What I Eat In a Day | Healthy Meal Ideas from a Dietitian

have you ever wondered what a dietitian eats well today I'm gonna show you so today I'm gonna be showing you what I eat in a day and I've never done a video like this before I have done once in the past where I show like dinners from like the past week or two and go through them and show you what I'm eating for dinner but I've never done a full day from start to finish with breakfast lunch dinner snacks and everything else included so let's get into it and then I will meet you back here at the end okay so we are starting off with breakfast obviously and I always start my day off with water first things I'm always super thirsty when I wake up and I like use mason jars because they're cute and they hold a lot of water and I've been really loving doing citrus and my water here lately oranges grapefruit whatever so I'm slicing up an orange here and sidenote this cutting board I actually got it for free like with yogurt lid points and it's small so it's really nice for little things like this and then I like to take the butt end of my orange squeeze the juice in there and then I just go ahead and add in all the other little orange slices put them and let them join the party and then I add the water and I know this is like ground breaking right you had no idea how this worked but yeah so water's going in orange slices floating around and I think they look pretty cute in there floating on top and they're yummy so for the actual food part of my breakfast on this day I did yogurt so I've got a yogurt that's from 100% grass-fed cows it's plain yogurt and it's also cream line yogurt so what that means is that the yogurt isn't homogenized so when you open it up the flat the fat is floating on the top so this isn't a big deal though because all you have to do get in there with a spoon you just go in and mix it up and reincorporate the fat in with the rest of the yogurt super simple so then I like to measure my yogurt so I'm measuring out a cup of yogurt with my measuring cup here and then once it's all measured out I put it in my bowl and I do fruit in my yogurt but you know I use all different kinds and today I decided to use a pomegranate because pomegranates are one of my favorite foods this time of year they're super yummy now to open my pomegranate I like to cut off the top end first and then I just go ahead and spin that guy around and I cut off the bottom end as well and then it flies off the cutting board and that's okay now there are lots of ways to open pomegranates I'm not sure there's a right way but I like to score mine so you're just making little cuts all around the pomegranate and you want them to be about the same distance apart and if you can you want to try to make the cuts right where the ribs are and you can usually feel them they're a little extra bumpy and that's where the sections of the pomegranate come together so that way when you open it it opens right at those natural spots so once you've got your cuts then you can go ahead and get in there and break it open and it usually breaks up nicely into two pieces but now you've got all those seeds in there and you got to get them out now I normally just do this with my hands I know some people like a spoon method where you like hit it I will say I usually am NOT quite this gentle but I wanted you to be able to see for the video what I was actually doing and then once you get all of the seeds out you have this bowl full of pomegranate seed now when I actually go ahead and put this in the yogurt I use about half of the pomegranate if it's a smaller pomegranate I might use like three-quarters or even the whole thing but for a giant one like this half is all I need and that one little guy fell out so we'll get him in there and there it is it's super pretty and it tastes now on this day I was craving like a mid-morning hot beverage so I decide to make coffee and I use the Keurig but I use a reusable K cup so you take out that one little piece and then you can use this reusable thing which is pretty cool now I like the reusable because one you get to pick exactly what coffee you want you're not limited to what you can find in the K Cups – you aren't spending as much money because K Cups are pretty expensive and then three we all know the K cups are pretty wasteful and you know that's a whole nother topic and with these reusable ones you know you can make it whatever size you want put in whatever amount I fill mine up to the top then you put the basket in there twist on the lid and then once that's done you can just go ahead and pop it in your Keurig just like normal and then you put your mug of course bonus points for cute mugs and I'm selecting the largest brew setting here on my Keurig because I want a large cup of coffee and then it just brews like normal super easy and super yummy so then once it's done you have to your add-ins obviously if you like that kind of thing I like maple syrup as the sweetener in my coffee and I just keep it in the fridge in this little jar for that exact purpose and all I do is pour some into the spoon I use about that much for a cup of coffee this size get it in there and then I go ahead and I stir it around a little bit just get it all evenly mixed in now I like to use whole milk from grass-fed cows in my coffee so then I go ahead and pour that in there just to add in the whole creaminess factor that milk gives and then after that it's time for lunch now I normally do leftovers for lunch and this day I had leftover tacos so I've got some homie tortillas some pulled pork that I made super good by the way pulled pork on tacos delicious you should totally try it and I actually didn't heat up quite enough pork so I had to get a little bit more and get it on there on the little tacos so so good I can't tell you how good it is so good and then once I got the pork on there you gotta have a guac obviously and you know I tried to get it on there as delicately as possible and then this is one of my favorite salsas and they're actually not selling it at my grocery store anymore which is really annoying as of this week but I only had a little left so I kind of tried to equally disperse it and then for hot sauce I love me some Franks so I'm putting that on there as well then there's that cutting board again see I use it all the time it's so awesome but I like to do some shredded cabbage sometimes and that's really good because one it gives some nice crunch to it gives beautiful color and three it gives you some more veggies and then once all that's on there I just like to finish it off with a little squeeze of lime and you know I love citrus I love sour things and you can't have too much lime it really brightens things up and just makes it nice and like fresh and gives it a nice little zing at the end and then you have it all lined up there looking all cute and they were super super delicious one of my favorite meals ever so good then I got a little more hungry so I end up having orange too to finish things off and then that was enough for me next up is snack and this is the point where the video doesn't look as good because it's dark outside what can you do I did peanut butter and banana because those two are just like meant to go together and then next up was dinner so for dinner you know sometimes a kitty wants to help you out and I just couldn't resist recording her because she is so cute but you know after some Pat's she decided that this was fun but she had other things she to do so I went ahead and cut up some potatoes and then I put those on baking sheets and melted some lard and I'm pouring the lard over that for the cooking fat you could use coconut oil olive oil bacon fat whatever you like here doesn't really matter then I'm doing some paprika and this is actually a chili powder jar that I put masking tape on and wrote paprika because recycling so I'm just shaking that on there I love pepper Rica on the potatoes and then once that's done I put on some garlic powder and you actually can use a lot more of this than you think you think it'd be like super intense but it's really not and it goes really nicely with the paprika and then I like a little Cayenne for some heat now I will say it looks like I'm putting a lot more on than I actually am because it's only actually coming out like every five or six shakes I definitely don't want it to be too spicy and then some salt to finish off the flavors and then just tossing everything together because I wanted to get you know all the spices and the oil and everything all evenly coating the potatoes and once that's done I like to kind of arrange them like this just to make sure they all have enough room to roast and they're not steaming because they're piled up on top of each other probably not totally necessary but you know it's what I like to do so there you go then for the veggie we had collard greens so I love collards they're super yummy and I think they go perfect with this meal so the first thing I'm doing is cutting out the ribs and PS this knife is awesome I got for Christmas and I love it so I'll link that if you are interested in checking that out super super good knife but once you cut up the leaves and you kind of pile them up on top of each other like this and a nice little stack and then you can just roll them up all together and bring your knife in and this makes it really easy to cut them up it goes super quick it's really efficient makes the whole job a lot easier and then you end up with these nice pretty color green ribbons so then you gotta wash them because you know they're dirty so I'm putting them in this bowl this is actually the base of my salad spinner rinsed them off and now I'm spinning off the water to get them nice and dry now it's time to cook eggs because that is the next part of our meal so I've got some more lard here going in to the pan and this is lard I rendered from the pork that we got in our Pig share super fun and then the eggs are going in the pan now I'm doing a lot of eggs because this is dinner for me dinner for Jason and also enough for him to have leftovers for his lunch for the next day so then I'm putting on some salt and some pepper pretty basic stuff then I'm going in with my spatula just to break everything up so I don't have one big sheet of eggs it's not the prettiest thing ever but it works flipping them over so they get done because I do not like runny yolks and now it's time to go on the plate and these two wanted to stick together so those went for me I usually have two and then for Jason he usually likes to have three eggs for dinner because you know he's bigger than me so he needs more food then I do and then these last two go in a container for him to pack in his lunch for the next day now the collards are going in that same pan and once they're in there you just add in some salt and then you can take your tongs and you know turn them around make sure everything's getting cooked nothing's burning all that fun stuff and you can also turn off the burner here because the the pan holds a lot of heats it's cast iron and greens cook up quick vinegar of course because that's basically a must when you have collards and then those are the finished potatoes they came out looking crispy and delicious and oh what's that look someone already ate one because we can't resist and that's the finished meal so I've got eggs with hot sauce the roasted potatoes and then the colored greens for a delicious dinner and end to the day so that's what I ate on that day and my hope for this video is that not only it gives you some ideas for different things that you could try for breakfast lunch dinner snacks and all that stuff but also that it gives you a nice overview of what I'm eating someone like me is eating in a typical day because I know that's something that a lot of people are curious about like how does all the stuff that I talk about actually come out when it comes to the actual meals and if it is that you're interested in seeing more of then make sure that you follow me on Instagram because over there I'm always showing my meals all throughout the day different things that I'm eating so if you want more consistent ideas and inspiration and then look into what's on my plate then make sure that you go follow me over there so that's it for my first what I eat in a day video I hope you liked it and let me know in the comments what you think of this kind of video as opposed to the videos I've done in the past where I show some of my recent dinners because they are a little bit different and I want to make sure that I'm giving you what is most helpful to you and if you're new to my channel and you want more healthy eating tips and nutrition info and healthy recipes make sure that you subscribe because eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle really doesn't have to be complicated and I'm gonna show you how to do it and if you're loving the free info here but you're finding that you need something a little more personalized don't forget that I do offer one-on-one sessions so if you were interested in that just let me know and we can get that set up for you thanks for watching I hope you're having a great day and I'll talk to you next time


  1. You know that cold water isn't good for you?

  2. I like celeb chef Alton Brown's underwater method for collecting your pomegranate errols(seeds)super easy and fast, check it out! Lovely taco tapas plate looks yummy! The chef-y term for what you did to the greens is called chiffonade-ing them, courtesy of "chopped" I am no chef!lol

  3. All I could find from the USDA was that eggs have cholesterol.
    A large amount of brain tissue is made from cholesterol.
    The American Heart Association deemed that using eggs in your diet is good for your health. I won't eat them every day but I do crave eggs. http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/good-eggs-for-nutrition-theyre-hard-to-beat#1

  4. can you do a video about your pig share, how you got into that, how one goes about that etc. can you get a cow share, or goat share?

  5. how lard is healthy?

  6. Hi

    I have suffered from Depression and anxiety for over 5 years :(. I also deveolped severe Stomach burn. I used to eat spicy food I got alot of burning sensation around the body so I stopped eating spicy food. I lostalot of weight. The doctors did the camrea test thankfully I didnt have ulcer. I have been eaitng only fruits and boiled food no salt. Carrote juice made

    me feel better 1 kg was in a bag so I had that it was just a jug I drank it I felt better so to feel better I had the juice everyday for 7 months 6 days a week slowley I wud get energy and feel cool and all of sudden I started to feel sleepy and tired after drinking it so I cut that out i felt better.

    I started eating brown rice and started to get very depresssed from it and feel down I also realised that I did start to eat chese and onlion sandwhiches, baguette, I had that for a few weeks so it miht be gluten that makes me extermely low mood feel worthless and tired of just staying and being hurt. I have talked to doctor I am trying to book another appointment its very hard to get an appt espically working full time. I work full time t talk to customers and feel better

    Anu suggestions and encourgament would be great guys

  7. i use raw honey in my coffee. What exactly is the difference between "raw" honey and "organic" maple syrup? which would be more beneficial?

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    keep up the great work


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    #love from Malaysia . sry for any grammatical error

  10. Wow, it's excellent to get diet advice from someone who isn't a Nutritionist or Chiropractor!

  11. you are so so awesome. i find this video so useful for anorexia recovery because it's nutritious, not restrictive, and i hear nothing about calorie counting and all that craze. thanks girl!

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  16. The USDA has said eggs are not healthy, safe, or nutritious for humans to eat. I don't know why a dietician would be eating them.

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