hey guys welcome to today's video thank you so much for tuning in I'm Emily if this is the first time you're ever on my channel and as you can tell by the title and the location of my video I am in my kitchen today I'm gonna be doing a what I eat in a day video health and fitness is super important to me I love having like a healthy balanced diet I might like my body responds to it really well I have a lot of energy so with somewhere around the corner I figured why not show you what I eat in a day to maybe give you some ideas so if you would like to see what I eat today then just keep watching and please let me know if you enjoy these types of videos by either commenting below or giving it a thumbs up and let's go ahead and get started with some breakfast so kicking off breakfast my favorite meal the most important meal of the day I'm gonna have one egg and I'm gonna put a ton of egg whites with it and then also in there I'm gonna sautee some baby spinach just before I throw in the eggs it's such a great way to get in your greens and then on the side I am gonna have probably two of these nutrigrain Eggo waffles they're the low-fat apple cinnamon flavor however you cannot taste the apple cinnamon at all so on top I'm gonna put some of this Skippy natural creamy peanut butter with honey this is so so good to put on top with that little hint of honey and surprisingly these waffles have pretty decent macros so I like having these in the morning sometimes they're super quick and easy so I'm gonna have a couple of these and let's get cookin [Applause] all righty so here is breakfast this is always a go-to of mine it's kind of lighter on the stomach but still higher in protein this is so good I will leave the macros on the screen right now so it's about 8:30 right now so I'm gonna go ahead and eat this delish breakfast and I will see you for lunch all right so now it is at lunchtime and I'm starving it is about 12:30 so for lunch I'm gonna have a can of tuna and this is from Costco it's such good tuna and in there as weird as this sounds I'm gonna throw in some pickle juice now pickle juice really helps the tuna not be so dry adds like a good kind of like layer of like moisture um and I really like the taste of pickles anyways so it's super good if you like pickles try putting some pickle juice in your tuna it's really good and then I'm just gonna do a tiny bit of olive oil mayo just to kind of add some extra flavor and then I'm also going to throw in half of this avocado I love avocado on my tuna I think it tastes so so good it like doesn't taste the same without it and then on the side of this I am just gonna cut up this Gala apple apple a day keeps the doctor away and there you have it topped it with some avocado and then some black pepper on top my cut up gala apple on the side and honestly tuna is such a good way to really up your protein without having like chicken on chicken on chicken if you're kind of over chicken like I am try to know it is so delish it's Chow time so I am back a few hours later I'm a little bit hungry so I'm gonna have a snack it is 3:45 right now I just got home it is Sunday today so sunday is my rest day I don't go to the gym or do anything on Sundays so I'm gonna have a quick snack maybe take a little a little nap I mean on my sweater it does say a nap clean on it so so I'm not starving I'm just a little bit hungry so I just grabbed out of the fridge some blackberries and raspberries these are both my favorite berries they're so good so I'm just having a little handful of both and I will see you in a couple hours for dinner alrighty so it is about time to make dinner it is about 6:30 normally I don't eat in her till pretty late but what I'm gonna make takes like 45 minutes to cook in the oven so I'm gonna start now so if pizza is your go to cheat day as it is mine you are going to love this dinner this tastes like pizza not not exactly but it gives the illusion that you're having pizza so we're going to be making some zucchini quinoa black bean boats and in there is included like tomato sauce and some cheese on top so it sort of gives the illusion and kind of tastes like you're having pizza obviously it's not the real thing but if you can really imagine it's close enough it is a good healthy version so I will show you how to make it already so here is an overview if you're gonna need for your zucchini quinoa black bean boats you're gonna need three medium zucchinis one can of black beans some quinoa some cottage cheese don't be scared if you don't like cottage cheese because I don't like it either but you can't really taste it it's more for texture and then also need a can of tomato sauce some Parmesan cheese on top and then spices include pink Himalayan salt black pepper chili powder onion powder and cumin and honestly if you ignore the spices but you probably already have it's really not that many ingredients at all so we're gonna start with preheating the oven to 350 and then we're gonna start cooking the quinoa and we were putting half a cup of quinoa into one cup of water okay and then with these three zucchinis we're gonna microwave them for five minutes to get them nice and soft and then we're gonna cut them all the way down in the middle like this and then we're gonna scoop out everything that's inside to make a boat already here the zucchinis cut in half this is the before and here's the after so I scooped out everything from the inside to make the little boat and then our quinoa is right over here it's dead nice and fluffy and steamy so now basically we're just gonna mix all of these ingredients into a bowl with the quinoa and make our boats now that I have the filling you're going to want to put the zucchini in a 13 by 9 pan and then scoop the filling into it aarti so here is what the assembled boats look like this is before they're cooked they're pretty high you can barely see the zucchini I used all of the filling but don't worry they cook just fine and I cook them for 40 minutes at 350 and then I take them out right at 40 minutes sprinkle a little cheese on top and then cook for an additional five minutes update the zucchini boats still have 28 minutes but I am like I'm starving so I'm gonna have just as a little snack this light and Fit Greek yogurt the toasted coconut vanilla the flavor is amazing this is hands-down my favorite flavor and it honestly tastes like a little treat already so here are the finished zucchini boats I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top and it's melted on there honestly this is so delish and again I'm not saying it tastes exactly like a pizza because let's be real it doesn't it's not a pizza but it has like the crust is the zucchini and then the tomato sauce is on there with some cheese and then obviously there's a couple other ingredients like the quinoa and the black beans and stuff but I feel like it's a decent comparison if you're trying to be pretty healthy so I have been loving making this I usually have two boats and then I saved the for others for two additional meals so it's really nice it lasts for three meals which is awesome for me alrighty I'm coming to you a couple hours later because I'm needing a little snack I don't think I got enough carbs in at all today I just did my fitness pal and I'm definitely on the lower end so I want to snack anyways so I'm gonna have some of these snack factory pretzel crisps to the buffalo wing flavor is to die for oh my gosh it's so good if you like Buffalo anything these are so so good and the serving size I think is like 10 pretzels so I've really been like me so I'm gonna have a serving or two of these bad boys alrighty guys that completes my what I eat in a day video I hope you guys enjoyed it and maybe you got some healthy meal ideas out of if you did enjoy this type of content please don't forget to give it a big thumbs up so I know you liked it and maybe leave a comment down below letting me know and don't forget to subscribe before you leave and I'll catch you next time bye


  1. I could totally get down with what you ate! This was actually really helpful. I’m currently trying to get my fiancé to eat better and he’d eat definitely eat all of this!!

  2. Look at you just cooking up a storm! I'm going to have to give those zucchini boats a try.

  3. I’m definitely gonna have to try those zucchini boats! They look delicious 👏🏻

  4. You are so good at cooking!It looks delicious😊

  5. Zaaaaayyyyummmm Boo looking good!!

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