What I Eat in a Day *healthy* in Costa Rica + vlog!


  1. Pura vida !! 💕

  2. why was your Australian accent like the best ever

  3. hahaha when you do the Australian accent you sound sm like cleo

  4. do you go to riverview high?

  5. That red dress was super cute!

  6. i ate cookies while watching this

  7. Hiiii Luka soy de Argentina Heredia we speak spanish loveyouuuuu

  8. LUCA YOURE SO CLOSE TO 300K !!!! 🤩💕

  9. omg i wish my dad was proud of me having a youtube channel lol

  10. girl you need to come to the Gold Coast ! best place to live ! love you xxx

  11. you are lovely…love you from iran

  12. aw your dad promoting your channel is so cute

  13. That’s so cute that your dad brags about you. I would get embarrassed too, but hey maybe he got you a couple new subscribers

  14. mahi mahi and grouper are my favorite fish! conch fritters are also amazing!

  15. you’ve inspired so much, especially with being more positive and manifestation!!!

    I also just started a youtube channel!!!!

  16. i thought u were vegetarian

  17. You’re so positive I love it!!

  18. to whoever sees this: I hope you’re having a good day!! enjoy summer break

  19. amazing video i enjoy looks amazing

  20. really living out the h20 fantasy

  21. what song do you use in your outro?!

  22. whats the outro song??

  23. please do a bikini collection!

  24. your so gorgeous i’m obsessed i love you 🤩

  25. you and gabriella whited are my biggest inspirations and motivations for working out and eating healthy🥺🥺

  26. If you’re still in Costa Rica you should go to the falafel bar , it’s right around the corner from the coffee shop!!

  27. my country is killing it 🤩❤️🇨🇷

  28. going on vacation soon so this is very helpful!! love you lots❤️

  29. WHAT is the song playing at the end of the video

  30. Almost at 300,000!!!

  31. Love. the Australian accent, you should come to Melbourne!

  32. luca got me into the law of attraction & inspires me to keep up a healthy lifestyle and make more content!! she’s a goddess🤩🤩

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