what's up guys happy Saturday May 20th excuse the bare face no makeup I just finished a workout got a good sweaty workout session in today normally on Saturdays I'll either work out or I'll be lazy get the workout worked out on Sunday and just eat a regular meal but because last night I had pizza and ice cream I splurged had my cheat meal I'm doing a detox today so I worked out went to Jamba Juice I'm trying their green juice for the first time I forgot the name of this but I will let you know in the description box what this is and what the ingredients are I did get it with ginger because I'm obsessed with ginger in my green juice and honestly I kind of feel like they didn't fill the full cup do you guys do that it's not all the way to the top and this is a 16-ounce and it was eight dollars so I kind of expected them to go all the way so let's try it I don't taste any ginger I'm pissed excuse the pimple here I have no idea how that happened I put a little bit of tea tree oil which that's going to be a separate video but tea tree oil helps with like drying out acne reducing inflammation swelling redness so it did go down from this morning but for all of you guys that think I have flawless skin this is definitely far from being flawless as you can see got some red spots new pimple really disappointed this literally just tastes like cucumber juice I'm excited because I'm doing my first-ever what I eat in a day video so I'm going to take you around with me I'm really excited because my girlfriend's coming over we're going to hang out by my pool and it is going to be extremely hot today well I'm saying it's extremely hot because it doesn't really get too hot around here and it's going to be hot it'll be like at least I think 90 degrees today so I've got some healthy snacks for us and I'm just really excited to relax by the pool so I'm really hot right now I'm literally wearing leggings and I need to be wearing shorts so I'm going to take you around with me today hot today okay so those outfits were bust my green juice was a bus the only thing that seems to be panning out right now is the fact that I got my alkaline water I just kind of prize from lucky Shauna my girl at lucky hooked me up with a lower rate because I told her that I'm obsessed with my essence water I like to buy in bulk anything there yeah my girl Shauna hooked it up and I'm just keep coming back here because they seem to be giving me the cheapest lowest rate still tastes like cucumber I'm gonna go home right now I'm going to shower I'm going to get ready I need to clean ok wait I can't wait to be by the pool first real meal of the day I think I'm going to make eggs eggs make some sauce not wait to eat I made some eggs tater tots doused it with Tapatio and I've got some fresh strawberries cherries and while I was cooking I was snacking on some carrots and hummus sriracha hummus which is bomb go grab it if you're a New Yorker Joe and I'm going to eat because I am hungry in about 4 hours since I woke up and I did have a green juice which is like 140 calories but I worked out in film hungry what's up guys it feels so good to be home excuse the oily shiny face right now but I'm just at home I am so hungry it's been a couple hours since I ate we just snacked pretty much at the pool strawberries cherries oranges we had some carrots and hummus we had some chips and salsa and that kind of tide me over for a little bit and then I started getting kind of hungry around like 5:30 6:00 it's now 7 o'clock I'm finally eating and I got a healthy bowl so this is spicy tuna zucchini noodles I have some radishes jalapenos in there a ginger at a mommy I cannot wait to eat this however can I just say one thing and then I'll end this little clip here I was very disappointed by their customer service I know that there are only two people working at the bar but it was really it took me like 30 minutes to order my food and so you know it is a new kopi place that just opened up and I get it like you know it's a new place and they're still trying to figure things out but now I know to go to my other favorite cookie spot that I discovered a couple weeks ago so I'm going to eat this guy's and I'll be back so after hanging out by the pool and doing a little bit of shopping we had some fun trying on outfits it's just you know was really hungry and decided to try a new pokey place and now I'm kind of regretting it I didn't really like my pokey Bowl okay this is how much I ate and I don't know why I did this but I forgot to get rice which I guess is like healthy because I got zucchini noodles instead but she doesn't taste I hope you guys enjoyed that that little when I eat in a day video I know it wasn't a whole lot of eating and it wasn't a whole lot of meal prepping but I'm hoping that in my next video I'll get to show you guys more of what I cook and what I eat and today was just excuse me today was just really light eating I wanted to detox as much as possible from yesterday because I was eating pizza and ice cream so yeah I will try and show you guys more of certain meals that I like to prepare easy healthy meals and let me know if you guys like these kinds of videos give it a thumbs up I would really appreciate it and don't forget to subscribe I will see you guys in my next video hi


  1. Love vlogs like this. You look so beautiful with out makeup.

  2. I really liked that cropped jumpsuit! Where's it from!?

  3. Wish you post more videos.

  4. Where did u get your blue necklace? I love it

  5. can you please check your Twitter DM ?? PLEASE

  6. can you please check your Twitter DM ?? PLEASE

  7. ugh, you're sooo beautiful! really enjoy your videos!

  8. Looking forward to more videos like this.

  9. Where store were you in at the beginning of the video, trying on clothes? There's a top you tried on that I liked. Wow, $8 for that juice! I had no idea they were that expensive. Hope to see some heathy cooking videos!

  10. nice video 🙂

  11. I love these types of videos! They're super helpful 👍🏼😃

  12. You remind me so much of Huda Beauty! And that bowl looked good, I'll have to try a poke bowl (not sure if that's what they're called) sometime soon!

  13. Hi! I am sharing what I eat in a day after a night of indulging in pizza and ice cream 🙂 It isn't a ton of eating but I hope you like these kinds of videos. IF you do, give it a LIKE – it would really help support my channel. Thanks for watching!

  14. I LOVE this! You're super motivating! Love your videos! 😁

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