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hello gorgeous and welcome to my channel I'm Jordan and today I'm here with a fitness update and with that I'm going to show you guys everything from what I eat in a day to kind of like my workout routine and what's been keeping me on track a big struggle of mine has been snacking so I included some healthy easy snacks in here and I hope you enjoy so much also the items that I'm wearing and this vlog are actually all from curved so shout out to them I love the sports bras look at that detail look at that back but yeah isn't that gorge I love love love it anywho um but gap so I'll just kind of guy take you through a brief day with me on my fitness journey I hope you all enjoy okay so my first meal of the day is usually some type of green smoothie for this one I chord one apple and I also use like two handfuls of spinach a cup of strawberries frozen pineapples and frozen mangos I love frozen fruit in my smoothie here are measuring out two cups of water and I also add one scoop of protein powder and one tablespoon of black seeds and I mix that all together and I'll leave all the details of the ingredients below and basically that's it that's the first meal before the gym and I love this because it hydrates me and gives me all the nutrients I need without making me too full so now I usually move on to gym time and I usually stretch a little bit and warm up with some cardio I usually don't do more than 10 minutes whenever I'm weight training because I don't like to overdo it but yeah and I kind of run on an incline and increase the speed as I go for my workouts I'm constantly switching it up but I usually do some form of cardio for a warm up I'm not done with my fitness challenge clearly but I am so in love at the progress that I've made thus far and here you sit see me I'm sipping on some BCAAs in my water which I'll have another video about like more about working out and my supplements that I'm taking okay and this is why I never wear makeup to work out because I'm vlogging I tried to be cute and now it's all sorted only see all YouTube only for y'all and once I'm done with my workout I head straight to the fridge and I get another cup of the smoothie that I made earlier and I forgot to mention but my smoothies usually gild four servings but yeah then I step on that line make my next meal my real breakfast which is an egg sandwich so clearly you'll need eggs for this I like organic brown eggs and I love these whole-wheat Slim's that I get from Trader Joe's and I use half an avocado as well this is a really simple I just spray with some canola oil spray and I go ahead and separate the egg and just cook one egg white and for my second egg I make a poached egg clearly you can do two egg whites but I love poached eggs and here is just my toast coming out and while that's coming out I go ahead and slice my avocado in half like so and this just makes it come out perfect every time and from here I take my poached egg place it and I'm going to put my avocado slices on the other half of my egg Benedict like sandwich I love this this is pretty much my favorite go-to breakfast meal high in protein high in healthy fats low in carbs but still healthy whole wheat carbs the next thing I'm going to go ahead and get some tea I love tea tea lever over here today I'm reaching for green tea and I have like a cup or two of tea every single day it just relaxes me and now I'm here for my favorite part of the day breakfast and usually after this is when I do my devotional time and prayer time and it really just gets my day going okay so you see this lovely plate of snacks I'm going to show you how I make all these throughout the day but I believe we're going to start with the yogurt parfait and yeah they're super super easy and all healthy okay so for the yogurt I use organic plain non-fat yogurt that I get from Trader Joe's and I cut these fresh fruits I usually like to use dark berries today I decided to add some color with the strawberries and super simple I put half the fruit in there pour my yogurt like so and then repeat and this is a high protein rich dense food and yogurts just great for you so now we're on to the meeting meeting okay so this is my lunch for the day and as you can see it's steak with a lovely salad so for here Trader Joe's again I'm using some tops – sirloin steak and I'm just showing you all my seasonings which is salt garlic pepper I'm sorry garlic powder pepper thyme and lemon pepper and I just season the meats like so and I'm just gonna show you how to get the perfect steak every single time I mean it so I take my cast-iron skillet I spray it with some pan oil and then I also take some olive oil stir that around put my seasoned meats in there and all as well my stove is heating up I put it on broil which is basically just top heat and I cook it for six minutes on each side so this is six minutes I dumped some mushrooms in it while I'm flipping over to the other side and I cook it for another six to eight minutes and this is for a nice medium-rare steak while that's cooking I go ahead and take some organic black beans stove top cook that and prepare my salad again I'm getting some organic baby spinach and I chopped that up like so for my salad and I go ahead and put some pepper on top and of course you need a cute wooden salad bowl so here I'm taking the other half of the avocado from earlier this morning a cup of those black beans that I was cooking and I'm gonna take some onions and carrots and add on some goat cheese I love my cheese but basically you can make this how you want cuz it's so flavorful for dressing I'm just using half of a lemon or a little zest and there you have a delicious avocado bean salad with some steak i don't usually eat steak but sometimes I crave it and I actually only ate half of this so for dinner I'm eating the other half of a steak with a whole new salad and it's on point okay so on to the desserts again some more snacks this is super easy I'm using brown rice organic rice cakes also from Trader Joe's which are amazing and I'm actually using this Justin's hazel nut spread and I would say that's probably around two tablespoons and I spread that around and for the other snack I basically take one ripe banana and I cut it into several slices and I also take some more of just ins at this time with almond butter and I spread that on top of it like so on all the little individual pieces and I love love love the snack because it's super super easy and you can eat it just like that but I'm actually going to add some sliced unsalted dry roasted almonds on top because it makes it nice and crunchy and it's just like the perfect finger food snack and that pretty much does it for what I eat in a day thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up if you did and then comment below any questions or thoughts you may have or any recipes anything literally anything I love reading comments oh yeah and subscribe for more weekly videos because yeah if you don't hit that button you're not going to know when I put the next one out and we don't want that do we alright well god bless a spread like deuces you


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