WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: healthy + food combining

hi guys good morning my camera never gonna focus welcome back to another vlog as you can see by the title this is going to be a different vlog than I normally do I've actually never done at what I eat in a day on my channel before but today is going to be like I just said what I eat in the day and I'm showing you guys just everything that I eat from breakfast until I go to bed and if you guys saw my video from yesterday I've been following the food combining I don't want to call it like a diet cuz it's not a diet it's more of a lifestyle so I've changed my lifestyle I now follow food combining and if you guys are not familiar with that or didn't see my video from the other day I will have that linked for you guys I talked about my experience with food combining and all that and I told you guys that I would have a what I eat in a day coming so this is that I just have two breakfasts to start off the day so the first one I'm just having right now I just made some hot lemon water I have a hot tea kettle which I got from Target it works so well and so I just piled an electric tea kettle on hot tea kettle electric so I just pour my hot water in a glass squeeze half of a lemon on top and then have this before I have my first breakfast which I will get into in a second but basically why I have hot lemon water in the morning is because it's really gonna coat your stomach and like jumpstart your metabolism for the day it's so good for you when you wake up I am now obsessed I cannot start my mornings without my hot lemon water it is truly life-changing so I have this first thing on an empty stomach it is just I love it so so much yeah and then going on into breakfast number one I just cut up some mango and banana and I am having this to start off the day before at my second breakfast and the reason why I have a bowl of fruit in the morning like I said in the food combining video fruit digests in 30 minutes so you want to make sure that you're having it first thing on an empty stomach or else it's just going to sit on top of all of the other food that you've eaten that has not digested yet that takes longer to digest so if you are going to eat fruit have it in the morning first thing when you wake up and then wait 30 minutes before eating anything else so my favorites to have are just banana and mango and papaya usually I'm not really a berry type of girl I don't love strawberries or blueberries or any of those my favorite fruits truly are mangos and bananas those are my two favorite of all time so sometimes I add some of the so delicious unsweetened coconut milk yogurt with my banana and mango and even papaya so I'll do that but that's basically like my first thing in the morning what I eat every single day it is my favorite part of my day breakfast is probably my favorite part of the day you guys will see why in a little with my second breakfast but yeah I'm gonna eat this right now and then I'll talk to you guys in a little pour my fruit to digest oh I just actually drank a whole liter of water this is my favorite water bottle it's just the bigger glass when I got it on Amazon comes in a bunch different colors like the silicone skin and I just love it because I felt like drinking out of a straw was making me bloated like if you google it there's some good ton this up on the internet but I just wanted to switch things up I'd been using a Hydra flask for almost a year and I really like this one because it has like a little tiny like normal-sized water Mel thing like instead of getting the other cap for the Hydra flask where you could just drink out of like the wide mouth that literally spose down like my whole entire like shirt so I just got this one I love it so just drank a big water water so important in your diet just because it literally like will change everything like once I started drinking a lot of water my life was changed my skin I feel like it's amazing like I just feel good and I feel like I just like have more energy just being super hydrated is something that like I always make sure like it's literally my life now I'm drinking three liters of water and a day well that's just how much I drink I think you don't have to drink that much I know everyone's different but that's what I do and yeah I just have am having a really relaxing morning and I have my new diffuser going over here which is this ceramic one that I just got I have some lavender essential oil in there and it's just like super relaxing right now sorry for the mess I just got some new jewelry pieces that I'm gonna try on today and I can literally can't lose this because my life will be over um but anyway I am sitting here watching Liv she's so cute she actually gave Kenzie and I shout out in her what I eat in a day video that's so funny cuz I'm filming mine today and she filmed hers and posted it today and she was like oh my god I follow Maggie and Kenzie and like I'm super inspired by them and it's just like my favorite thing in the whole world I love Liv she's so sweet and like what I want to do and what I feel like I'm like trying to do well not like trying to do but what I want to do it's just like bring more awareness to like health and while you're putting in your body and how you're nourishing your body I just think that that's so important and I think that everybody deserves to live a happy and healthy lifestyle and like feel their best so that's why I like really want to share this with you guys and I'm just really into like what I eat and what I'm putting in my body I've always been this way because my mom like brought us up this way and I remember when I was younger my mom being like telling me I couldn't eat like Lunchables and stuff like that and now I look back and I understand why she didn't want me eating a lunchable even though all the people from we're eating them but anyway yeah I just want to come on here and tell you guys that and actually I'm gonna start making avocado toast now for my second breakfast because I am hungry and the fruit obviously like does not hold you over because it like just so fast I couldn't eat like just food for breakfast but that's just me um so yeah I'm gonna make my pretty simple the best bread in the whole entire world it's the multi seed rice bread buy food for life you can get at Whole Foods freezer section and best I love it so much in the whole hudes that's near me actually was like very low on stock and then they didn't have it the other day so I went to a different foods and I had bought like three lows and I put them in my freezer and it'll just stay fresh in your freezer but once you buy and bring it home but keep it in the fridge and make sure when you toast it you were toasting it twice because it makes it super crunchy like the best consistency and then I just have my oven here I got this container from home goods so I'm gonna go ahead toss this up and put my like spices or whatever I put on top I'll show you guys that but yeah the bread is all toasted on the side of looks so good and I just used half of the avocado that I had and just mash it on top with a fork I'm pretty self-explanatory but yeah that's just how I do it there's more on this one definitely so I might honestly take a little bit off because this one over here oh okay so now this that that's what I do and then I put a few or different things on top which are over here salt and pepper and then some red pepper flakes so these are my fave love them put a little bit those on top I love spicy so I mean I kind of overdo it obviously you don't have to put that much then we have like pink Himalayan salt going on there then some fresh cracked pepper I will really can't do this with umm one hand so one second okay so here we have it there was some extra red pepper that was all over the side that I want to get on my avocado okay there we go perfect so breakfast number two I like crave this every single day I look forward to eating this and it's my favorite part of my morning I really love it and now I am gonna eat this and finally go get a coffee because I feel like I can't do anything I can't start my day until I've eaten all my but it's like did my morning routine so once I eat this I'm gonna get ready and then go what get my nature I promise you guys this is I'm like trying my best to do like the one I eat in a day but I don't know like I miss like vlogging and sharing with you guys like little things so we're gonna do an outfit detail right now because this is like one of my favorite outfits recently I love this top it's from a red SIA the best cropped t-shirt ever it's like kind of thicker I don't want a bra with it but I mean that's just me and you like can't really see through it that much and these pants are also from Orencia they're just the track pants with the buttons all up the side so I love these they fit so well I'm wearing a size medium and then um my shoes are you easy and also I don't know what the heck I'm doing with this mirror since I changed around my apartment I like rearranged it I don't know where to put it so right now it's just chillin right here but gotta go get coffee now I have my cup right here I have a meeting actually that I'm going to in Seaport and they have nitro at the Starbucks there so I'm gonna go get some this is my couple link it for you guys it's by the brand pureness porter and it's 12 ounces which I love for my nitro because nitro what has a lot of caffeine in it so I like to drink 12 ounces which is the same size as a tall from Starbucks so got my little cup and ready to go time to whip up some lunch it is freezing out today it's like 40 degrees and it's May so I don't know what is going on but I just don't like really excited to take off my makeup but I have to film a video what am I gonna have our lunch today I have to film a video before I take my makeup off you feel so disgusting right now but it's okay we're gonna power it through we use it for me we're gonna power through and make a little lunch a little lunch a moment and then and yeah I'm like really excited because I'm hungry and I didn't think my appointment was gonna be as long as it was but it was so that is that and yeah so for lunch today this is usually what I have during the week for lunch I'm showing up in the oven right now because I'm gonna be making a veggie burger and probably like a big salad so we have Hillary's veggie burgers these are from Whole Foods I really like them they cook so fast in the oven and they're perfect for like inside of a wrap or with a salad or on top of a salad so I'm gonna make a big salad but sometimes I make them on top of a wrap and usually the wraps I use are D and C keel food for life spread a green which what C is so we have that so I'm just gonna put one of these in the oven to bake and then make a salad using some 50/50 blend this has baby spinach and spring mix and then I have some roasted Brussels sprouts that I'm gonna put on there and probably some of these tomatoes right here so I'm gonna go ahead whip this up and show you guys the finished product so we're gonna make a little dressing for the salad just gonna grab this to mix it in and then olive oil some champagne vinaigrette salt and pepper so this is my favorite of all time to put on a salad I just put some olive oil and then take this champagne vinaigrette I just got this at Whole Foods it would also be really good with apple cider vinegar so that's another option but I'm just using this for now and then add a little bit of salt and some pepper and I'm also going to be squeezing the juice from half of a lemon so one actually I'll just use half of the half and then put these back in the fridge so basically this is what I do for dressing and then usually just mix it up you might know this is like trippy but yeah basically you guys get it mix it up and I like to do this like mix it all around because I like all of my greens to have the dressing on it I'm just weird I like to do that rather than just like putting it on the top as long as everything is prepped and then I love to just put it in one of these big like shallow bowls that I have and I just put all the greens on the bottom like this and then we have little Tomatoes that I just cut up so I'm just gonna go ahead and throw these all over the top of the salad and then I have some roasted Brussels sprout which I actually made last night so I just put them back in the fridge in a Tupperware container or some little smells so good i also put garlic in there too you know what I'm just going to dump all of them because you know more veggies and then I'm gonna take the other half of the lemon and then just squeeze this all over the top lunch is done so the veggie burger I just put some spicy mustard on top which I'm actually gonna show you guys I should have kept it out but this is my favorite right here it's just from Whole Foods it's an organic brown spicy mustard and the ingredients on the back are amazing so it just has water organic vinegar organic mustard seeds salt and organic turmeric so the ingredients are just very plain like you know exactly what is in it same with this mustard right here I just love how there's like not a lot of ingredients and then that reminds me this ketchup right here I put on top of a veggie burger I made the other day and I put it in between like two big pieces of lettuce and then put like some tomato onion pickles some mustard and then this ketchup because I do like I don't mind ketchup and I feel like I if I made homemade sweet potato fries I would use like some mustard and ketchup I like to like go between both but this one's awesome because look at the ingredients all it is is organic tomato concentrate balsamic vinegar salts organic onion powder organic garlic powder and organic spices so it doesn't have it all that added extra crap in it so it's really important to just look at ingredients when buying things from the store but yeah this is lunch right now and then I have a few videos to film so I'll talk to you guys in a little it was kind of a busy day I turn on this labor here start cooking dinner but oddly yeah I kind of had a busy day today and I'm exhausted but also I'm so charming for dinner and I didn't know what to make honestly and then I went on mr. Graham and can be posted that she was making pasta with sauce for her and her friend so that's exactly what I'm gonna make pasta and sauce for me it knocked me in the front obviously I'm gonna add in some broccoli rabe which I got yesterday yeah it's like this roughly like long and skinny and then I'm gonna also add some chopped kale usually I like to just get like kale that's you have to like cut and wash yourself but I didn't have enough time last night when I find this so we just have some organic chopped kale and for hot good stuff oh I have like a couple actually different types of pasta that I could use tonight this one right here is super good it's a brown rice fettuccine style and then they have this pasta right here which is an organic green lentil pasta so I don't know if I'm in the mood for like this vibe or this vibe so I'm gonna have to figure that out but and then also this sauce is really really good she posted about this tonight and I actually bought it the other day so it's really funny because like I was reading the ingredients on the back when I was at Whole Foods and then she posted and she was like this has really clean ingredients I was like that's funny because Tyler and I were literally reading the backs of all of the pasta sauce so yeah as you guys can see the ingredients are just tomatoes olive oil onions salt garlic basil black pepper and dried oregano so I'm gonna go ahead boil some water get the pasta going and start steaming up these veggies okay I brought over the sauce cut up an avocado and I just have the broccoli rabe and the kale steaming in there with some water so oh my goodness so while this is steaming the possibly cooking and I think it takes like 10 to 12 minutes so that should be perfect timing this is done the budgies would be done – so the pasta is done I put too much water in here so these are still going which is fine but now I'm just gonna put some red pepper flakes I love red pepper flakes you guys can remember from the morning I think that was a bleach much but whatever honestly I really like them so looks so good and it's also good can his pants flying around okay I added the kale in the pasta I'm gonna mix this all done also steamed and ready I'm just gonna put it in the same big bowl as I had my lunch in one of those big round ones ah this looks so good it smells so good too alright that is done cool we are done I'm gonna add some fresh cracked pepper to the top I like love pepper in space if you guys haven't noticed already and then last but not least I'm adding half of an avocado to the top so freaking good so here we go this is my dinner for tonight so easy and simple it took literally maybe 15 minutes to make all the ingredients you know exactly what's in it we have the kale the broccoli rabe which was steamed in some water half of an avocado brown rice pasta with the sauce I already showed you guys the ingredients from that but they're super clean and then just salt pepper and red pepper flakes so super easy quick dinner and you can still enjoy pasta while food combining people this is amazing it's like one of my favorite meals of all time so I'm going to eat this and then we can get on into what I eat at night time also just a side note something I wanted to tell you guys you can also add nutritional yeast on the top if you want like something that's gonna be like cheese that's a really great option my sister used to do them and choose it again look how beautiful that looks and it's so good you have so many veggies and then also the pasta the elbow just amazing I'm having right dinner teeth it's just the cuca ginger tea free care I get mine at Whole Foods and I'm pretty sure I saw it on Amazon so I can link that for you guys I'll see if they have it so I have that one after dinner this one before bed I'm not gonna have that just yet I like to have my ginger one with my chocolate sorry it's like you can't really hear me because the water is like boiling up but I have this with my chocolate every single day that's a good night and you're supposed to let this sit for 15 minutes so all the tea can like seep into it whoa but yeah so I'm gonna let this sit here and go to Whole Foods and get some new chocolate because I ran out and I need more so tonight I have chocolate every single night after I eat dinner and it's like my little cheat that I look forward to and I really love it so I'm gonna let this sit here um go get some chocolate and I'll be back one thing I wanted to say before I go is that from food combining like I've had a whole day of eating like I just eat a huge bowl of pasta and I feel like I just woke up like that is just the amazingness of food combining like you don't feel uncomfortable Oh so I'm like really feeling this outfit today I like like the look of this another jacket with oh my god who's wondering what happened to my belt sorry that's like a relevant but yeah I'm like really feeling it and I really like it a lot I also picked up some new like the pants and stuff from her Etsy tonight and I got this cute bag so stay tuned for a vlog that's not a what a you today because I can't show you guys this right now because that has nothing to do with the video but let's go and when I they literally have one left of my favorite one because it's my favorite I think I'm gonna get a dark chocolate something I've been doing at night now at my apartment I have with this salt walk nightly let me put on at nighttime and then I turn on the one in my room my salt Rockland and then I put this one on that is in the living room and I love like the ambiance of this like set the tone for the night and like get me ready for bed ahh because sometimes I have trouble falling asleep at night so that's what I do my tea is looking right and yeah I'm gonna drink this and have some chocolate I got three love that one that one's the mint and this is just regular and this is salty so remember how this one before but this is my favorite chocolate the ingredients are organic cacao unrefined organic coconut sugar organic Fairtrade at the cocoa butter and sea salt so it's like really pure and this one is yeah cacao we're gonna go coconut sugar and cocoa butter so it's really just like you know what's in it rather than eating like a Hershey bar which probably has like a list of like ingredients that you can even pronounce and that are all processed and all that stuff so this is a good alternative it's not gonna like make you feel like so I'm gonna have probably just some of the plain one and my teeny if it wanted to do so I usually will just open it up and it comes with coke comes with eight squares and you know that usually I'll just go like this I'll break off to drink my tea you might talk about and then maybe have two more depending on my guide and my mood yeah this is like my favorite part of my nights mmm so good I love it and then you guys this is a trip I put it in the fridge out there and it gets all like cold and then I throw my tea back away because it's honestly been like seeping for 15 minutes so that's perfect hi guys back out it oh my god I just got so scared but I was like who's behind me but it's just my mirror but anyway um this filter makes me look like my face is all red I swear I just look like this but I just wanted to end off this video I know that I fit in I just realized that while every day um so I just want to say bye thanks for watching also I ended off my day with my Cooper detox team just to like reset my body get it ready for the next day I talked about that one boat before but I think that it is you're late so I love you guys think you've watching this video if you enjoyed and I will see you inside bye


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