What I Eat In A Day | Healthy Meals & Snacks | Digestion/IBS-Friendly

hi everyone happy new year I thought I'd kick off 2018 with another what I eat in a day video a lot of you guys really love these so that's what I'm gonna do today I've had a few days off over the holidays as well so I thought it was a good time to film this kind of thing so as always I am a really big fan of keeping meals and snacks really simple yet totally healthy of course and many of you know I've followed a grain free diet for quite some time because of IBS but most recently I've reintroduced a couple of grains that you'll see in today's video and it's been really really lovely so anyways let's get started so I'm starting off my morning with a little bit of golden milk I have a video up of one of the recipes that I like to use I have here my homemade choice spice mix that I just have in a jar and I throw that into a mug with some turmeric some boiling water and then I've got some homemade hemp milk that I'm using for my golden milk today and I'm just in loving golden milk in the morning these days it's just nice and warming and of course anti-inflammatory and it's just a nice way to wake up in the winter because it is freezing cold outside right now so for breakfast I usually start having breakfast probably around 10:30 between 10:30 and 11:00 or so and I'm gonna be doing a pretty simple omelet today and I'm just using up some of the veggies that I have in my fridge so I've got some bell pepper some broccoli a little bit of kale and I'm just gonna chop that up and unfortunately I didn't have tomato and I love putting tomato in my omelets but I didn't have any tomato so no tomato in this morning's omelet so in a pan I'm just throwing in a little bit of coconut oil and I'm just tossing in all the veggies first so that I can kind of saute them and warm them up and this is the salt that I like to use this is Redmond sea salt and I'm also going to throw in some basil too and I just like to give that a little bit of a saute up so it's softened before I add it to the eggs so after I whisked that up I'm just adding my sautéed veggies into there giving it a little mix and then throwing that back into the pan so that I can form an omelet alongside my omelet I'm also having just a little bit of quinoa flakes I've really been enjoying these and these are great because all you have to do is add hot water and they thicken right up in like 60 seconds so just about a quarter cup of quinoa flakes this morning and I'm just adding in some cinnamon and some blueberries and really like I mean banana strawberries are great in this a little bit of maple syrup and some more hemp milk in there and gonna serve that up for breakfast all right so on to lunch and for today's lunch I'm just gonna make kind of like a salad bowl with a couple living things in there I've got some lettuce and some celery because I didn't have any cucumber unfortunately but I would have loved to put cucumber in this awesome spinach and I also have some leftover basmati rice with a lemon and herb chicken which I've been obsessed with cooking things in lemon lately it's just so good i marinated it it's really really tasty and then i'm whipping up a dressing with olive oil apple cider vinegar some basil oregano and a little bit of maple syrup was in there too in terms of snacks during the day lately I've been a big fan of sunflower seed butter with banana and often I'll put this on a little rice cake too which is really delicious and I've also been obsessed with tangerines or clementines as a snack as well especially over the holiday season for just the best things ever and on to dinner so I'm heating up some leftover salmon and again some lemon and herb potatoes that I cooked up yesterday and I've also got some steamed carrots and green beans as well to go on the side and this meal is quite delicious I find especially with the lemon that's cooked in there with the salmon and the potatoes again I just I've been obsessed with cooking things in lemon I feel like it gives things such a nice flavor I also put a little bit of dill on the salmon as well and I like to stop eating a couple of hours before I go to sleep so I usually stop eating around 7 p.m. or so and I just do that for optimal digestive health really but often I will still have a tea later on in the evening like tonight I'm just having a nice peppermint tea and that's it so I hope you guys enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you did you can follow me on my social platforms and subscribe to my channel for weekly videos and I will see you guys next week bye


  1. 10.30-11 am ????
    That's rather late for a morning person no? 🤔🤔

  2. My IBS has been much better since I take bovine collagen peptid supplements.

  3. What is golden milk?

  4. I love your videos !!!! More like this pleas ! ♥️ What rice is it?

  5. Hi Meghan! New subbie here. Can you make a video on how to eat healthy while travelling. Thank you!

  6. Love your viedos. So healthy. Great tips and recipe s

  7. Have you ever thought of going vegan?

  8. Such yummy and lovely meals! ❤️ 🍎 🥕🍋

  9. Excellent inspiring videos.. Keep up the good work!

  10. Is this not paleo? I’ve been binge watching your videos and I’m wondering if you weren’t paleo at this point?

  11. Beans are not good in IBS

  12. U look so simple n minimal n i lvd it gave me some gud feelings watching it!!! Do some tips on that too n really like omelet bowl💕

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    Love these videos

  14. Can you cook for me pls ((;

  15. Remember to have black pepper with your Tumeric for the best benefits 🙂

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  17. Hi Meghan, So glad to find your youtube.

  18. I’m coming over for food one day lol. Looks delicious!!!

  19. where'd you get your cute little steamer and pan that you used for dinner?? so cute

  20. Great video! 😀 When do you go to bed? When do you get up in the morning?

  21. I can not even begin to describe, how finding your channel has helped me de-stress, take in your beautiful surroundings, find out amazing and healthy advice and tips and finally figure out what my passion is…Holistic nutrition! I might be not be that old but I'm at the stage where I choose topics for studying and I've always had biology at heart along with chemistry because they focus on the things that matter such as nature and health, but I've realized that I always find myself giving health tips and advice and trying as hard as possible to avoid unhealthy food and stick to wholesome, fresh and healthy foods, despite the choices present, and I always thought "Hmm…what is this type of lifestyle or occupation called? Is it just biology and nutrition?" But when I found your channel I was like "Boom! This is how I wanna live" and have decided to study and get a degree in holistic nutrition and pursue my other interests. Thank you for being my go-to, and relatable person and channel! (Ps: I'm also an artist, have been doing it since I could hold a pencil 🙂 )

  22. so simple and delicious

  23. You might want to look into the health aspects of non-stick pans. I believe they give off toxic gases when heated. I don't use them for that reason.

  24. I just uploaded my what i eat in a day video as well, and did not hold back. I know that my diet was terrible but i'm working on it! Watching all of these gives me so much inspiration for new healthier meals! the omelette you made looked SO good. I'm also curious about the golden milk. I'll have to try it!

  25. Such a great video! I definitely want to try out those quinoa flakes! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  26. Just LOVE the simplicity and beauty of your lifestyle and videos💗Happy New Year, Meghan💗

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