasty not like the best but they got the job done and I had some chai tea with some soy milk and I just ate that and then I finished out my schoolwork and then once I was ready for breakfast I had a black cherry what's it called Black Forest I think I had that for breakfast [Applause] oh my god but it just happened I'm your breakfast I ended up having two more muffins before my workout because I was just a little peckish about it I'm gonna try to show you guys my supplements also today because I get that question so much what supplements I take and also if you guys haven't seen my latest video I'll link it down below I'm so excited I came out with imperil and you guys should definitely check it out it's limited edition so if you want it I will link it down below I thought that I'll show you guys my supplements because you guys always ask for that but the first three that I take are a vitamin d3 and I also take a b12 but I can't find it right now because we just want to vacation my dad took it so it's in his bathroom but anyway I've been taking a d3 for a while now just because I don't get out in the Sun that much during winter because there isn't any Sun so this is really important for your mood for your skin for your hair for your nails for literally everything so I take if I'm in d3 and I take a vitamin vegan all vegan b12 from the same brand this is my favorite vitamin bran is my kind organics boys on this focusing I get them at Whole Foods and then these next ones are the things that I definitely suggest everyone to take because I find a lot of people don't take these and the vegan community and just in like the health community in general and they're super super important so the first one is iodine you can also get this storm iodized salt I use Himalayan pink salt so that's why I take this as a supplement but if you guys don't do iodized salt I doesn't suggest getting that an iodine supplement or eating things like seaweed and kelp and everything like that because it's really important even if you're not vegan saginaw and I take is a vegan omega-3 DHA EPA you guys can find us on Amazon I'll try to link all the supplements I take in the description box below DHA is so so important and I know that a lot of people just say that you can get it from flax seeds and chia seeds but those have a mega threes in it but the DHA and the epa epa is what our body converts it to and sometimes our body can't absorb all those nutrients and can absorb the Megas and the right since so I definitely suggest getting a DHA supplement I find that the most common reason that vegans the vegan community drop out of the vegan committee is because their mega 3 to mega sex ratio is an imbalance so I've been taking this just as a precautionary thing I feel a lot better yeah so I definitely suggest the best taken th hey our last things I take is a organic plant calcium I try to take this every day some days I forget you want to make sure that you get a really good quality plant calcium and you want to make sure that the vegan calcium a lot of costumes are derived from like mo bones I stuff like that and obviously we do not want that stuff in our bodies so other things that I kind of consider supplements are like wines grilling their brother crushed cheese powder mushrooms you don't need those but there are so we're good because they're super high in nutrients and as dense as very good its nutrients you obviously do not need them you can just eat spinach and kale but greens are super super imprint in the being a diet and just and you die in general because that's where we get most of our nutrients from so every single day I try to have a lot of greens I usually have some sort of a south pole for lunch then for dinner I always have a seam prints team veggies everything bad yeah just really print to get those things and your diet so I think that I'm gonna do some more school and then I think that I'm gonna be at making some lunch pretty soon and I need to clean the kitchen because I'm not realizing that there's smoothie everywhere so I have three pieces of bread here because I'm a hungry girl and this is actually that I get from as well this is really crickets and it's really good it's made from a buckwheat this is sure that I got some dark purple tail and I just put some in turmeric on it okay probably gonna do that without and then some paprika so I'm to pudding and I just kind of you know this is some fermented hot sauce that we made this stuff is milena pink salt on is me lunch I love steamed kale so much you guys want me to do a mukbang hate talking while I'm eating so this disturbs you're definitely suggest skipping a little bit but everyone keeps asking me to do Oh see you there it's actually the next day now um yesterday I ended up filming a summer playlist like a vibey summer playlist video which is one of my favorite videos I've ever uploaded I think I just I'm such a music freak I love music I listen to music 24/7 I'm I was listening music all morning and it just makes me so happy that nothing else in the world we're just kind of bad makes me as happy it's just like listening to music and jamming out so I was super excited to get that out so I uploaded that just then and right now I'm not really doing anything but last night I ended up having some mac and cheese for dinner it's a recipe that I adapted from my ebook if you guys don't know I have 9 plus recipe book it's called thrive no vegan and it's linked down below always and yeah so I did that but I substitute the carrots for more cashews than that because I didn't have any carrots and I just wanted it to be like a fettuccine sort of thing so I had that for dinner and I also think that I'd like experice on it because I was like I should probably have some sort of green in this meal so it's not just rice and cashews so I had some experice I ended up having that two bowls too that I think I've had I get in the middle oh yes you had to ice cream bars you're the vicuna banana ones that they're vegan ice cream bar made bananas and coconut milk and the coating is like cacao powder coconut oil my coconut sugar I think I don't really know that grace but they're so tasty and it wasn't so hot yesterday it was like 93 degrees I think in bashing Midtown and where I'm living right now the Northern Californian spring which is not right well warming is real my peoples so I was actually dying but yeah thank you guys so much for watching if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below also we'll leave a comment I freaking the adore your guys's comments I've never talked about this but like reading your guys's comments makes me so so happy so please leave a comment if you have anything to say or if you have any other things that you want to add or if you want to criticize my diet anyway go ahead and leave it I don't really care and I will see you guys very very soon I thought I just kind of show you guys my progress on the guitar I've made quite a lot of progress in my opinion I know like six quarters which is good for me I have no capo and no tuner so we're just doing really good oh my god just kiss oh and we fit on that really like Tracy song right now they're like everyone hates but also loves at the same time like the old town I got that horses in the back yeah we're gonna we're gonna do that one like this is gonna be so embarrassing to upload onto the Internet oh yeah hope you enjoyed that little melody of me and it's piercing the crap out of myself I'm fine just to a player like I don't really care it's like you know


  1. I love all your videos!!! Just one advice, if you want to practice and get better at singing and playing it's much better if you tune your guitar before practicing! It helps you to get to the correct notes with your voice 🙂 keep on doing it!!!!! xx from Barcelona!!

  2. You have such a bright spirit and your voice is amazing✨

  3. hhhahhhhhhh the guitar part sounds like shit but it will be better if you keep practicing

  4. chords were fine you just needed to be on the same tone as them! but your singing is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  5. You are such a talented singer and (learning) guitarist! It would be great if you made a video maybe explaining all the macro and micro nutrients we need in our diets, even though you aren't a nutritionist, because I think a lot of people are unaware or aren't properly informed about what exactly we need to put in our bodies (I was guilty of this a couple of weeks ago!) xxoo

  6. where are those overalls from in your intro?!?!?! They're so cute!

  7. I don't even know why I watch your vids honestly I'm not even vegan, but I guess its your personality, but I've never understood veganism I mean if you have to put the label vegan on something its not even the product anymore for example vegan ice cream, its not ice cream anymore because its completely diff products than what ice cream is actually made of. Also the fact that you can't eat products that come from animals??? Its not harming the cow when you milk it and chickens produce so many eggs that not all of them can be fertilized so its not like youre eating a chicken when you have eggs. I understand being vegetarian but…. Yeah

  8. Global warming?? It’s almost May. Of course nice weather is coming lol

  9. Okay i just had to say this! Try out for the voice, you sing so good

  10. Omg your class at singing🎶💙

  11. AmaIng video Pippin! And your voice is so beautiful! In terms of the guitar, you can look up a tuner on YouTube or an app:)

  12. i love your videos, BTW you have a really good singing voice!!

  13. Ok, that Black Forest smoothie bowl sounds like SUCH a good idea.🙌🏼 Just out of curiosity, did you workout this day? If so, could you share it?

    You seem to be glowing lately, much love!💕

  14. diy hot sauce video!! <3 plz that looks amazing

  15. Your so beautiful pippin ilysm

  16. what is the song at the end? A Remix of dont worry be happy? 😮 🙂

  17. Pippin, you are literally my inspiration to pretty much everything. Thank you so much for poppin in here and just being you. Much love!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. reading comments makes her happy, such an naive girl god damn such a MEME you are NOT SPECIAL

  19. typical girl that gets plowed by three black dudes

  20. I would like to become a vegetarian or a vegan, but I’m allergic to all nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios, all that stuff) + coconut, and a LOT of recipes I find on the internet have these ingredients in them 😕 Could you do a video or something where you show your favourite nut-free meals ? 💕🌻

  21. Omg I love your videos so much. They are so inspiring and just great quality. I always get good vibes from them. You are amazing!

  22. You always look gorgeous pippin but idk what it was in this video you just looked so amazing!! Loved the video ily❤️❤️☺️☺️

  23. I love all your clothes so much!! also great video!

  24. can you do things to know before going vegan ? :))

  25. I Love your 'what I eat in a day' so much.
    They always inspire me to try new meals.😍


  27. Biggest inspiration ever, I love u so much🌻🐝💛 thank you so much for allowing us to have a look into your life and get new inspiration 💛💛

  28. If u found a company or farm etc that sells actually healthy free range chickens or cows would u have eggs and dairy??? Xxx


  30. Can you plz do a muckbang!!! I love you and your channel!

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