What I Eat In A Day + Healthy Eating Tips

what is up guys and I am doing my intro from the street today I'm on the go just got done at the gym so I don't have time to do a sit-down intro so I'm just going to chat with you guys while I'm walking what's the video a few days so I'm really excited to be doing this why is when I'm not I'm not a great school win person it always catches me like this like it's never like sexy ever basically this is a video of kind of what I eat on a regular basis I like to eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than eating bigger meals because I feel like it keeps your metabolism going it fills you up I just feel that smaller meals throughout the day kind of keep you fuller and keep you going and don't make you feel as you know when you need a huge Amelia you kind of feel like that if you guys ask me a question oh yeah how do I curb like snack cravings and junk food cravings I just don't keep them in my apartment it's do not buy a lot of junk food and I know you guys see on snapchat how I get cupcake and a cookie every now and then it that's totally fine I think everything in moderation but if you really really want to be hard on yourself and eat a good diet just don't keep don't keep like ship food in Europe in your apartment what is the main negative comments that I get on my youtube channel is oh my god she's so skinny she doesn't he I am the way I am I've always been a really small person mrs. moly and my siblings were all really small so I can't really I can't help that you know you don't like it it's not my problem don't sleep over it it's not a big deal but anyway it's in this video you'll see it's more like a blog style Ryan just kind of shot me throughout the day on Saturday kind of what I was making for myself might let's get into the video all right so it is Saturday morning about 6:30 and I'm going to first get my coffee before we make breakfast I like to sit down for about 15 minutes and check my emails and drink my coffee before I start making my breakfast so let's do that first this morning I'm drinking iced coffee I like to buy this chameleon brand it is so delicious I got the vanilla kind but they have mocha they have regular they have so many different kinds so I'm gonna use this and then I'm going to use my almond coconut blend because it's so delicious I love this brand because you can really really taste the coconut so this is my jam a little bit of this or a lot of bit whatevs and I'm going to pour coffee and then we're going to add some ice I like the lot all right so it is now about 7:45 and I'm getting hungry so I'm going to make breakfast and usually eat an egg white omelet with some kind of vegetable in it and if I know I'm going to have a super long day and I don't know if I'm gonna have lunch or like when the next time I'm going to eat is so yes today we're filming and I don't know how long that's going to take so I'm gonna add a small cup of oatmeal just kind of some carbs to keep me going throughout the day so I don't get super hungry and cranky and you know how that business goes so I'm going to start with the oatmeal and I'm going to add my oats first I am using red mils old-fashioned rolled oats there's no flavor just plain ol basic oats and to add a little bit of sweetness I'm going to add organic coconut sugar um you can do stevia you can do sugar in the raw I just really love this stuff I'm just going to do a little pinch okay maybe two pinches I'm going to add my almond coconut milk while my omelet is cooking I'm actually just going to put this in the refrigerator so the oats kind of soak up the almond milk and it's not super runny whatever it's done cooking for the omelet I'm going to do three egg whites oh man well you win some you lose some that was a big one that's a goodie I'm going to add a little bit of pepper add some grilled red pepper I'm going to add a little bit of mozzarella after my oatmeal has soaked up a lot of the milk I'm gonna add some walnuts and I'm going to add my fruit today I'm using peaches and blueberries I'm going to add some avocado to my mom list it's one o'clock in the afternoon I've been working all morning pulling some outfits for to shoot usually how my day goes is I don't eat one like big lunch I usually eat two smaller snacks in between breakfasts and dinners so my first snack is usually an SAE Bowl so that is what we're going to make right now the first thing that goes into the blender are the acai packs and I know that there are many different brands that you can choose from but this is my favorite I get the original blend I've tried the unsweetened blend and it's just not idle I hate it so I always get the original blend and they come in little individual paths just like this first thing I'm going to do is kind of break up the mix and then dump it in there and actually buy already frozen bananas but they're kind of expensive so whenever I have banana that are kind of starting to turn brown I always just kind of chop them up and put them in a bag so I can have them for me I'm going to add a little bit of frozen banana a handful of frozen strawberries you can add any kind of frozen berry that you want or you can even add spinach you can add any kind of Becky then I'm going to take my almond coconut milk and I'm just going to pour a little bit don't pour too much or else it'll be super splashing the $0.01 nice and blended out I'm just going to add a couple of scoops of peanut butter because it tastes amazing with peanut butter mixed into it it just like completely changes the whole thing if you like peanut butter if not you can do almond butter you can do cashew butter whatever butter you prefer just testing down okay don't forget to lick the spoon I'm not scraping so I'm just going to make kind of a bed of granola in my bowl we mix on top I'm just going to kind of spread it around a little bit so now for the toppings which is kind of where you can get creative so I just finished a quick cardio session and now I'm gonna have a smaller snack in between breakfast my first snack and dinner I'm going to make avocado toast that is my go-to snack if I'm creating something a little saltier I did was I toasted my bread and I like to get like a really grainy bread I like all kinds of seafood stuff in it and I had a half of an avocado in the fridge so take the little brown but whatever if you get a little bit of lemon juice and put it in the avocado I'm going to do a little salt pepper I'm just going to mash up the avocado no put it on top of my toe next I'm going to take some grilled tomatoes and I'm just going to kind of spread these all over and lastly I'm going to put some feta cheese this is like total GameChanger this stuff is awesome so if you guys follow me on snapchat you will know that this is one of my favorite snaps I make this at least three times a week chance so it's about 6:30 I like to eat dinner super early that way I feel more like The Adjustment when I go to bed and for dinner I usually have a grain bowl which is some sort of grains you can do like rice or quinoa and then I like to add different veggies and maybe like a meat and like a protein of some sort for this green Bowl I am doing a rice at my grain and then I'm going to do some steeped broccoli and red peppers I'm also going to do a little bit of turkey sausage that I am roasting in the oven right now and then I'm going to do some kidney beans and some roasted tomatoes on top of the rice so I'm get started with the broccoli so to roast my vegetables I'm just going to cut them up wash them and then pour them in I like to get like a little bit of water to a boil and pour them in just going to add a little bit of minced garlic which I'm almost out of I'm also going to add some salt and pepper alright so I'm going to add my rice first and then I'm going to add some kidney beans and then we're going to do our grilled veggies and I'm going to add a little bit of turkey sausage obviously I like it super firmed okay so enjoy alright so after dinner we always have to have a little something-something so we always get this halo top and I think the best waiver is strawberry but it was Ryan's turn to pick tonight so you pick chocolate it's still really good though so it's 240 calories per pint and then it's got 16 grams of sugar per the whole thing so it's you know for ice creams – my healthy so this is always our go-to ice cream and just a quick little tip for you if you break up a cookie put it in the microwave and then put the ice cream on top of it hi guys I'm I'm was back at my apartment I really hope you love the video and I hope you got some food inspiration from it and yes I will put my social media handles right there where that guy's walking I think you heard me how embarrassing don't forget to check out the lookbook my monthly lookbook a whole month of personalized outfits designs by wah yeah I am on my permit so I'm going to go up now but I will see you guys in my next I need to find the source of one smells like in the fridge to clean this thing out anyways look what's happening it's like it just shoved everything let's do this okay I took everything out of the fridge this is what's happening right now in my kitchen then the last place I looked was the drawer and this is what I found a science project of bean sprouts and I might throw up about to get the cool raft out and scrub this drawer it was like shoved in a corner in a tiny ball I would have never found it if it hadn't started smelling oh my god is juice ha ha I left the fridge open I'm gonna go to the trash no I don't have shoes these are Ryan's this will do okay


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