WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Healthy Meal & Snack Ideas | Gluten/Dairy-Free

hi everyone hope you're all having a great day I thought I would do another what I eat in a day video I asked you guys on a recent Instagram live what kinds of videos you guys would like to see and a few of you head said some more what I eat in a days so I thought that that's what I would share with you today so let's get started so this morning I ran to the grocery store to grab some items for the week in that I got some bananas avocado some spaghetti squash which I'll be cooking for dinner tonight some lemons and I got some zucchini and I also got some spring mix that was 50% off so that was pretty cool I also got some strawberries these are organic strawberries and they were two for five dollars so that was pretty cool so I'm just gonna give these events and I munched on these for a little while this morning actually before I went to the grocery store I was in Toronto so I had just gotten home and my boyfriend had actually made us a smoothie this morning so I did have a smoothie before I got home and I think he put in some cabbage some frozen berries some hemp seeds were in there but it's a couple hours later so I'm ready for a little bit more of a filling breakfast so I am making some scrambled eggs and I am obsessed with making it this way I shared this on my Instagram how I do it lately so I just crack a couple of eggs in a bowl and I add some crushed red pepper flakes and some dried basil and some salt and pepper as well and the way that I've actually been loving cooking them is on a lower temperature for a longer period of time just turns out so good I don't know if it really makes a big difference but kind of like slow-cooked scrambled eggs so they're very very good now with my scrambled eggs today I am gonna be making some sauteed zucchini I've been obsessed with eating zucchini lately specifically sauteed in a little bit of garlic it just absorbs the flavor so nicely and so I really quite like it in the morning often with eggs so I just throw that in the pan that I use to cook my eggs and I'm also going to be having some avocado on the side with my zucchini and eggs and it's very delicious okay so for lunch today I'm basically just making one of my detox salads that I shared in a video recently this time I'm just putting it on a bed of spring mix instead and I wanted to use up my purple cabbage so betta spring mix some purple cabbage some shredded carrot and kind of just popping that all together I really like this salad because it's so easy to do and it's so tasty and so sunflower seeds dried cranberries go on the top and a lemon tahini dressing that takes two seconds to whip up this is just such an easy quick delicious yummy salad so this was my lunch today if you want the recipe I will leave a link to that for dinner tonight I'm making a spaghetti squash pasta dish this is me struggling to open up the spaghetti squash it's kind of hard to open sometimes so I cut that in half put it facedown on a pan and I bake it for about 40 minutes at 400 so for my sauce I'm just chopping up some bell pepper and some baby tomatoes I completely forgot to pick up mushrooms at the grocery store this morning for this meal but that's okay still delicious just throwing that in a pan with some salt some pepper some oregano of course has to go on a pasta dish and some dried basil as well and then I really like to make this with some red wine it just makes it so tasty and so delicious so I just kind of let that simmer with the lid on for a little while and then I let it reduce down into a thicker sauce probably takes 20 or 30 minutes so this is just a really nice meal to make so the spaghetti squash once it's done I'm if you have never made spaghetti squash before you just kind of pull the little noodle leaves that like that that's why they call it spaghetti squash because it's just like pasta but of course it's grain free and it's gluten free and then I'm topping it with my homemade chicken meatballs and the sauce that I made for the full recipe this is up on my blog so you can find out how exactly to make this if you would like it's really really yummy and very easy which is how I like my meals to be so this evening I am gonna make myself a tea like I do most evenings and most mornings as well I tend to have tea but today I'm gonna be having stomach tea this is by the company flora and it's a really really lovely lovely tea for your digestive system it has peppermint there's chamomile there's fennel and fenugreek and just really great herbs that help to soothe the GI tract so I'm having a nice hot cup of tea and what I love about this tea is not only the benefits of it but the look of the teabag and you can see these little florets I'm not too sure which flower buds you can see but it's just a really nice tea and I'm also gonna have some watermelon I've had probably half a watermelon already today this is just what's left of it and I've also been snacking on some toasted coconut flakes that I toasted up in the oven today and yeah I've been having that as well today's and that's it for today's video so I hope you guys enjoyed it and you got a little bit of inspiration for some healthy meal and snack ideas give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I will see you guys next week


  1. How does that salad keep you going until dinner :O

  2. I love this video and how fast it is. Straight to the point and exactly what I wanted to see. New subscriber here 🙂

  3. I love your channel! Thanks for teaching us so much!

  4. I've been really enjoying your videos! I discovered them a week or so ago. They are so inspiring.

  5. Is it better to have 5-6 tiny meals or 3 meals?

  6. Hi Meghan!
    First off: I love your videos and watch them every day.
    Second: I also eat spaghetti squash every day, it's my favorite food! I wanted to mention that it is 100000xs easier to cook/clean when you put it in the oven BEFORE you cut it. It took me forever to figure out, but if you put it in the oven for about 45 minutes before cutting it, it slices like butter. I also like to roast the noodles again after I've scooped them out.
    Just a friendly tip.

  7. These are the BEST what I eat in a days! You have given me so many ideas on SCD, and it’s also super helpful for weight loss planning meals!

  8. i have been obsessed with eating zucchini too

  9. Oh god, 2 for 5?! Girl, don't move to Japan, your grocery bill will be 10x more expensive. I sure wish I could afford to eat this much fresh produce all the time but it is just not possible in this country.

  10. Can you do a what I eat in a day with entirely cooked food? I'm on a diet from a naturopath and I'm only supposed to eat cooked veggies and fruit. Its paleo based tho

  11. Lovely healthy meals Meghan! No wonder I feel bloated with all the carbs that I consume. Inspiration here for a new regime for me! Thanks jx

  12. Is eating meat and eggs every day healthy..? I don t understand i think i will have to go grains free but i don t know whether it s good to eat meat evry day

  13. More what I eat in a day please

  14. MmmmmYummy☺️

  15. Hi meghan, can you do more videos like this pls. Thanks!

  16. Did your lunch salad tide you over until dinner? I often have to add protein to a salad to make it more filling…

  17. These all look delicious Megan! I have a question about salt…I use hymalayan pink salt only, does it have enough iodine in it, or do I need to use regular iodized salt as well? Answers on line are unclear. Love all your recipes!

  18. I've never understood why gluten free is a good thing? We were always taught that you need to get so many servings of grains a day. Is it everything that's added to the bread now a days to preserve the bread? I love all the carbs so trying to convince me to give them up is not easy lol. Also, would using non processed milk help avoid bloating and indigestion? I tried almond milk and soy coffee creamer but it's just not the same as dairy!

  19. 2 for 5 organic strawberries?!?! What a steal 😍 loved this video !!

  20. Hey did you know trader joes has a spice mix called salute 21 ( it has 21 different herbs and spices ] @ 1.99 IN A LITTLE SHAKER LIKE YOUR USING ,, LOVE

  21. I love these videos meghan! I love how simply you eat. I would love to see more.

  22. Great video. Love to start my day with eggs and veggies too. Can't wait for fall, asparagus spears dipped into eggs over easy with runny yolks and some pink sea salt can't be beat.😁

  23. I so enjoyed your video! Great meals!! Yes I will be using these recipes😀

  24. Hey Megan do you think the stomach tea would be good for someone with ulcerative colitis? I was diagnosed a few weeks ago and have been trying to find out as much information as I can on things that would help with it

  25. Beautiful video!

  26. I don't know if you've tried the before or not but scooping out the spaghetti squash seeds before cooking was a game-changer for me! So much easier to get them out while it's still hard and no more struggling to keep the squash and seeds separate after cooking.

  27. Love your videos. You're getting me a little interested in wholistic nutrition!

  28. I am always so inspired by your videos; especially these ones 😊 Thank you for sharing such healthy and easy to prepare meals.

  29. Yep how you cook the eggs makes a difference! Low and slow is the way to go 🙂 Yummy 🙂

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