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[Applause] hi guys welcome back to my channel so what I have for you guys today is I've been filming all day long every single meal I eat and let me tell you it is a challenge because I'm somebody who when I am hungry like I want to eat and so I'm going to sit there and have the patience to film everything so like agitating me because I just want to just eat all my food but I managed to stick through not take bites of anything before I got the footage of it and you just want to forewarn you though that the lighting in my kitchen is absolutely atrocious it is like that cat cornered in the back of my apartment so it literally looks like the worst quality of colour lighting and footage possible but hey this is my life every day and that is where I cook and that is what I eat so you guys are just going to see exactly what I eat now I just want to give you guys a small smidgen briefing on exactly kind of what my diet day-to-day consists of and what it is like just for any of you guys that are curious or are wondering and then we will get into the meals that I ate today so right now my goals are to kind of maintain the muscle I have maybe put on a little bit of lean muscle over you know a long period of time but mainly also being a core deficit enough to where I can burn some fat so I do try to stay anywhere from the 1,500 to 2,000 chloric range I'm usually between 1800 and 2,000 but as you'll see today I was more than the 1500 range and that just happened to be because of what I ate and I was extremely full so I didn't need to go higher but obviously depending on what kind of foods I choose to eat for that day it does vary and change often so I just try to keep my proteins pretty high my carbs moderate and in my fats pretty low because that is just what works for me some people work better for them to have a higher fat content and a lower carb content I personally I need my carbs or I turn into an angry monster so I like to have more of a moderate higher carbs and just fill them with complex carbs and then keep my staff a little bit lower to keep me fuller longer another thing is that I rarely if ever eat out I cook all of my meals apps home I make sure that I have anything a meal prepped ahead of time or I wake up early ahead of time if I know I have a busy schedule the next day I try to avoid eating out as much as possible just because I have worked in many restaurants and it's just amazing the amount of bull that they can fit in these foods in these little amounts of food and for the amount of food at home because I love to eat so the amount of food at home that I can eat versus a small little plate at a restaurant that is triple the amount of carbs calories and fat and I can have it at home and just make it in a healthier way I rather offer that another click that I do have in there is wealth as you touch base on is that all being meat all the vegetables everything that I consume is either grass-fed no antibiotics no steroids organic family farmed owned a locally owned locally produced anything like that that is all the guidelines I have for I say 85% of my food that I eat and a hundred percent of any meat that I consume the reason that I do that is one not only do I like to support local farms for help sustaining the economy it's just so great for that in supporting you know local vendors and people who are trying to make a living and putting out good wholesome foods and you know into the market but also because it is just a lot safer and a lot healthier for the body I know me is a very touchy subject but I do eat meat but those are the guidelines that I stand by no matter what and if I cannot get my hands on any type of meat when I'm at the store that day I'll either go back the next day or I will just avoid it until I can get my hands on some meat like that now I do realize depending on where you live how expensive it can be to eat like that but this is a lifestyle for me and this is something that I choose to invest in I really take my health seriously and I choose to invest in my health more so than a pair of shoes or an outfit I rarely you know spend my money on other things and I keep it very strictly on making sure that I always have a budget aside to be able to fill my body with wholesome meaningful food so I feel like that conversation was way too hot and heavy first second alright we're going to go on to the fourth thing and the last thing is that how I told you is that that was about 85% as far as my guidelines for what I eat I leave the other 15% for all the nice little fun things like the protein bars and like the ice cream like you know the halo top or if I want to know have a little bit of chips or anything like that again this is a lifestyle this is not a competition with anybody else on who can eat the healthiest because at the end of the day the last person at the top would end up being only having water and then there will still be some day that says what is wrong with their water do what feels right for you a budget where you can invest in the things that are important like your health and I am done preaching to you guys so I really hope you guys enjoy this video and you guys are already subscribed please subscribe down below for new videos weekly as well as find me on Instagram at Hunter chill in two hours to eggs and now let's get on into the food that I ate today all right guys for breakfast I'm going to be making some vegetable scrambled eggs and some pancakes so I went ahead and put some garlic in a pan and let that saute with some onions and asparagus to let those get a little bit softer because I don't like them really hard and firm in my eggs and then once those are done steaming a little bit I add in the egg whites and then I add in the tomatoes after I add those in last just because I don't like them getting too soggy in my eggs and you see the portions I'm making are quite large and that is because I'm cooking for two people me and my boyfriend I'm always cooking two meals at once so that's why the portions will look big when I'm cooking them it's more when you see the finished product then here we go with the pancakes these are some chocolate chip pancakes I forgot what brand they are and I threw the box away but these are a vegan like clean and brand you can go ahead and do like Kodiak cakes or find any really clean pancake version recipe online or in Whole Foods your local grocery store but I've just been on a pancake kick lately and I'm not really a fan of Kodiak cakes I don't really like foods that are kind of like imitation foods are made to be like a healthier alternative so these are the only ones that I found that I really like but if you are looking at some protein and just have pancakes for breakfast you can add a scoop of protein powder in these or whatever pancakes you are having now for lunch I made a homemade Greek chicken pita wrap so I went ahead and I had meal prep this chicken already it's some Greek chicken if you want a full recipe on it I can make that video for you guys just leave a comment down below I put that on a high-protein Organic pita wrap and then I went ahead and topped it off with some home made – Zeki parsley and tomatoes and then went ahead and also did a zucchini and squash steamed a little warm side salad then I snacked on that nutrigrain bars all and sorry I added this guys so quickly with such short clips but again I told you guys I love to eat right away so I probably made the clips a little too short now here you guys see I'm cooking some chicken breasts this is a great way to meal prep them if you're going to have dinner the night before just cook a little bit extra and then you can save in some Tupperware for the next day but here are the clips I was talking about with the kind of guidelines I like to go by for my meat so you guys can just read on there really quickly if you want to you can pause the screen just to see kind of what kind of meat I like to get and I'm also going to make some steamed vegetables again I like to get in micronutrients with every single meal or at least I try to that's why you guys see me eating so many vegetables and there's such low carbon like no calories and they're super filling which is also why I didn't eat that many calories today because I was eating so many vegetables it's also just a great way to help keep you fuller longer so I just want to add into the mix of asparagus zucchini squash and broccoli and let that steam while everything else was cooking and the last thing I did make was some bass Maddie at light brown rice this is a great example of what your meat should look like that is a 4 ounce chicken breast that is organic and all-natural and not stuffed with any fillers or steroids just to give you guys an idea of what your guys's meat should look like and then that is 1/2 a cup of the rice and just as many vegetables I'd like to put on my plate and some more back to syke sauce because I love myself some tzatziki sauce and the last neck of the day I had was a bowl of grapes and some broccoli with a Greek blue cheese yogurt dressing are you guys and that is what I ate today I really hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a comment down below if you have any other video suggestions and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed or want more videos like this and I will see you guys in the next one bye guys you


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