What I Eat in a Day (healthy slimming recipe ideas!)

hey guys so today I'm going to show you what I eat in a day thank you for all your comments asking because you're so curious as to what I eat and so I took a day to record everything and here's the video now the first thing I do when I wake up is I check Twitter Facebook Instagram Tumblr and email I know it's not a great habit but I feel so connected to you that I just need to see you right when I wake up so Twitter is the first thing that I check and make sure to retweet favorite and just check in and creep on you guys then I go brush my teeth because it's really important to keep your pearly whites nice and shiny there's time to drink water I always make sure to drink water in the morning preferably with like a lemon or some type of fruit in there to really start up my metabolism and also slow I'm not dehydrated water is really important it wakes me up and it tastes so great after that one of my main meals that I love eating are the Blogilates banana pancakes now these are completely paleo you just need one banana and two eggs and blend it up or if you don't have a blender you can wash it up just make sure it's really smooth and put on the pan at low medium heat flip it and then you've got banana pancakes honestly they are so good I cannot get over them after this I get ready for my workout so whether I'm going for a run or going to the gym or teaching a pop pilates class this is when I do it and I like to wear my bright Nikes and get out there and you have a good workout when I get back I'm kind of hungry so I usually have a protein shake or some type of snack so today we are making one of my staples which is just a strawberry banana protein shake with some protein powder one banana some frozen strawberries almond milk a little bit of ice and then you blend it up so that's it seriously one of my favorites so after half my protein shake I usually take a shower and change that I'm fresh for the rest of the day then I'm checking email designing stuff taking phone calls meetings whatever it is the days seriously feels non-stop I usually have to have a snack here so today I'm having celery and hummus usually it's carrots and hummus but it couldn't find anything today and also another great combination is apples and peanut butter or even carrots and peanut butter I know it's crazy but you have to try it for lunch I usually have a salad it really fills me up and I can put a ton of stuff on there I am totally into seafood so today I have romaine lettuce and spring greens along with imitation crab and shrimp right on top with a spritz of lemon and my favorite dressing right now is Asian peanut vinaigrette from Trader Joe's seriously try it it's kind of sweet it's kind of spicy it's perfect after lunch I go back to working again on more and more stuff like I said it's nonstop and after a while I get hungry again so we have dinner sometimes we'll eat dinner at home or I'll go out with friends and one of my favorite things to eat is lettuce hops actually shows you guys how I make my lettuce cups or lettuce wraps in my last two plants video so go ahead and try that one out and of course lots of water and I go back to blogging now like logging at night because I feel like it's quieter and I have more time to think and really get into it blogs have become a lot more intense for me cuz so much has been going on that I really want to think about it contemplate put some more emotion into my blog post supports more Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and all that jazz and I know you guys are always on your phone too so no judging if I am hungry which often times I am I mean who doesn't like to eat I may need a snack so when my favorite snacks or you know past dinner desserts it's actually cost cookie it is seriously so easy to make it is ridiculous and it tastes like a real cookie so what you do is you take a quest bar today I'm using raspberry white chocolate and I put it in the microwave for about 10 to 12 to make is soft and I quarter it after corn red I press it into little circles and put in the oven at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for about four minutes yes literally four minutes they puff up it comes out and they smell amazing and then they're crunchy they were so good so guys that's basically what I eat in a day changes from time to time it usually it's very high protein and it's low carb and if I am training for something I definitely go super low carb but my meals changed depending on the season but right now I'm totally all about the salads so that is what I eat in a day if you want to show me what you eat in a day go ahead and upload your photos and hashtag Blogilates so I can see and that's all guys let me know if you have any questions on what I ate and I will talk to you later bye I love you once your mixture has this nice frothy texture you're good to go look everything is mixing in so nicely the whole aroma is coming together as one unified


  1. Love you so much
    Your si healthy

  2. I'm pretty late on this, but this video is great! I started following your facebook page and even set a default to see your stuff first on my feed. That way if you ever post a quick exercise video, I stop what I'm doing and follow along. It's a great reminder to get up every now and then!

  3. Has any body tried the banana pancakes r they good

  4. Ughhh, I'm 15 and I wish I could eat healthy, but the vegetables in the fridge at my moms are always expired, and the meals we eat are so unhealthy. I'm also vegetarian and need to eat more protein, so I have to make my own dinner a lot. I can't wait to move out so I can eat better. I feel so much better physically and mentally when I do. And I don't want to force my food preferences onto my family any more than I already do!!!!!!!!! bleh.

  5. I think this looks like a fine amount of food

  6. I just started following you and all of your videos are so helpful also I do the same thing banana pancakes but I also add cinnamon rlly tasty

  7. I loved it. Unlike others u actually eat! Or all they have is soups, veggies n lemon water😛

  8. Where u usually bought frozen fruits ♥️

  9. gosh i eat lesser than her and its all healthy but shes still slimmer than me

  10. I love Quest bars! I’m gonna have to try making cookies out of one, that’s such a good idea!

  11. You do not want to know what I eat in a day. My diet is my biggest problem and my hardest thing to change. Most people think I am being stubborn, but I have Adult Restrictive Food Intake Disorder so food is a challenge.

  12. Almost everyone commenting about what's good and what's bad for her but honestly those banana pancakes look so ddaeng good!! Better get up from bed and make them..😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Today I made popsicles with 6 ripe fresh peaches and 1 super ripe frozen thawed banana. They taste super good and they're 100% healthy.

  14. Do you add fat to your diet? If so, what kinds of fats?

  15. Ah, thanks for this!

  16. The best thing in the universe is eggs with peanut butter.

  17. Love this! My girlfriend has recently got me into healthy eating and has made a massive difference to my days. If you have time check out her blog at www.georgieeats.co.uk

    Would be great to hear what you think 🙂

  18. Hi I would like to inform everyone that the mini pancakes are NOT AS EASY AS THEY LOOK!

  19. The banana pancake never works in my pan 😀 ;((( its always a banana scrumble 🙁

  20. Your bedding is so so cute I love it!!

  21. I workout at night is it OK coz I can't wake up in morning

  22. who else thought she was going to actually drink that banana egg smoothy? i did because i was watching the video with the sound off :'D :'D

  23. I eat a lot of salad at school like a hot wings salad it is so good

  24. Is that Sam at dinner?

  25. I was thinking 5 minutes ago I'd try carrots and peanut butter 🙂

  26. You should do a morning routine

  27. That's her fiance that ate with her. But then we did not know him.

  28. Dear Casey, I just want to let you know how you have IGNITED my fitness journey 4 years back. I didn't understand how you could talk effortlessly and do those leg raises all together! You helped shaped my workout programmes and my physical body too. (; Thank you! Love you!

  29. Can you drink coffee when trying to loose weight and tone up?

  30. those banana pancakes seriously… never knew healthy food can be that tasty

  31. How did you manage to keep the pancakes puffy? My wife’s keep coming out flat and black.

  32. That shrimp salad is sooo good. It filled me right up too

  33. She’s like who doesn’t like to eat? Well I’m recovering from anorexia so I don’t like to eat 😒

  34. A friend of mine found the “sowo hope site” on Google. She dropped 14 pounds in just a very few days. Im trying this diet now plus the results so far have been far beyond my wildest dreams. It arrives tremendously suggested. You can find it on Google.

  35. She wears makeup to sleep

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